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July 27, 2007


♀ & I are going on holidays. No kids, pets, phones or computers for 2 weeks. He have a cabin at a lake for the first week and the second, we’re just going to make up as we go along.

I thought I’d leave you with what is probably the funniest comedy routine ever.



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Guess what I’ve got up my bum???

Here it is resting:


If you want to order one go here In case you were wondering, ♀ bought me the large one.

It is so comfortable. I just love it and I want to thank CG AAG & Tess for the great advice.

Shucks, I feel like I’m part of an exclusive club now.



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 I didn’t make this video, but it certainly looks like something I’d do…

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Wake up bitch…

July 22, 2007

That’s what she said to me on my only day off last week. I’m a six day a week kind of baker these days and all I wanted to do was sleep.

“Rise and shine baby. I’ve got a busy day planned for us.” She pulled off the covers and handed me a cola and a PBJ&B sandwich (the 2nd ‘B’ is for banana) “You need to wear all girly clothes today, but we will be out in public so dress accordingly.”

She bounced out of the room and I grumbled dark things under my breath. Whining and back talk are no longer permitted in our relationship. She’s quick to point out that this lifestyle was my choice and if I want to continue to be her bitch I need to be obedient. Most days it’s exciting to see her becoming more confident, but last Sunday I was a tired sissy.

I put on black full-cut nylon panties and black sports bra, my girly jeans and a green shirt of ♀’s that I hoped didn’t look to feminine. She was already waiting in the car when I got downstairs. She looked me over then kissed me with freshly glossed lips, looked me over again and said I looked very cute. She wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but handed me the directions she’d copied from Mapquest and appointed me navigator. I knew we were going into Vancouver, but didn’t recognize the address so settled back and enjoyed the ride.

It was Sunday afternoon and we were able to park right here. She put some more lip gloss on both of us and in we went. We’ve been to lots of love shops before and I had no idea why we needed to drive an hour on my only day off to go to this particular store. Yes, it was a very nice store and no, we’d never been there before, but there had to be more of a reason then that.

We wandered around for a while then ♀ walked up to the counter and said to the woman, “I need a butt-plug for my sissy husband.”

Shocked would be an understatement. She has on occasion called me her bitch to close friends and they think she’s just kidding, but she’s never referred to me as a sissy to anyone before. ♀ let this woman show her the entire line of anal toys and carried on a conversation like I wasn’t even there while I tried to disappear behind a rack of fetish gear.

“We have a plug very similar to that one, but he can’t hold it in on his own. He says it’s because of the shape of the plug, but I think it’s because of the shape of his butt muscles. The only way he can hold it in is if he wears the harness I use for the strap-on. I’m looking for something I can make him keep in for extended periods of time.”

The sales person showed her these which of course was the reason ♀ wanted to go to that store in the first place. She held each one and studied them carefully. “Won’t the handle get in the way? He’ll need to be able to sit down.”

“The handle fits between the cheeks of his ass. Once it’s in it’s very comfortable. You might even want to try it yourself. It’ll hold it’s temperature for a long time so you could put it in the fridge for a few hours before using it. If you wanted to try something different.”

♀ handed me the largest one, “What do you think baby, would you like a big chunk of ice cold steel in your ass?”

“Yes”, I mumbled quietly.  I’ve been talking about getting one for months.

“What was that bitch, I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes,” I said a little louder.

She lifted my chin so I was looking her in the eye. “Yes what bitch?”

“Yes Mommy, I would love it you bought me that butt-plug.” I could feel myself blushing and tried hard to ignore the grinning sales clerk.

♀ smiled at me and tweaked my nipple. Then told me to go look around the store while she discussed lubricants with the clerk.

Once we were back in the car with toy and lube, ♀ turned to me and said, “I want you to put your seat all the way back, then pull your pants down, turn around and lean over the seat.”

“What, here? Now?” There wasn’t a lot of traffic, but there was some and we were right in front of the store.

“Yes. Right here. Right now. Turn around and show me that horny little ass of yours.”

I was nervous about being seen and about getting that big chunk of steel inside me. It took her about 10 minutes of stroking my back and ass cheeks and talking softly to me before it popped into place. It was fucking amazing! I couldn’t believe that something that big could be so comfortable. We wandered through Granville Island then drove though Stanley Park. Every once in a while she’d grab my ass and give the handle a little tug.

On the way home she told me to show her my cock. She reached over and started playing with me until I was hard. “Keep it that way bitch. I want to fuck your guts out as soon as we get home.”

I did as I was told and she did as promised and yes it was fanfuckingtastic, but you know what surprised me?  Any other time that I’ve had an orgasm with something in my bottom, I’ve really wanted to remove it as soon as I was done. I did take it out shortly after we’d finished having sex, but not because it was uncomfortable. We’d never used that lube before and the plug had been in for about 5 hours and I was concerned about removing it.

But it was all good and now I want to put it in all the time. However, ♀ has decided that I need her permission to use it no matter what I intend to do afterwards.

As Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green.”



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Half-Nekkid Tattoo

July 19, 2007

This is the temporary tattoo ♀ got on Canada Day


Here’s a post card from Postsecret


And here’s a writing contest with DIAMONDS for the winner!!!



ps; I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by, left comments, sent emails and been encouraging.

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Submissive List

July 15, 2007

We were discussing how our D/s relationship had been evolving and where it might go from here. ♀ said that she often doesn’t think of us as D/s and so just doesn’t think of things to do to me or have me do for her. We have a couple of books and I send her posts from various blogs of things I think might appeal to her. Some does; other stuff, not so much. She suggested I start a list and I thought I could put it here and visitors could add suggestions in the comment section. I think it has more meaning or is more exciting if the person receiving doesn’t need to ask, so many of these items will just be reminders for both of us.

Things I can do for ♀:

-Brush/ braid hair

-Shave her body parts that require shaving

-Keep her feet smooth and nails painted

-Keep her finger nails looking pretty.


-Open doors

-Carry umbrella

-Do more housework

-Bring her breakfast in bed

-Buy her flowers

-Write her love letters, send Ecards

-Random acts of kindness

-Take her out on dates

-Take her dancing

-Treat her like the Goddess she is

Things ♀ can do to me:




-Tease and denial

-Golden showers

-Public sissification

-Insist I lick any and all bodily fluids from her pussy

-Insist I lick or kiss any body part no matter how sweaty

-Insist I dress like a man or a sissy depending on her mood

-Insert anything she wants into my bottom anytime she wants

-Arrange to have me submit to or serve/pamper another woman

-Send me to a dominatrix

-Cuckold me and or insist on a sexual act with another male. (We’ve role played with these topics and had cyber sex with a man. Sometimes I think I could go through with it, other times I’m not so sure)

Any suggestions that would reinforce that she’s a Goddess and I’m her bitch?


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Half-Nekkid and Spanked

July 12, 2007

YouTube Preview Image

The bakery is probably only ten degrees hotter at 3am in July as it is at 3am in January, but I tell you, those ten degrees take a toll. Maybe it’s a psychological thing; in the winter the temperature goes up gradually, but in the summer it’s hot even before an oven gets turned on. We can’t have air-conditioning on in the bakery because it dries the surface of the doughs out. In fact we can’t even have the doors to the outside open for close to half the shift for the same reason. With every grocery store having it’s own in-store bakery our product need to look better not just taste better for people to want to go out of their way and pay a little more. Besides being really damn hot, it’s loud in there. The compressors for the walk-in freezer and coolers, the two ovens, three mixers, sheeter, bun rounder, racks squeaking, pans banging and radio blaring (not to mention bakers bitching about the heat) make it a noisy place to be. Add to that the neon lights and the fast paced physical nature of the work and it really is an assault on the senses. It’s nice when it stops.

Most days I finish work somewhere between 4 and 5am and I love that time of day. From when it’s just light enough to see until the sun actually comes up is magical. It’s cool and the air is still and fresh, it’s quiet and the light changes constantly. There are not many advantages to working night shift, but dawn in the summertime is a big one for me. The bakery is in a small seaside city and sometimes ♀ meets me after work and we walk along the beach and watch the sun come up. That’s the best. We live about 30 minutes away and there’s hardly any traffic that time of day. Most days I drive home with the windows down and the stereo off. It’s a great way to unwind from a long sweaty shift in the bakery.

Four days a week I need to be back up and out the door by 2 pm to pick my kid up. The bedrooms in our townhouse are upstairs and heat up quite quickly. We live on a fairly busy street so even with eye-shades and ear-plugs, sleep can be a challenge. Realistically, I need to be asleep by 7 am or I’m screwed for the day.

Back before we started my sissification I would often masturbate to help get to sleep, but now I need her permission first and she doesn’t give it very often. One day last week I just couldn’t shut my brain off, it was sweltering in our room, the landscapers were mowing lawns and trimming hedges right outside and I could not get to sleep. So I jerked off. I fantasized about a scenario that included ♀ & I (and maybe someone else) and I licked it all up when I was done, but I hadn’t asked first. It didn’t help much. I dozed after, but didn’t really sleep.

That night after our shower, I was brushing her hair and I told her what I had done. She was very disappointed in me. After all, I was the one pushing her to be more dominate. I was the one that promised to obey her. Especially in all matters sexual. She asked if I had disobeyed her in the hope that I would be punished. I assured her that I was only trying to get to sleep and that I felt guilty when I was done. As I’ve mentioned before, ♀ is a somewhat reluctant dominate so I wasn’t expecting much when she took the brush from me and told me to lay across her lap. Boy was I surprised!




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Last summer my dad lost his job for being drunk and driving the company van into a lake and even though I was going into grade twelve, the most important year of my entire life, we had to move and I had to start my last year of high school four hundred miles away from all my friends. Well, actually I didn’t really have very many friends, but it still sucked big time.

So the very first day of school, I was in the cafeteria and this girl walked right up to me and said, “you’re just like me.” She was wearing Dayton boots, ripped jeans and a leather jacket over top of a black t-shirt. Her short black hair was slicked straight back and she even had a cigarette behind her ear. She was without a doubt the most ‘butch’ looking girl I had ever seen. I couldn’t imagine anyone more unlike me. I was still trying to figure it out when she said, “you’re gay, right?”

Great. My first day at a new school, a chance to start fresh and already I was being labeled. What, is there a sign on my back? I set off gaydar everywhere I go, but it’s wrong. Guys hit on me all the time and girls only want to be my friend. I hadn’t actually had sex yet, but when I did it was going to be with a girl. And she’ll look like a girl, not like this bull dyke here. I was getting really pissed and wanted to tell her off, but all that came out of my mouth was, “umm no.”

“Really? Wow. Do you have any weed?”

I didn’t, but she met up with me after school anyway. We didn’t live very far apart and we walked to her house together. That’s how I met Lou. We were drinking colas in their kitchen when her older sister Dawn came home from her first day at beauty school. Dawn was the exact opposite of Lou. Even in jeans and a sweatshirt, she looked like a movie star. She had long brown hair, big blue eyes, perfect teeth, perky boobies…she was a walking talking wet dream. Lou saw the look on my face and groaned. “Don’t get any bright ideas big boy, she’s as gay as I am.” They both laughed and at the time, I didn’t know if they were kidding. They weren’t.

A few weeks after that first meeting, I was at their house when Dawn came home from school. She needed a model to practice make-up application on. She pleaded with Lou, but her sister was having nothing to do with it. Then they both looked at me. “Hey”, Dawn said. “You’ve got nice clear skin, you can be my model.” She said it just like that. As a statement, not even a question. They knew I couldn’t say no to either of them. That’s how it all got started.

For the next month, three times a week I sat still while Dawn worked on my face and Lou smoked cigarettes and looked for ‘fucked up shit’ on the Internet. When it came time to practice hairstyles, it was clear my thin wispy hair wouldn’t do so Dawn shaved Lou’s head and she went to the cancer clinic pretended she was sick and they gave her a wig.

With hair and make-up done, it wasn’t long until they had me trying on Dawn’s clothes and I was prancing around their house like a girl. It was during the Christmas holidays that I went out in public with Lou dressed as a girl for the first time. We went to a movie. I was so scared, but at the same time it was exciting. We started doing it on a regular basis. Sometimes Lou dressed up as a guy. She’d kept her head shaved and bought a moustache from a theatre supply store. We made quite a nice looking couple if I do say so myself.

I had a part time job and most of my money went to clothes and accessories. Surprisingly enough, Lou was an excellent seamstress. We’d find clothes that were close to the right size and she’d do her magic on the sewing machine and voila! It fit. We even bought a set a silicone inserts so I could have cleavage.

It was close to spring break and Dawn was practicing pedicures on me. I was flipping through the fashion magazines that she was always bringing home when I saw the most beautiful dress in Cosmo Girl Prom. I showed it to the girls and Dawn said, “Oh my god. That’s almost exactly like the dress I wore to my prom and I still have it.” About two seconds passed and we all got the same idea at the same time. I’d wear Dawn’s dress to the prom; we’d rent a tuxedo for Lou and we’d be a smokin’ hot couple.

This dress was amazing. It was a light peach colour that came off the shoulder, perfect for my little fake boobies. The crinoline and Lou’s sewing skills made it look like I actually had hips. I bought an open-bottom girdle and matching strapless long-line bra on EBay. New frilly full cut panties and stockings with lace at the top and flowers down the back seam. I even found some white satin pumps at a second hand store that fit me.

Lou’s vintage style tuxedo made her look like a gangster from the ’30’s. The band on her hat matched my dress and she even had a pimp cane and a peach coloured rose in her lapel. Fuck we looked hot.

It took people quite awhile to figure out who we were and even later we still got lots of compliments and lots of dances with boys and girls. Hell, we came in second in the voting for king and queen of the prom.

Unbeknownst to me, Lou had a flask of vodka strapped to the inside of her leg (I just thought she was happy to see me) and she started getting drunk. She had her eye on a little hottie named Tammy, but when that didn’t work out she turned her impaired attention on me. Yeah, I know I should have said ‘no’. I was sober, she was drinking, but I was flattered and pretty and horny and well, fuck, I was an eighteen year old virgin and I needed to get laid.

We went out to the far edge of the football field and started making out. She was kissing my neck and telling me how much she liked me and how hot my perfume was making her. When she started squeezing my boobies and admiring how firm they were, I realized she’d forgotten whom she was actually with. But did I make her stop? Nope. It wasn’t until my dress was up around my waist and my panties were around my ankles that she realized. “Oh yeah,” she said stupidly. “I forgot you had one of these.”

She started to lower herself down onto my cock and when I was about half way inside her, she let out a little gasp and I felt something running down onto my balls, but I didn’t realize what that might mean. Once I was all the way inside her, she rode up and down a couple of times then said, “Hey, put your legs on the outside of mine. I want to fuck like I’m really the boy and you’re the girl.” I spread my legs and hooked my ankles across her ass. She rode me like that, thrusting like she was doing the penetrating until I came. It didn’t take long. I think she was too drunk to come.

We got ourselves sort of put back together (I couldn’t find my panties) and headed back to the school. We caught a cab and Lou was passed out by the time we got back to her place. Dawn was there and together we got Lou into bed. It wasn’t until we got back into the living room that Dawn really noticed me. “What the hell did you get all over the back of my dress?” She demanded.

“Grass stains.” I said sheepishly.

She glared at me then walked behind me to get a better look. “What the fuck is this stain then?”

I had no idea what she was looking at. Finally she yelled, “It’s blood! You rat-faced bastard. You got my little sister drunk and fucked her out on the football field!”

My jaw was flapping, but no words were coming out. She kept yelling at me, but I couldn’t make sense of the words. She had never spoken to me like that before and I think I was in shock. She told me to stand right where I was and I didn’t move. When she came back into the room, she’d taken her pants off, she still had her shirt and panties on, but she was also wearing some kind of leather harness. Sticking out from the harness was a huge black cock.

“You think it’s cool deflowering innocent virgins? I’m going to show you how it feels.” And she pushed me down onto the couch. She got between my legs and lifted the dress up to my waist. “Look, you’ve even lost your panties. You’re going to lose more then that tonight.”

She put a bunch of lube on her cock and started pressing it against my asshole. “You better relax or it’s really going to hurt.”

“I’m scared.” I whimpered.

“You should be.” The head of the big black penis penetrated me and it hurt like crazy.

“Please.” I begged. “Don’t do this. It wasn’t my fault. It was Lou…” And I bit my tongue.

“Were you going to blame my poor little sister for what you did? Dawn snarled, as she pushed the massive cock all the way inside me. I thought I would split in two. My ass was on fire; it would never be the same. It felt like she was going to poke right through my belly button.

After a few excruciating moments the pain started to subside and as she kept fucking me it started to feel…good. The tip of her cock was touching a place inside me that I hadn’t known existed before. My own cock started to thicken and I hooked my ankles across Dawn’s ass in the same way I had done with Lou a few hours before.

She fucked me like that, thrusting into me and calling me nasty names until I came all over the inside of my pretty dress. When I was done she pulled her cock out and wiped the santorum (the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex, named after Senator Rick Santorum) on my dress and left me there alone.

Prom night was over and my pretty pretty Cosmo dress was ruined; soiled with grass stains, blood, ejaculate and santorum.

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This past Sunday was Canada’s 140th Birthday and to celebrate we went for pedicures (I got ‘Canadian Flag’ red and ♀ got purple with sparkles). We also got Jagua Tattoo’s done. I’ll be posting pics of those in future HNT’s. But before I forget, want to hear something funny? When I woke up the next afternoon, I had a perfect imprint of the tattoo from her lower back on my belly.

We went to a swap meet this past weekend and found a framed copy of this Steve Hanks print for $40!!. We have a couple of small prints of his, but this is full size. I’m sure the framing alone must have been more then $200. Don’t you just love it.

It was a busy weekend. We also stopped at a local beach that had lots of Canada Day festivities going on. While we were there, we saw three belly dancers perform. ♀ is starting belly dance lessons this week and now we’re both excited about it. Probably for different reasons.



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