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Steam Bath

October 19, 2006




“Oh damn, I strained my back at work last night” I tell her “I guess I need to start doing my exercises again.”

“You know” she says, “if you did them all the time, you probably wouldn’t get back strains.”

 “Funny…that’s what the doctor told me.

 “I’m going to the gym later, why don’t you come with me?

 “Nah, I hate going to the gym. It’s full of fit and focused jockish type people and it’s kind of…I don’t know, intimidating.”

 “What a load of crap. You’re not exactly ‘unfit’, but you could use some meat on you’re bones. Come with me tonight and I’ll help you with a routine.”

 We go to the gym and have a blast. She likes how I’m not afraid to ask questions and I like how she’s adept at so many different things. After the workout we decide to have a soak in the hot tub and I’m just getting in when she comes out of the change room. Her string bikini doesn’t leave much to the imagination and I’m struck again by just how beautiful she is. She slips into the tub beside me and gives me a kiss…and then another. My tongue starts to explore her mouth while her hand starts to explore my shorts. When she’s sure that she has my full and complete attention she bites my lip, gives me a wink, hops out of the tub and into the pool for a swim. After a few laps she gets out of the pool and kneels beside me. She sees I still have a fair sized tent and tells me she’ll wait for me in the steam room.

 I watch her walk away, lost in the sway of her hips and the wiggle of her ass. It comes down to movement I decide. When she is still I can concentrate, but when her body is in motion my mind turns to mush. As I sit there I notices the “Out of Order” sign on the sauna room door directly across from the steam room and I get an idea. It’s getting late and there is only a couple of people left in the spa. I get out of the tub and as I dry myself off I pick up the sign from the sauna door and hook it onto the steam bath door.

Inside, the steam is thick and I can barely make out her form on the top bench near the corner. She doesn’t open her eyes as I sit down beside her and kiss her sweaty lips. We explore each other’s mouths and necks and ears with our tongues while busy hands explore slick bodies. I undo the top of her bikini exposing her milky white breasts and I think she’s pleasantly surprised at my boldness. I massage each breast in turn, taking my time exploring it completely before moving on to the next one. I lean down and lick the sweat off her erect nipple, kiss it, suck it, bite it, love it. Then I give the other one the same treatment.

 She loves how I take my time with her entire body exploring her completely, never rushing toward any final destination. Though at this exact moment in this public steam bath I’m certain she wishes I would cut to the chase. I kneel on the bench below her and she rests her legs on my shoulders. I kiss down her tummy and lick the sweet tasting sweat from her navel.

As I get to the top of her bikini, I undo the strings on either side. This brazenness is out of character and as she slides her hips toward my hungry mouth she seems to decide that she likes it…a lot. I nibble her creamy inner thighs and then along the smooth shaved sides of her pussy.

 She moans as I gently lick her outer lips tasting her nectar mixed with sweat. I spread her apart with my fingers expose her swollen clit…I lean close and blow on it.  I touch the core of her being with the tip of my tongue and I can feel the first little shudder ripple through her body. I love how when she gets excited her clit seems to have a life of its own almost separate from her, kind of like my cock I suppose. I lick it, kiss it, suck it, bite it, and love it. I know her so well that I’m able to keep her balanced on the edge of a huge orgasm. She needs release and tries to push her hand down, but I push it away. When I sense that she really can’t take any more I stands up and lean her back against the wall. I kiss her deeply and she can taste her love juices mixed with my sweat. 

I tease her clit with the tip of my cock and she tries to push herself onto me, but I hold her back. I let the head of my swollen member slip inside then pull it out…slip it in then out.

“Please” she begs, ”oh please.”  I push into her with one hard fluid thrust and hold myself there savoring the sensation of her love muscles massaging my hard cock. Slowly I starts to move my hips, my tongue in her mouth moves in time with my cock. The only sounds are the slap of wet flesh and the hum of the fan blowing the steam that makes it feel like we are in a hot and humid cocoon. I know that she is so close that I don’t really have to pace myself; as soon as she feels that familiar twitching in my cock she’ll be able to let herself go. Her legs are still over my shoulders and her hands are pinned to the wall behind her head. She pushes against me with every thrust as I fuck her hard and deep. We are joined at the hips and mouth and spirit and both know when the time is…NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! 

We both explode and melt and cum with and to and for each other, and as her pussy squeezes the last of the hot cum out of my cock, she asks ” So how’s your back now, babe?”

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