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April 28, 2008

In my horrid little pre-internet adolescent world there were only two choices. You were either a hetero-alpha type male or you were a faggot. There was no middle ground. Most of my friends were female and treated me like another girl friend. Most boys were either cruel to me or they were trying to get me into bed. I wasn’t a very happy guy.

Anyway, at some point I decided that maybe I shouldn’t knock it before I tried it. If the whole world thought I was gay…maybe I was. The boy I decided to experiment with lived three hours away, was as confused as I was and could play this flawlessly…

YouTube Preview Image

We tried twice. The first time with alcohol and the second time with porn. Nothing ‘came’ of it either time and we were both left more confused then ever. He joined the catholic church and I decided my calling in life was to be a eunuch.

It made perfect sense to me. I had all these female friends who loved to confide in me and no males ever seemed to feel threatened by me hanging out with their women. That fact that I still had testicles was only a minor detail. I was quite certain they would eventually just fall off from lack of use.

Ahh the joys of teenage angst…


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Do you know what I love most about showering with ♀?

Everything? You ask.

Well of course ‘everything’. What’s not to love about getting naked and wet with your lover?

I’m talking about the absolute best part. It’s after I’ve soaped her up and rinsed her off and we’ve touched and teased and kissed and maybe for a special treat she’s peed on me and I’ve shaved her pits and her legs and washed her hair and put the conditioner in and then when I rinse it out…that’s my favourite part.

The conditioner makes her skin all soft and silky-smooth and I stand behind her and my hands glide down her shoulders and all over her breasts and across her tummy and between her thighs and I press myself against her slick back and I’m just a little to tall to enter her like that, but my cock fits in between her cheeks and it’s hot and steamy in the shower and she’s so slippery and sometimes she’ll lean forward just a bit so I can rub my cock against her and a couple of times she’s let my come like that, shooting my load all over her back.

Ummm…I need to leave for a bit…

YouTube Preview Image

Ok as I was saying, my favourite part of showering with ♀ is how her skin feels when I rinse the conditioner out of her hair. The thing about her hair is it’s naturally very straight. However, when I braid it while it’s still wet on a Saturday night, it looks even more spectacular on Sunday morning…

So here’s the thing; long hair can be a bit of a chore. It clogs drains, it tickles, it gets tangled, it gets pulled, it gets in her face and it gets in the way. I’m often not home when she gets ready for bed and if it’s not braided when she goes to sleep, it can be a challenge in the morning.

And she’s threatening to get it cut off!!!

But I love her hair!!!

I love everything about it! I love how it feels and how it smells, I love washing it and conditioning it (did I mention that?) I love <brushing and braiding >and playing with it, I love all the different styles she can wear it, I love how it brushes against my balls when she’s giving me head, I love it when she wraps it around my cock and strokes me with it.

Ok, I know she’s the Goddess and it’s her hair and I know I’m a sissy and am supposed to be obedient, so it’s up to you dear readers. Please please please say something that will convince her not to chop off her beautiful hair.

Thanks and HHNT


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♀ cell phone jumped out of her pocket and into a toilet at the gym awhile ago. At first I thought she threw it in herself (she’s been saying we need new phones for a few months now), but it happened after she’d peed and it was a public toilet so it was probably accidental.

Our contract expired about four months ago so early last week we went to the mall, signed a new contract and got two new camera phones. Mini has been teaching us how to use them. He’s 11 and still tries to be helpful. (yes, I know it won’t last) My phone had a problem though; the back cover didn’t fit quite right and it would fall off and the battery would fall out…regularly.

Anyway, last Thursday afternoon I got up to get ready to pick Mini up from school. I checked my email and there was one from his mother saying…well saying lots of stuff, but the gist of it was he wasn’t in school. So I called ♀. She was just getting out of class and had an hour before she started work and suggested we meet for lunch. When I got there she asked why I’d turned my phone off. She’d wanted me to bring her workout clothes so she could go to the gym after work. I hadn’t turned it off; the battery had fallen out…again.

She said I should go to the mall after lunch and get my phone dealt with and then with a gleam in her eye she told me she wanted me to go lingerie shopping at Sears…by myself. For those that are new here, I’ve been fascinated with girly things since I was younger then Mini, but it wasn’t a very well developed fetish until I admitted my desires to ♀ and we started exploring them together about six years ago. Even though I’ve been a full-time pantyboy for the past three years I’ve never ever gone lingerie shopping by myself.

We didn’t really need anything having scored big time with the Easter Bunny just a few weeks ago, but Sears had a one-day-only-25%-off-day-sale and ♀ decide sending me shopping could be part of my sissification. She was very clear on the rules. I was to buy at least one item for each of us from the lingerie department and no just grabbing a couple of pairs of nylons while hustling down the main isle. I was instructed to actually shop and since we wear different sizes of panties (not for much longer, love) and different styles (she likes thongs and I like a full panty), if anyone was paying attention I wouldn’t be able to say my wife asked me to pick them up.

It was stressful at first, but it was OK once I got started. I bought us two pairs of panties each and some nylons that we`ll probably share. I even asked a sales woman why they didn`t sell any nice open-bottom girdles with the garter straps (I really want one). I didn`t buy anything else, but I spent about another hour looking at clothes and shoes.

I learned something that afternoon; yeah, I can shop for girly things on my own, but it`s way more fun shopping with ♀.

Aren’t these just to cute? I got a black pair as well.



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One of those Days

April 12, 2008

 I won’t bore you with the sordid details about how messed up my day has been, but I do have a question:

What sort of person leaves an empty box of bandages in a first-aid kit???

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image



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♀ & I agreed she should get rewards for set weight-loss goals, but it took some negotiating to decide what those rewards should be. My ideas were much more extravagant then her ideas.

It took from February 21 until April 8 to achieve her first goal of 10lbs. Her reward was a new diamond ring…



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Sunday Distractions

April 6, 2008

I only have one night off this week and I had planned on getting some writing done after I finished my housework, but I got distracted <listening to poetry>, <looking at post cards>, <reading blogsand blogs…and more blogs>.  I found <some sexy lingerie>, < some funny porn> and this…

YouTube Preview Image



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Many of our Half-Nekkid posts have in fact been completely-nekkid so I hope you’ll forgive the occasional not-nekkid-at-all -post.


The Easter Bunny brought us these along with <a bunch of sexy lingerie> I’ve been wearing them around the house, but ♀ was the first to wear them out in public. She wore them with a sexy new little black dress and wow she looked soooo hot.



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