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First Encounter

October 28, 2007

 A guest blogger today…

 From the moment he got off the plane in Vegas he was filled with an intense hunger for this woman he was finally about to meet in the flesh.  They had been sharing a steamy on-line affair for five months now, and he couldn’t believe that this day was actually here.  She was waiting for him at the blackjack table at the Mirage.  He could tell who she was at first glance, there was no wondering at all, their eyes locked with an intensity and passion they could not deny.
  She was clothed in a little black dress, a backless halter style, with a string closure tied at the nape of her neck.  He noticed immediately the gauzy fabric was taut against her breasts, her erect nipples straining for release.  She rose to greet him, they locked in embrace.  A passionate kiss was shared, they became oblivious to all in the world but their own heavenly bliss.  The heat of their passion was palpable as their desires flowed through their embrace.  He could feel her melting into him…. he whispered in her ear “Make love to me now…” as he nibbled gently on it.  Taking him by the hand she lead him out of the casino, out of the publics eye, toward the lobby.  Still in a daze from that incredible kiss he staggered along behind her.  Glancing down he notices the enticing sway of her flirty skirt, from which her shapely legs cascade, and is filled with longing, further excited to know her desire is solely for him.  As he gathers his senses about him he pulls her to him, walking in stride, and puts his strong arm around her slim, firm waist, giving her a longing glance.  They wait in the lobby for what seems like an eternity for the elevator to her room.
  At last it arrives, they enter and are delighted to find the chamber empty.  His heart begins to race as he begins to fantasize about the possibilities with this seductive creature….as the elevator door closes he pulls her in for another one of those heavenly kisses.  She melts into his body, a perfect fit.  Feeling more than a little eager, he begins to fondle the edges of the bottom of her skirt, signalling to her that he wants to play in the elevator.  Her hands instinctively travel down his back, across his buttocks, then around to the very core of his masculinity.  She gasps as her hand first traces the outline of his bulging manhood.  Taking from her lead, he begins to slide his hands under her skirt and massages her firm, round ass as he pulls her tighter into him….grinding against her.  He is further aroused to discover she is wearing nothing underneath but a garter and silk stockings, and he starts to explore heaven under a skirt.  He lifts her leg and rests her heel over the waist-high railing of the elevator and drops to his knees.  He lifts the skirt up over his head and begins to slowly, gently explore her womanhood….loving that she is already wet and swollen for him…loving how her legs begin to tremble in excitement.  He firmly pulls his face into her hot, wet pussy with his hands clasping her ass. He laps up her pussy juices and begins to massage her clit with his tongue….she responds by getting wetter and harder.  She begins to gyrate now on his skilled tongue, lost in ecstasy, a slow lover’s dance.  He unbuckles his belt and pants as he rises to meet her with a wet kiss.  He grabs his shaft and begins to slowly tease her moistened clit with the tip of his engorged penis.  She wants him inside of her now and tries to slide onto him….he stops her and continues teasing her clit with the tip of his cock.  Eager for his shaft of steel she moans in agony….no, ecstasy.  She is floating, in supreme ecstasy to finally be experiencing her lovers skills.  He want her on the verge of orgasm before sliding deep into her hot, wet love center.  Faster and faster he rubs the tip of his cock against her clit…… Just on the verge of sliding into her…..he begins nibbling on her neck, untying her halter to let loose her breasts…mmmm….drifting down to sample those erect nipples.  “Give It To Me….” she moans, “PLEEEASE” she begs.  Then, as he feels her beginning to come to the edge of no return he grasps her ass with both hands and plunges deep within her….”OHHHH!!!”  burying his cock all the way to the base of the shaft….”MMMMMMMM!!!” she moans.  “Fuck me, Baby, fuck me hard like I know you can” she demands.  He stops and lifts her leg off the rail, wraps it around his waist and begins pounding in and out of her, as fast as he can….biting down hard on her neck and slamming deep inside her gushing wet pussy.  With each forceful blow she eagerly thrusts to meet his glistening cock.  He pulls himself deeper and deeper inside her with his hands now on the railing….using it for leverage so he can drive her hard like he knows she likes it.  “Fuck Me Hard!!!” she cries….. Faster, harder he drives deep into her…..their thighs slapping together, driving his throbbing cock into her, pounding faster and harder….pulling on the railing to drive into her.  Suddenly he pulls out….swiftly turns her around and forces her to bend over.  “Ooohhhhhh” she whimpers, knowing full well what to expect, their eyes locking in the reflection of the mirrored walls.  He lifts her short little skirt and slides back into her from behind and grabs her thighs as he begins to drive even harder and deeper into her.  He reaches around to pinch her nipples and massage her clit as he uses his other hand to pull himself into her…..she begins to shudder and quake, moaning for her lover.  He feels his time is coming….he wants to cum inside her so badly….he rides faster and faster in anticipation.  Grabbing her by the shoulders now as she bends over even further still…..he pulls himself even harder and faster into her.  She is out of control now, almost screaming for her lover.  She holds the elevator railings and pushes with all her might against them to drive onto him…..squeezing her pussy muscles tight on his cock every downward thrust…releasing on the way up, fucking his hot cock with her pussy.  Unable to control himself any longer he screams out in ecstasy…..”Yesss Oh YESSSSS!! Fuck Me Miranda, FUCK MEEE!!!”  as he finally reaches climax…..shooting gallons of hot sweet cum into her throbbing wet pussy.
  Sated, he pulls her around to him and holds her in a loving embrace, both panting heavily from the exertion.  Cupping her face in his hands he kisses her sweetly on the tip of her nose and says “Ohh, Baby….it’s so good to finally meet you…”

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HNT the Menstrual Edition

October 25, 2007

When I was in my teens and a girl would say “we can’t have sex this week ’cause I have my period”, I never really questioned it. If I had, I probably would have thought that it was physically impossible. (I wasn’t very bright) I think I was about 20 the first time a girl started her period while we were having sex. We didn’t notice until morning and I wasn’t upset that there was blood on me, but I was renting a furnished apartment at the time and I was a little annoyed that she’d soiled a mattress that I would end up paying for. Yes, I blamed her (I wasn’t very understanding back then either).

Around the same time- early 20’s- I started dating a girl who was seeing several other guys and at least one other woman. We were out one night and I invited her back to my place. She said, “nah, I started my period today.”

I said, “So.”

She said, “Ummm, You don’t mind?”

“Should I?”

Even when we didn’t like each other any more, I was pretty much guaranteed sex with her a couple of times a month since she couldn’t seem to get it anywhere else.

I just thought of something funny about her; she would make all the guys she was sleeping with pay for her birth control pills. Not a percent of the cost, but the whole pop. I think it was about $30 that she’d collect from every guy. She probably wasn’t sleeping with as many guys as she said she was, but still, it always made me laugh at the thought of her collecting $30/month from a bunch of lovers.

Anyway, since then I’ve noticed the whole ‘no sex during period’  is a pretty common refrain and more often then not it’s the guy saying it. I’ve also noticed that lots of women admit to being extra horny during that time, though part of that could be they can’t (or think they can’t) have sex for those few days.

♀ was the same way. She’d never intentionally had sex during her period and was surprised that I would. I don’t know if she’s any hornier then usual, but other then when she’s really crampy she’s sure not any less horny.

Don’t misunderstand me this isn’t a fetish of ours, it’s just not an aversion and there’s lots of erotic possibilities that go along with period time:

-Some people think its taboo and taboos are, well, let’s face it, hot.

-If we were close to the same height then the shower would work great, but we’re not so we use lots of towels.

-She gets to lose her virginity every month; to daddy, to a teacher, to me (as a teen or a lecherous old man), to a porn star, to the high school football team…the list is endless. These work especially well if I can time it just as her period is starting.

-When we role play, gender often switches back and forth so I get to lose my cherry just as often.

-For the submissive type, being ‘forced’ to go down on her can be a huge turn-on especially if she’s been fucked first and is really messy.

-She sometimes tells me not to get cleaned up after we’ve had sex and makes me put my panties on with a liner or her panties with a slightly soiled pad.

-Painting each other can be tons of fun; nasty words, hand prints, finger painting and pussy painting gives new meaning to ‘getting dirty’. Cleaning up later can lead to even more fun.

I know

   it’s almost

                Halloween, but

                                               did you

                really think

                                        I was going to post

                                                                               a picture of us

                                                                                                           covered in

                                                                                 menstrual blood?



I do have a funny cartoon though. Click here to see.



ps…about a year ago, I wrote a post about a new line of feminine hygiene products. Click here if you’re interested and btw, I’m still looking for investors

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Half-Nekkid Sissy Cleavage

October 18, 2007

Want to hear something funny? One night while we were on holidays this past summer one of my silicone inserts fell out of my bra and hit ♀ in the face while we were making love. Talk about a mood killer, ♀ couldn’t stop laughing. How many other women can say they’ve been hit in the face with their hubby’s fake tit while they were fucking?

 The inserts I have click here work fine in an A cup bra or a well padded B cup as long as I stay vertical, but after the tit in the face incident ♀ agreed that maybe we should consider something bigger. We’d talked about it before, but realistic boobies are expensive and my opportunity to wear them is limited. So what’s a sissy to do? Usually I just wear silky sports bra’s or cami’s under my shirt, but there are times when having cleavage is nice. (It’s always nice, it’s just not always appropriate)

So we bought a second set of the inserts and velcro’d them together; they’re more then adequate for my B cup’s. We also got a set of these click here that either of us can use. Now if I want to have lots of boobage, I can wear most of ♀’s C cup bra’s. It’s a funny thing, but she doesn’t have an issue with sharing her bra’s with me.

Why am I telling you this? A couple of weeks ago I had a HNT post about a disputed T-shirt and several people mentioned that they wanted to see a picture of ♀ wearing the shirt to compare. I took some pictures, but since we were both wearing the same size bra (it might have even been the exact same bra) there really wasn’t much to compare. Anyway, she always looks sexier then I and always will.

I thought you might like to see a picture of my new enhanced sissy cleavage. I haven’t tried them horizontally yet, but they feel more secure.




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My Wife is a Skank! pt2

October 13, 2007

Click here for part 1

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards my crotch, forcing my still dripping cock into her mouth. She made gagging and retching noises as the last of my pee dripped onto her tongue. “What, you don’t like the taste of my piss in that filthy little mouth of yours? There’s going to be a lot more you don’t like by the time I’m done with you.”

The look she shot up at me through the smeared make-up really was that of an obstinate teen. “Suck it bitch. Suck it just like I taught you. I want my cock to get hard in your mouth.”

I held on to her pig-tails, her face pulled tight against me, I could feel the underside of my shaft lengthening along her tongue. “Did you suck that pimply-faced boys’ cock today?”

She nodded, yes.

“Was he as big as me?”

I loosened my grip on her hair so she could answer. “He wasn’t pimply-faced at all. He was a jock and he was so much bigger then you, I could barely get the head of it in my mouth.”

I pulled back hard on her hair and started fucking her mouth. “It doesn’t matter how many cocks you suck bitch; we both know that you were daddy’s little cock-sucker first.”

The look she gave me from the tub with my penis in her mouth; well lets just say for a moment I had a vision of her biting it right off.

I fucked her face like that until I was fully loaded and sliding in and out of her throat. I told her to get out of the tub and lay on the floor. “What else did you let this big dumb jock do to you bitch?”

“Anything he wanted to do. When he finger fucked me, his fingers were so thick I came all over his hand.”

I slid two fingers inside her pussy and curled them up against her g-spot.

“He said he loved my breasts and he knew exactly how to play with my nipples.”

She reached up to try and touch them. I slapped at her hand, but she moved it and I hit her breast. She gasped and her pussy tightened on my fingers, so I slapped her breast again, even harder this time. “This isn’t about your pleasure bitch.”

I pulled my fingers out and slid my cock into her now very wet cunt. “Did he fuck you?”

“He fucked me so often I lost count. He was so young and strong, it didn’t take him days to get hard like you.”

We were nose to nose and I asked, “Did he like your tight little cunt?”

“He loved it. I told him I was so tight because the only other cock I’d ever had was a tiny little pencil dick that really didn’t really count for anything.”

I tried to look even angrier when I told her to roll over. I’ve accidentally hurt her before in this position so I try to be careful, but not this time. I slammed my cock back inside of her with one strong thrust. If it hurt, she didn’t let on. “You know what else? He didn’t use a condom. What do you think of that? Does it turn you on knowing there’s another man’s come all over your cock?”

“You think your tough, don’t you? You’re nothing but a dirty little skank.” I grabbed her hips and started fucking her even harder. I noticed her hand reaching up towards her pussy so I slapped the angry red welts from my belt on her ass and her whole body shuddered. “I told you before, you don‘t get pleasure until you learn respect.”

“You’re not the boss of me. It’s my body and my life and I’ll do what ever I want.”

I leaned across her back and whispered in her ear, “You listen to me, bitch. I’ve owned your sorry ass for a long time. Everything you know about sex, you learned from me and it’ll be a long time before any man does anything to you that I haven’t done before.”

My cock was still buried deep in her pussy and I grabbed a pig-tail and pulled her head around so I could look her in the eye. “But there is one place where no man has gone before, isn’t there bitch? And tonight I’m going to take that away from you as well.”

I reached under the counter and pulled out the only lubricant I could find; an old jar of Vaseline. I opened the jar, spread the cheeks of her ass apart and applied some of the cold jelly on her virgin hole.

Before you start sending me hate mail, I’ve fucked her ass numerous times before and she’s really quite fond of it. Honest.

She struggled to get free, but I held on tight to her hair. With my cock still buried deep in her cunt, she wasn’t going anywhere. I pushed my index finger into her lubed asshole.”No daddy, please don’t!” She squealed. “You always said that was an exit only. You said you would never touch me there.”

“That was before you decided to become the town whore. I fucked your mouth first and your pussy first and now I’m going to take that chocolate cherry of yours as well.” And I forced a second finger into her ass. She clenched my fingers as I stroked the top of my cock through her lining. After a few moments, I pulled my fingers out and positioned my cock at the entrance to her forbidden zone.

I’d barely started to enter her when she yelled, “If you do this to me, I’ll tell mommy!”

“Mommy already knows you’re a skank. She’s always known. She thinks it’s better you then her.” And I started the slow steady push into her rectum.

“I hate you! I fucking hate you!” She screamed when I was all the way in.

This probably sounds weird coming from a sissy, but her screams and the way she was struggling and the way the whole scene had unfolded was a huge turn-on for me and it didn’t take long for me to get to the edge. I didn’t come in her ass though. I pulled out with an audible pop and jerked my load onto her back.

When I’d recovered enough, I stood up and positioned her before me in front of the mirror. I wiped the ejaculate and lube from her back and rubbed it into the sweat, make-up and piss on her face and down onto her breasts. “Do you see what happens to filthy little skanks that disobey their daddy?”

She looked at her self like she didn’t recognize her reflection. I sat down on the toilet and said, “Lay down here and masturbate for me. I want to watch you come.”

She did as she was told; put one foot on my lap and the other one on the edge of the bath tub, and started to play. The mechanics of her masturbatory session were as they usually are; dip fingers into wetness, circle clitoris, repeat as necessary, but emotionally it was very different. She kept her eyes closed the whole time and there was none of the usual banter between the two of us. She did mutter some; ‘filthy little whore, dirty skank’, that sort of thing, but it all was going on in her head, not with me. In fact my only involvement other then as spectator was right near the end when she grabbed my foot and tried to shove it into her pussy.

I suppose the acoustics of the bathroom made her orgasm sound different then usual, but even still the sounds she made when she came were so guttural, primal, painful. As if they were being ripped out of her. It was really quite disconcerting.

When she was done, she just lay there in a foetal position. I started the shower then helped her into the tub. She was as limp as a rag doll so I got her to sit in the tub while I carefully bathed her. I washed and conditioned her hair, then used the puff and her favourite body lotion to wash her. When I was done, I set the shower head to massage and ran it back and forth across her shoulders and up and down her back until we started running out of hot water. I helped her out of the tub, dried her off and tucked her into bed. That entire time, from the end of her orgasm until she fell asleep, we never spoke a word.

She woke up when I came to bed the next morning. We made love, but other then asking me when I knew that she was playing a game, we really haven’t talked about it.

I’m still feeling kind of weird about the whole thing.


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Half-Nekkid Massage

October 11, 2007

 Holy doodle, its Thursday already. My boss has been sick…extra work for me. My nephew tried magic mushrooms for the first and lets hope the only time and ended up in the hospital.  ♀ went straight from school to work yesterday and this is the only pic I have for HNT. I know I know, excuses are like assholes.

It’s a sexy picture and I’m sure I had something in mind when I took it, but I can’t remember what it was.  The powder is berry flavoured, I’m told the little brush felt very nice.  Apparently my post-sex massages really suck so I’m guessing this was taken before we fucked.

On Sunday I’ll be posting part 2 of My Wife is a Skank. I’ll try to have a pic of ♀ in the Betty Boop shirt next week and I’ve been working on another chapter of Death & Taxes.



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Happy Dead Turkey Day

October 7, 2007

 This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving and it’s one of those busy weekends for bakers. Not quite as busy as Christmas or Easter, but still busy with lots of buns and pumpkin pies. Want to know a really simple recipe? Just add flour and yeast to pumpkin pie filling to make a bread dough. Mold it into a ball, put a piece of the dough on top for a stem, maybe a few shallow cuts on it, proof and bake and you’ve got yummy pumpkin pie bread that looks a little like a little pumpkin. Trade secret, don’t tell.

I’ve been baking since 1981, I’ve been at this same shop since 1988 and I was thinking about how long that is and that maybe I’m getting to old for this shit when I stumbled across this video. Can you believe he’s been singing this song for 40 years?!

If you have 19 minutes, pull up a chair and sing along with Arlo. I did.

Cheers from sss & ♀ (aka modder)

YouTube Preview Image

*drat! I didn’t realize this wouldn’t play here. Sorry.  Just click here and you will be transported to Alice’s Restaurant.

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Half-Nekkid Betty Boop

October 4, 2007

 Yeah I know, this isn’t ‘half-nekkid’ at all.

I wanted to show you our new favourite T-shirt. We’re actually at odds as to who’s shirt it really is.  Yeah I know, a sissy should know his place, but don’t you think it looks great with my fake tits? Of course everything looks better with her real breats (I never want to be prettier then ♀), but still, I could so see myself being out and about like this.

Feel free to lobby on my behalf in the comments.




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