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October 12, 2006



♀ & I were digging through boxes of papers last night looking for fodder in my ongoing battle with the phsyco bitch from hell aka my ex when we came across a class picture from 1970. This is unusual because I have no other school pictures. None. Not even a picture from my high school graduation. ♀ have been together for five years and just this year she took it upon herself to go meet my mother. They get along fabulously so it’s possible that she has seen some childhood pics, but it wasn’t my doing..

Anyway, after carefully studying the 30 or so smiling 7yr olds (yes, I really am that old) she picked me out, had a good laugh, commented that I looked much like my son did at that age then asked the obvious question, “why after purging all other photographic evidenceof your youth did you keep this one picture?”

The answer is my gorgeous teacher Miss M. Judging from the picture I’d say she was in her mid to late 20’s, she was about 5′7″, slender build (not skinny), she had long brown hair and big green eyes. It’s hard to tell with the blouse she was wearing, but I think she had nice breasts.

But what fascinated this 7 yr old was her legs. It was 1970 and Miss M wore very high heels and very short skirts and bless my little heart, I went to great lengths to sit behind the slowest kid in the class. For you see the desks for grade 2 students are very low and Miss M, being the dedicated teacher she was would bend over his desk and OMG I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

I only remember seeing full panties, (it was probably before thongs and G-strings were popular) and as far as I can recall only black or white. She usually wore pantyhose, but sometimes she had bare legs. Once or twice I even remember seeing garters and stockings.

So you see, I’ve been fascinated with women and their pretty under garments for a very long time.

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