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Half-Nekkid in America

August 30, 2007

I guess by now you’ve heard that the lovely Tess of Urban Gypsy fame was in Seattle this past week. I’d chatted with her the previous week and ♀ & I had hoped to meet up with her. If she’d come a couple of weeks earlier or a couple of weeks later, we’d have been on holidays and it would have been easy.  If she could have met us in Burlington on Monday or if we could have met her in Seattle on Thursday…if a cats ass was square, he’d shit bricks. Oh well, it sounds like she had fun and this post is all about our trip to Washington State.

For the past few years, ♀ has been collecting a pattern from Mikasa (fine china). She’s not fanatic about it, nothing like Bart Simpson needing the Krusty the Clown home pregnancy kit, but she does have a fair size collection. Anyway, she’s discovered that all the Mikasa stores are closing. She was a little annoyed by this news and started looking around for the things she still wanted to get. The store in our town had diddly squat, but the store in Burlington Washington did have a few pieces she wanted. So she ordered them Sunday and they agreed to hold them until Monday (the cost of shipping for stuff like that is brutal). The plan was I’d get up at noon on Monday, we’d be across the border by 2pm and we’d be in Burlington by 3pm. I wasn’t sure how much further south Tess was, but I sent her an email with hope that she could meet up with us. It was just as well she couldn’t as it took us three freakin’ hours to get across the line. I don’t have much patience for line ups. I won’t, for example, stand in line at a restaurant. Cattle stand in line to eat. I don’t. I realize delays at the border are the reality now, but 3 hours on a Monday afternoon was annoying. ♀ did her best to keep me amused. The highlight of the wait was her very impressive Meg Ryan (faked orgasm) imitation. The windows were down, her top was up and my cock was hard. It was all good.

We found the Mikasa store, picked up her order and were just heading back when we saw this store. Well, of course we just had to go have a look. The store was big, the selection huge and the two women working there were friendly and helpful. We could have spent a fortune. ♀ is going to be a fulltime student soon so we agreed before we went in that we’d restrain ourselves. Everything was going fine until ♀ found the maids costume. Several months ago, we bought a pattern and ♀ was going to make one for me.  Click here to read the post, but we couldn’t agree on the material and it was going to be a lot of work. ♀ got really excited when she found a size that she thought would fit me. We were just discussing if we should get it when the sales woman asked ♀ if she’d like to try it on.

“I wouldn’t” she said “but would you mind if he did?”

I blushed, the woman laughed and said that would be fine.  There were about 8 or 10 other customers in the store and I hoped none of them had heard and I tried to look invisible as I took the outfit into the change room. I was so nervous, I put the crinoline on the outside. ♀ had to tie the back up for me then she wanted me to come out so she could see it properly. I really did not want to come out of that change room and ♀ got really cross with me.

“You came to me and told me that you’d had this great epiphany, that you finally understood who you are. Not just at playtime, but all the time. You’re always bugging me to be more dominate. You say you want to be treated like a sissy and yet you hesitate. You could have gone out dressed up all the time when we were on holidays, no one knew us, but you wouldn’t leave the house. Now were in another country and you’re still scared. Being married to a sissy is one thing, but I don’t want to be married to a wimp. If you don’t come out of that change room right now, I am never going to buy you another piece of women’s clothing, ever!”

So out I came. What else could I do? I stayed in the outfit and wandered around the whole store with ♀ while she shopped. There were lots of second looks and a few titters, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We saw lots of other stuff we’d like to get; a paddle, a double headed dildo, sexy shoes and sexy clothes for both of us…. it never ends, does it? While we were looking the clerk told us that if we get a membership card then we get a 10% discount on all our purchases. So ♀ sent me to the front counter to get one.  I was filling out the form when I heard ♀ yell from somewhere behind me. She came running up front holding ruffled panties and insisted I try them on right there. I pulled them up over the panties I was wearing and ♀ told me to prance around and bend over so she and the clerk (and anyone else) could get the full effect.

The clerk thought the facial hair should come off and ♀ said she’d been thinking about that lately. “On the one hand he’s a sissy not a transvestite,” she said, “but on the other hand it might be fun to see just how girly I can make him look”.

The clerk thought about that for a moment then her eyes lit up. “He needs a wig!” There’s a huge wig shop about 10 minutes from here.”

♀ insisted I stay dressed up to try wigs on . The woman at the wig shop didn’t seem at all surprised by my outfit. She explained why there was such a huge range in prices, offered suggestions on what styles and colours would look good on me and carefully explained care of the wig to ♀.  Maybe I looked to stunned by then to comprehend.

♀ did let me get changed before we came home. We decided that the border guard might have an issue with me being in a costume.

Here’s the maids outfit and wig: sissy-maid.jpg

and here are the ruffled panties: ruffled-panties.jpg

So we didn’t get to see Tess, but we did have an adventure.



ps: to be honest, the pics were taken the following day at home.


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Bitch List

August 25, 2007

This email was waiting for me when I got home from work Saturday morning…Maybe with a little encouragement, I’ll get a list like this every week…

Here is my bitch list for you. This is to be completed before I get up for work Sunday morning at 4 am. If it is not there will be a price to pay.

-write a post for sss (I check it every day and love to see new stuff)
-both bathroom floors swept and washed
-kitchen floor washed
-office,hall and master bedroom steam cleaned
-lunch packed
-breakfast made
-coffee made
-coffee brought to me in bed
-deal with HP
-vacuum living room and hall way
-Wake your woman up with the biggest hug any person can imagine.

Take note………
YOU ARE MY LOVE AND MY LIFE. I am the luckiest person in the world. I would ask you to marry me all over again if given the opportunity.

Big hugs from me to you

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These are the mirrors I was talking about earlier.




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Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall

August 19, 2007

When Junior graduated from high school in June, we told him that since his mom would be a full-time student starting in September and only working part-time we were going to need to make some changes to the household finances.


Starting in September we’ll need to increase the amount of money coming into the house or decrease our expenses.


Starting in September you are going to start paying $300/month room & board or make other living arrangements.  It’s a funny thing, but the only person who has a real issue with this is Juniors dead-beat dad. His opinion doesn’t count for much, but he does know how to pull Juniors strings so I asked him awhile ago if he thought we were being unfair. He didn’t think so. I told him when I was his age I rented a party house with a few other guys and maybe he’d rather do that. I was surprised by his answer. He said that the guys who would be fun to live with might not go to work every day and he’d worry about getting stuck with the rent and the reliable guys would be annoying as hell.

I lived in that house for about a year..I think. And it was just one big party.  Gawd, I’d hate to have neighbours like that now. I’ve been thinking about a girl I met when I lived there. I was the only guy working night shift and most of the other guys had jobs that frowned on day time drinking. There was a fitness centre just down the street and the entire front of this place was glass. We’d get take out and park right in front and eat our lunch watching the aerobics classes. It was almost like going to watch the strippers.

Yeah I know, It was probably a shitty thing to do and we probably made lots of women uncomfortable, but we were young and if they didn`t want guys to watch they shouldn`t have made it so easy. Anyway, there were some girls that clearly enjoyed the attention. They`d position themselves close to the window, they`d flick their hair, they`d make eye contact and they seemed to put a little extra effort into their workouts. One such girl was Paula. She came out one day and introduced herself; mostly to the guy I was with. I was just a fortunate spectator.

So Paula started hanging out at our house. She was rail thin and flirty and dressed kind of skanky. From what I can remember she was probably a lot like the girls Junior goes out with. I wouldn`t think so now, but at the time I thought she was pretty damn hot. I don`t remember what her real job was, but she supplemented her income by selling pot and she had a real talent. Paula would be coming over, rent was due, there was only beer in the fridge and we`d all agree that we couldn`t afford to buy any weed. A couple of hours later Paula would have come and gone, we`d be all fucked up and there`d be a bag of pot on the coffee table.

Another thing I remember about Paula was she loved to dance. There was a night club we sometimes went to that had mirrors on three sides of the dance floor. Guys always tried to manoeuvre her towards a corner so she could watch herself. She`d get totally into watching herself dance. It seemed like she was just dancing for herself and that`s what made it sexy as hell.

Why am I telling you this? ♀ & I recently bought three long squiggly mirrors from Ikea and hung them beside our bed. We love these mirrors; watching her beautiful boobies bounce and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her is hot hot hot. A few days ago, she got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed facing the mirrors. I put our husband pillow behind her, she leaned back and started really examining herself. She`d never seen her pussy like that before and she seemed to get lost in the experience of watching herself exploring it. She ended up giving herself an orgasm while I watched from the other side of the bedroom. It was a spontaneous kind of thing. She was doing it just for herself and like Paula on the dance floor, that`s what made it sexy as hell.



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Half-Nekkid at the BBQ

August 16, 2007

Here’s a cute (I think) pic of me at the bbq during our holiday.




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Hi there, did you miss us? The first week of our holiday was spent at a very nice house (not a house boat) on Shuswap Lake. No phone, computer, kids or pets. The house was in a very private setting so except for the sounds of us humping twice (sometimes trice) a day and the other squeals from ♀ when bats came down the chimney, it was so quiet. Until it stops, you forget just how much noise we really live with.

Because I’ve worked night shift for so many years, I keep pretty much the same sleeping schedule even when I’m on holidays. I was going to bed about 5am and getting up around 1pm. ♀ was sleeping from about 1am-9am. Two days of that week, ♀ was naked when I got up and we stayed naked until she went back to sleep. I love naked days. I got totally dressed up and had two sissy days. ♀ was surprised that I didn’t spend even more time dressed up and now that I think about it, that is a little strange. Even when we don’t have kids at home, I don’t feel really comfy going out of the townhouse dressed up. We’d always be bumping into people we know and explanations would be expected. This house we stayed at was very secluded so I could go on the deck or in the yard and nobody could see me. Also, there was almost no chance of meeting anyone we knew in Scotch Creek, so I could have even gone out in public. I really don’t know why I didn’t.
Speaking of dressing up, I now have a greater understanding for the challenges women face when it comes to packing. How the hell do you do it? When I was just packing men’s clothes, everything I needed for a week fit into a small duffel bag, or back pack, or a pillow case. I took about half the girly clothes I wanted to take and I filled up more then my share of our biggest suitcase.
I took ♀ for her first (so she claims) moonlit skinny-dip. Can you believe that; 39 yrs old and never been skinny-dipping before? It took a lot of convincing to get her in the water. She’ll be cross, but I have to tell you what her big fear was. She was worried that I’d slip under the water, not resurface and she wouldn’t be able to tell the paramedics where I went down. I pointed out that the nearest ambulance was at least an hour away and we had no idea of the address of where we were. In the end we went for a little dip. It was stormy and the water was kind of chilly, but being naked in the water with her was a huge turn on for me.
We went to listen to a band at the only bar in town one night. If you’ve never been to see a band in a little resort town, you don’t know what you’re missing. You get this amazing cross-section of locals and tourists and it’s almost always a good time. The music is predictable, but it’s great fun to people watch and not worry about dancing like a tight-assed white boy or drinking too much. While we were there a woman in her mid-twenties came up behind me and started rubbing my bald head. She leaned over to ♀ and said, ” I hope you don’t mind, but I just can’t keep my hands off a nice smooth head.”
♀ didn’t miss a beat. She said, “that’s OK, my husband is the same way about breasts and I can’t keep my hands off nicely shaped butts.” She thought that was very funny and she sat down to have a drink with us. I told her my wife had been for belly dance lessons and the two of them were dancing for quite awhile. Dontchya just love watching women dance together? ♀ has had a sore hip ever since. I wanted to invite her back to the house with us, but she left with a group of people shortly after dancing with ♀. Maybe I’ll write a story later about what might have happened.
We went white water rafting down the Adams River one day. It was a short run , but we had a good time. ♀ had never done that before either. Next year I want to take her down the Fraser River through Hells Gate.
We spent the second week doing stuff around our house; painting, moving furniture around, getting our new computer up and running. ♀ is going to be a full time student in September and only working part time so we’ve been working out budgets and schedules. It’ll be a challenge, but now that Junior is pretty much launched and my legal stuff is done it’s her turn. She’s had the same job for 14yrs and she’s due for a change.

The part of this she’s having the most trouble with is giving up her financial independence. She bought this house on her own and even though we’ve been together six years, we’ve still kept our money separate. I think in the back of her mind she knew that if things ever went south for us she’d still be able to survive financially on her own. For the next two or three years she’s going to need to rely on me and that’s a big adjustment. I’ve been thinking we could play around with financial domination. As part of my sissification, she could force me to sign my paycheques over to her. That way she could maintain her financial independence and it would reinforce my role as her bitch.
We went to three different stripper bars last week. ♀ has become quite the connoisseur of strippers. They need to be good dancers, look like they enjoy being there, have nice sized (at least ‘C’) natural breasts, good costumes, pretty lingerie and they can’t take to long showing the good bits. She certainly makes it a different kind of experience.
I didn’t write as much as I’d hoped to during our holiday, but I did read three books: The final Harry Potter book- boring, A Million Little Pieces- depressing and Memoirs of a Geisha- I really liked this book.
So that pretty much sums up our holiday. I go back to work tonight, work six nights a week for the next four weeks and then I get another two weeks off. I told my boss that I think that should be my schedule all the time; four weeks on, two weeks off. He didn’t think much of that idea.
So how as your summer been? We’d love to hear from you!

Ps: Sorry this post looks a little odd. I’m still trying to figure out the new pc.

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Half-Nekkid Tattoo 2

August 9, 2007

Remember I told you that ♀ & I got temopary tattoo’s on Canada Day?

♀ took a picture of mine while my head was nestled between her creamy white thighs.




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