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Sweaty Sissy Needs Help

September 29, 2008

I was thinking I’d like to have a banner for SSS and was farting around this weekend trying to figure out how to make one and lo and behold, I did it. Yeah me! The problem is, I didn’t draw this picture.

Does anyone know who the rightful owner of this image is? I’d like to give credit where credit is due and ask for permission to use it.



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Half-Nekkid Boobage

September 25, 2008

Have I ever mentioned how much I love her breasts?

btw I kinda sorta got <interviewed> by <Vixen>. Check it out and let me know what you think.



ps: Sweat Shop Sissy is 2 years old today!

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NYC Sex Bloggers 2009 Calander

September 21, 2008

An Important message from the lovely Tess

NYC Sex Blogger 2009 Calendar


calendar header

About a month ago a little bulb went off in my head. A blogger calendar, thought I. A SEX blogger calendar. A NYC SEX BLOGGER CALENDAR! To benefit a good cause? Yes! Enter Sex Work Awareness, which will receive all profits made from this idea that birthed a calendar.

I had no idea how much support I’d get from my friends, fellow bloggers, and the sex positive community at large. What started as a little project turned into something big and amazing. I soon found my head swimming with ideas for sponsors, glitter, costumes, poses, bloggers, boobs, pasties, spreadsheets and on and on. But thanks to the fantastic group of people working with me, this little idea blossomed.

Today we launch our new site, NYC Sexbloggers 2009 Calendar. Here you can get the details of all that’s happening, we’ll update you regularly, and even post a behind the scenes video from the photo shoot. Here is also where you can help us help Sex Work Awareness while promoting your own blog or company or just say “Hi Mom” by buying a day (meaning we’ll print your 80 character message on the day of your choice) and pre-order your calendar at once. You can buy as many days as you like (first come, first served basis though) and of course as many calendars as you like.

Just so you know, Feb 1st to Feb 7th 2009 is now officially AAG Week and July 25th to 30th is the week OhMiBod chose to celebrate their anniversary.

So please join us and help raise the world’s awareness of the realities of sex work and sex workers, raise a pile of money and just have a good old time looking at some burlesquey, fun and flirty T&A. And if you’re in the New York area or feel like travelling, we’ll be giving you plenty of notice so that you can be here for our launch party.

To celebrate we’ve given 7 days to AAG and 7 days to Catalina. Go visit their blogs and enter the contest to win a day.

Now click on over to NYC Sex Bloggers 2009 Calendar and buy some days!

You can even follow us on Twitter.


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I don’t usually do meme’s, but <Ser Infiel> tagged me and I thought ♀ & I could do it together. I’m not tagging anyone else though.

This is Isabella’s Sex Meme. Anyone is welcome to steal it but you must post this rules blurb at the beginning of the meme:
1. You must include this link to Sex Talk - Sex Advice for Men.
2. You must answer every question! If you don’t have a good answer, you are strongly encouraged to make up something good; we like to be entertained.
3. You must tag 3 people.

1. Sex in the morning or sex at night? ♀: i prefer nights, but will be definitely be satisfied with mornings

sss: i don’t usually wake up horny, so i prefer my night (remember i work nights…so before i go to sleep)

2. Better sex music - Sade or Marvin Gaye? ♀: Instrumental background music

sss: mellowed out drug induced hindu music

3. Naughty pics or naughty home videos?  ♀: both…depending on the mood

sss: i agree with ♀

4. Fabulous sex with: Dr Doug Ross or Dr Greg House? we don’t watch much tv and we don’t know who either of those guys are

5. Vibrator or dildo? ♀: depends on my mood, but I really love my new glass dildo.

sss: I love it when she fucks me with the strap-on or the feeldoe.

6. Bedroom sex: lights off or lights on? ♀: doesn’t matter

sss: i like to see what (and who) i’m eating
7. Word preference: pussy or cunt? ♀: pussy

sss: I call hers a pussy, but i think i’m a good little cunt licker

8. Spanking over the knee or spanking only during sex?  i’m the only one that gets spanked and it’s usually during sex, but she can spank me anytime or anywhere she wants

9. More exciting: sex in an elevator or sex in an aeroplane?  ♀: aeroplane, because you can lock the door.

sss: she’s given me a blowjob in an elevator. it was hot, but i wasn’t able to come

10. Ron Jeremy or Peter North? ♀: peter north. i have issues with hairy backs

sss;  i think ron jeremy would be fun to hang out with

11. Word preference: cock or dick? ♀: cock

sss: i often refer to mine as a pencil dick, but others as cocks

12. Linda Lovelace or Jenna Jameson? ♀: can’t decide

sss: Jenna’s cute, but Linda had real boobs. decisions decisions

13. Rope bondage or bondage tape?♀: rope, but rippings hairs out could be entertaining.

sss: ripping hairs out??? i’ll take the rope.

14. Give rim job or receive anal sex? ♀; depends on my mood

sss: i like both

15. Get rich stripping in a skanky bar or get rich as a call girl for celebs?I ♀: skanky bar

sss: i don’t think either would apply to middle-aged sissies

16. Which threesome - boy/girl/girl or boy/boy/girl?♀: bbg

sss: ggb
17. Flavoured oil or tingling oil? ♀: flavoured

sss: flavoured�
18. Pearl necklace or swallow? ♀: necklace

sss: i love it when she does either

19. Sex while strangers watch or sex with a stranger? ♀: never tried either, but both could be hot

sss: i agree with ♀

20. Tied to the bed or to a St Andrew’s cross? ♀:bed

sss: bed

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Half-Nekkid in New Lingerie

September 18, 2008

We went lingerie shopping last week…



ps: If you’re intrested, <Click here> to see the whole map of our road trip.

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I was still awake when Uncle got up and we had about an hour just to ourselves. We didn’t really talk about anything important, just chatted. It was nice. I guess it’s like talking to a sibling who you were close to a long time ago. Someone you still really like and maybe wish you could see more of. It was comfortable and easy and there were so many things I could have said and there were so many things I didn’t need to say. He really is a great guy. He’s only ten years older then me and we spent a lot of time together when I was growing up. He’s more like a big brother then an uncle. He was the Best Man at our wedding.

 I had a restless sleep. We’ve been on the road almost 2 weeks and I miss sleeping in my own bed, surrounded by my own stuff. We’ve had a good holiday, but I’ve had enough driving and I want to get home. I think another reason for my troubled sleep is I’m concerned about Junior. The ‘celebration of life’ for his dad is Saturday and I think this is going to be a difficult weekend. Realistically he’s in for a tough year, the first…of everything…birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries…everything. I know in the short term at least he’s going to use alcohol to deal with things. Our job as parents will be to try to prevent him from doing serious damage to himself and that won’t be an easy task. How do I explain to a 19 year old that getting drunk isn’t really grieving? That it’s a process he has to go through, that there’s no going around it, that booze is only going to postpone it? I know it’s been less then a week. I know this weekend will be like a wake for his dad. I suppose he’s expected to drink right now…I just worry.

 ‘Don’t let them fool you with dope (or drink) and cocaine. No one can harm you, feel your own pain.’ John Lennon

 We went window shopping after I got up. had already checked out most of the shops while I was asleep, so she knew where to take me. We had a nice lunch in a heritage house…simple, tasty food with a nice atmosphere and good service. We went through a couple of kitchen type stores. I don’t think she was really planning on buying anything (our car is getting full), we were just looking for ideas and colours and…well, just looking. We did buy a really cool plant for Uncle & L. I don’t remember what’ it’s called, but it grows in water. The container it’s in looks like a brandy snifter with rocks in the bottom. You can see the roots dangling down…it’s cool. We also stopped at a toy store and we did end up buying a little something there; ankle and wrist restraints. It was just a cheap nylon set (all 4 four $30), but we decide why spend a lot until we know if we’ll use them regularly or not.

 After we left that store said she was horny, but Uncle would be home from work at 3:30 and that old house is NOT sound proof at all. We hurried back and it was 2:50 when we got up to our room. By 3:05 we’d both had orgasms and I was ready for a nap. Who here doesn’t like the occasional fast furious fuck?

 nap time

Uncle & L were getting dinner ready when I got up. Her daughter was there too. She’s 18 and cute, but I think her mom spoils her. She and Uncle jab at each other some. If he wasn’t so good natured I think there’d be problems. My very pregnant cousin came over for dinner. She was young the last time I saw her…maybe 8. I could sure see mom in her, but I wouldn’t hold that against her. She was nice. I liked her dry sense of humour. We all had a really nice dinner together. Uncle bbq some chicken, there were green beans and spuds and L baked a cake. Tomorrow Uncle and daughter are driving to Kamloops to be with one of his other very pregnant daughters. She’s scheduled for a C section tomorrow. So in less then a month he should have his first two grand-babies. I told him the third daughter will be jealous now and L has two daughters and it won’t be long until there’s a whole gaggle of grand kids.

During dinner, Cousins’ boobs sprung a leak and she soaked through her shirt. That led to a lively discussion about lactation and breast feeding and feeding in public. I hope was proud of me for not blurting out that if we’d ever had a baby together I might never have let her milk dry up. Nursing is a reoccurring fantasy and like most fantasies, I can’t imagine ever getting bored of it. Even though I’d never planned on having kids, I’m sure ♀ & I would have had a lot of fun being pregnant.

After dinner we headed for Kelowna. That WAS part of original plan, but after last weekend we’d decided to go straight home after Revelstoke. But she talked to her dad and he was really hoping to see us and really it was only going to add another hour to our driving and Junior is back to work and so we don’t really have much to worry about until the weekend and so 2.5 hours later I was having a beer with my father-in-law. It’s not really a big deal (except I miss my bed) I like her dad. He’s a guy who has made some big mistakes in his life. He’s paid for them, owned up to them, apologized for them and if you can’t forgive him…oh well. He’s building a life for he and his wife and as far as fathers-in-law go, I could have done WAY worse.

We had a couple of drinks with the in-laws then I took out to their new motor home (it’s huge) and tucked her into our last strange bed for awhile…I hope. Tomorrow it’s homeward bound and Junior and work and starts new job and getting all of our shit sorted and packed and moved and unpacked and then the Christmas silliness starts and yeah I think it’ll be a challenging few months.

<Click here for map>

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Road Trip Day 10

September 12, 2008

An uneventful drive from Ainsworth to Revelstoke. Neither of us had been on that drive before and hadn’t realized there was another ferry. This one across the Upper Arrow Lake. We waited about 30 minutes and the crossing took less then 20. It was a cool & wet day and for awhile it rained hard, but the sun came out during the ferry ride.

 One of the conversations we had was about if and when we would seriously look into finding other people to play with. It’s always been a part of our role playing and trash talk, but that’s been about all. It was interesting to me that we both have a very similar idea about what it would look like IF we ever went down that road. Neither of us wants to be ’swingers’ with a variety of people going through our bedroom and neither of us are interested in ’swapping’ (going off with someone else) and we’re not looking for new best friends. We both think it might be nice to know another couple (as happy together as we are) who we could hang out with occasionally on a social basis, and also play with …as a group. We both recognize that IF we do that it shouldn’t be because we’re bored with what we have (or they are either). She suggested we revisit the question early next year. It’s nice to be at a place where we can talk about things like that without getting all freaked out about it. I know, I know, talking about it and actually doing something about it are two different things, but as long as we’re able to be honest with each other and our focus remains on us. I think it could be a good thing.

 Went for sushi with my uncle and L and her daughter. It was the first time we’d had a chance to really talk with L and it had been a long time since I’d visited with my uncle without my mom (his sister) around. Not that she’s an issue anymore, it’s just that both Uncle and I are different when she’s around. I tried to pay for dinner (it would have been less then a hotel), but he insisted. Right after dinner he left for a meeting and L, & I walked home, had a couple of drinks and chatted. I like her. One of the things she told us (Uncle wasn’t home yet) was that Uncle spoke very highly about my dad. It was nice to hear that from someone I don’t really know.

 When we got back from dinner, there was a voice mail message from dad asking where we were. They decided not to go camping and even though had talked to his wife the day before and told her the news and explained she was anxious to get home, her dad still thought we were coming. It’s less then 3 hours to Kelowna and Junior is back to work Thursday and Friday. So we decided…rationalized….justified that as long as we were back by Friday night things would probably be OK. The plan now is to spend Thursday in Revelstoke then drive to Kelowna after dinner. Have a short visit with her dad and his wife then leave for home Friday afternoon.

 Uncle’s house is really nice. I’m guessing it was built in the 1940’s and they’ve kept lots of the original features in it; glass doorknobs, fancy metal heating vents, crown moldings, hard wood floors and LOTS of the furniture have a very classy antique feel to them. They’re really doing a good job blending the modern with the vintage. Here’s an example. They’ve re-done the upstairs bathroom with a pedestal sink and a claw-foot tub and kept the original hardwood floors, lightswitch and outlet covers. New stuff, but an old time feel. Lots of the furniture really is antiques. The downside….it’s not very sound-proof. My uncles’ room is right next to where & I are sleeping so we didn’t have lovin’. See, with help I am learning a bit of tact.

 We did have some quality naked time though, before went to sleep. I braided her hair and we were just talking and touching and enjoying each other. She is my everything.

<Click here for map>

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When I showed ♀< this list> she did the happy dance. It was very inspirational.

Thank you all very much for voting! And to <Rori> Great big hugs and sloppy wet kisses.

Also, ♀ has been immortalized on a <post-it note>…..<Twice>



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You’ll never guess what I did at 4 am today…I hopped a fence and went skinny dipping in the hot springs. It was so nice having the whole place to myself. I was sorry wasn’t there with me, but we’d had a difficult night and besides I’m not sure how we would have explained both of us wandering around outside to the woman at the front desk. I explained what 30 years of night shift does to a person and told her I was walking down to the beach. We decided to spend a second night here so I was able to sleep in a bit. It was nice.

called her dad…and cried…former sister-in-law….and cried…Junior …and cried. It’s understandable, of course.  Besides having a child together, he’d been a part of her life since high school. A big part of why she’s upset right now is how this had hurt Junior, but eventually she’ll need to come to terms with her own issues.

We tried making love a couple of times, but she couldn’t find her mojo (hardly surprising) she offered to give me lovin’ (she’s so great), but I told her no. We did get naked and lay on the bed just touching each other for a while. I don’t know if being a sissy has anything to do with it, but I really liked just doing that.

put the butt plug in me and we went for a stroll down to the lake in the late afternoon sunshine. There was no beach to speak of, but we found an old boat launch that was nice and private and took some pictures. When we got back we went for another dip in the hot springs.  First we went into the caves, which are quite hot. Right beside them is a very cold ‘stream-fed’ pool. wanted me to go in…at first I refused, but then she said she’d fuck me with the ‘Feeldoe’ so in I jumped. After that we went into the big pool. It’s a little cooler then the caves, but still very nice. We spent most of our time fondling each other and making comments about the women in the pool: cuteness, nice boobs, fat asses, odd tattoos, interesting bathing suits, the dynamics of the couples we saw…the list is endless.

When we got back D called to say we have a done deal on the apartment. Yippee!

I braided her hair and laced her into her corset. She hasn’t worn it for several weeks. The dress she wore to dinner wasn’t fancy, but wow the corset made her look uberhot even in a plain dress.  The waiters seemed to be making lots of trips past our table. Unfortunately, we had a waitress and the service was terrible. I think she was jealous.

After dinner we went back into the hot springs. We found a relatively quiet corner in the caves and made out until got over heated. We went into the big pool and sat on my lap and teased me. It was all light and playful until I felt a big warm gush. She was peeing on me!  I love it when she pisses on me, but for her to do it there…well fuck! It made me really really excited. She could feel how hard my cock was getting so she turned around and asked me if I wanted to fuck her right there in the pool with all the people around. I told her I did, but I thought there would be a lack of lubrication in the water. The pool was still quite crowded and lots of people were sitting on other peoples laps so that didn’t attract attention.  The mineral water is murky so nobody could really see what was going on. She kept necking with me and playing with my nipples and fiddling with positions and then holy doodle, I was inside of her. There were people all around us and she just bounced lightly up and down on my cock. It was so freakin’ exciting. After about 10 minutes they announced it was closing time and people needed to get out of the pool. It was pretty clear I wasn’t going to be able to come with that kind of pressure and I was going to need a few minutes to settle down so she got off me and we composed ourselves. Even though neither of us had an orgasm, it was an intensely exciting experience.

When we got back to our room, we had a shower and shaved the various body parts that needed shaving. When we got out she told me to kneel on the bed and she brought out our new flogger. She beat me for about ten minutes; lightly at first, then harder and harder. By the time she stopped, my ass was on fire and my cock was rock hard again. She lay on her back and I entered her easily. Then spread my legs like a good sissy. I bit her lip while we were kissing and she slapped my face. She reminded me that only she is allowed to inflict pain and unless she says otherwise she expects me to kiss like a girl…gently. She told me what a bad boy I was for fucking her in the pool and how I would have been punished and publicly humiliated if I’d been caught. It didn’t take long for me to come.

By this time, had found her mojo and really needed an orgasm. So we continued with the pool fantasy while I fingered her come filled cunt. A strapping young boy had been watching us and knew what was going on. He edged closer to us and when he was sitting right next to us he slipped his hand down into his own bathing suit. I was unaware of his presence, but locked eyes with him and licked her lips in the most seductive way, encouraging him as she bounced up and down on my cock. When all three of us were very close, the strapping young boy grabbed me by the hips and lowered me onto his lap with ♀ still impaled on my cock. He didn’t enter me, but he grabbed ♀ breasts with his big strong hands, pulled her to him and kissed her like a real man with me sandwiched between them. That one image is what did it for her and she had a long intense orgasm.

Yeah, it was smokin’ hot! But I haven’t forgotten she owes me a <Feeldoe> fuck.

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Road Trip Day 8

September 9, 2008

Had a nice walk around <Nelson>. Bought some cool wine goblets. Had a tasty lunch.  Got text from Junior. His dad hung himself during the weekend. upset of course. She’s worried about Junior of course. So am I, but I doubt she believes it. I suggested we go straight home, but she thought we should stay 2 days at Ainsworth Resort. I agreed, but it’s probably a mistake. Not that I think we’ll be much help to Junior right now. (Apparently he’s staying with his Aunt.) I think it’s a mistake to be here because thinks we should be at home and she only suggested we stay for my benefit…and that’s not much fun. Resort is nice. Room has nice view of the lake. 2 comfy queen size beds. I think we’ll be sleeping separately. Hot spings are very busy, but very nice…especially in the rain….that has found us. The caves are amazing. We had sex once. I came, but she couldn’t get excited. Not very surprising.  Dinner was good…just as well as the nearest restaurant is a long ways away. Tried a local stout, dark ale and IPA today. All were pretty good.

Rainbow over Kootenay Lake


Got email from D today in regards to fireplace in apartment. Told him to sign off on the minutes. Only the financing left and that is up to the bank. We cannot make the bank say yes any faster than they are willing to move.

sss is wrong I do think he is genuinely concerned about Junior. I just feel bad that he is missing out on his holiday because of this unfortunate event. It is a mother’s instinct to be there for her children and I am feeling that I am not there for him. I know that there is not much I can do right now that is the only thing stopping me from racing home. I would like to be there for him when he gets back from his aunts in case he needs anything. Just being there may make a big difference.

Caves were a lot warmer than the hotsprings were. Not sure why but I did not expect the temp difference. The hotspring pool was lit up at night and looked to cool.

<Click here for map>

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