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Over the Sink

November 17, 2008

I was sequestered in the office last weekend, busy writing the next chapter of Death & Taxes  surfing smut and playing Backgammon when I came across this little jem  at <> by my favourite PSO, MS. Angela.

You don’t know her? Seriously?  Even if your not in the market for trash talk (today) she’s a fine writer and has a very entertaining blog. Here’s what they say about her:

Angela St. Lawrence is the PhoneSex Operator of choice for the thinking man. While she’s been called many things by her clients (”The way she riffs on matters sexual and otherwise, she is my white Billie Holiday” & “A 21st century Anais Nin with just a touch of Machiavelli.”), mostly she just likes to be called Angela. Make sure you visit her award winning website– and her blog, Zen Fetish.

A little bit of erotica I wrote, because even women just want a quickie now and then.

“Don’t kiss me on the neck.”

“Why? I thought you liked it.”

“I do. Just not right now. I just want to be fucked. Just stick it in.”

“Okay, but don’t bitch at me later.”

“Christ, shut the hell up and stick in it.”

And then he is pushing her over the kitchen sink, sliding her skirt up over her generous, round ass. Surprised to see she is not wearing panties, he thinks better of saying anything; she obviously isn’t in the mood to listen.

As he goes to push her right leg out further with the cap of his bent knee, she moans.

“Hurry up, damn it. Give me that cock.”

And so he presses between her legs, again surprised when the head of his cock glides so easily between her already-moist thighs to bob against her sodden bush. She grunts, wiggling her slit back onto the head. He feels himself slide into her–fast and deep–with hardly any effort.

As he starts moving in and out, he can hear the slick sound of her juices coating his pistoning cock and feel them oozing between the hair on his balls. The smell of her sex wafts up to surround both of them. He moves quicker; her animal need has quickened his pulse, sharpened his need.

She’s curled her fists along the edge of the sink, her white knuckle grasp helping her to push back. Her breaths are fast. She is grunting and groaning, then whimpering.

“I need it. Right there. Yes. There.”

And then she is crying and her cunt is rhythmically spasming around his cock as she begins cumming. The raw quickness of her orgasm pushes him over the edge and he is pumping his load into her, his face buried between her angora-covered shoulder blades.

They stay that way, hunched over the sink like twin embryos as they catch their breath.

And then she stands up straight, his dick sliding out of her and down her thigh–a slug, leaving it’s slime.

“Okay, leave me alone, now. I need to finish these dishes.”

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A Sultry Summer’s Eve

June 29, 2008

When the relationship with the mother of my son was ending and I was sad and lonely and my only contact with the outside world was on-line, one of the women I met was Miranda. Miranda was wonderful. I know you can never really be sure if the person you’re chatting with (or the blogger you’re reading) is really who they say the are, but honestly it really didn’t matter. We had cybersex of course, but we also chatted for hours about life, the universe and everything. If she wasn’t who she said she was, there was never anything malicious or hurtful about her.  She was a friend and she made a difference.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I was trying to find something to write about and I found this story Miranda had sent me way back when.  It’s warm here now and it seemed like a good night to post it. If Miranda happens to read it or you know who and where she is, ask her to contact me. I’d love to thank her.



A Sultry Summer’s Eve by Miranda

Shopping late one night at the 24 hour grocery store was not exactly how her evening was supposed to be going.  In fact, right now she should have been in the throes of passion with her lover, but he had gotten called in to work and had to cancel their date.  Feeling a little frustrated and far too edgy to sleep, she thought she might as well get her shopping done.  Miranda’s mind wandered as she squeezed the tomatoes for ripeness, not really paying attention to the task at hand.  She stopped abruptly as she sensed a pair of eyes boring into her.  Slowly looking up, she saw him across the produce display…staring at her…so self-assuredly and with such intensity her mouth formed a surprised “O”….so startled was she.
  His eyes had been roving her body mercilessly, noting the creaminess of her thighs, the curve of her hips, her tiny waist, and then lingered on her breasts…loving how her hard nipples protruded against the thin fabric of her slip of a summers dress….smiling as he gave silent thanks to whoever the genius was that invented air conditioning.  As she looked up at him he caught her eyes and held her captive in his gaze…..a cocky half grin on his face….purveying to her his raw animal lust.
  After an interminably long couple of seconds she managed to gather her senses about her and forced herself to break his gaze.  Averting her eyes she pushed her cart past.  She felt a whole range of emotions…from the initial shock and indignation at his brazenness, to flattery…and incredibly even desire for this total stranger, so….magnetic….she found him.  She shook her head in disbelief, amazed at the effect he had upon her….amazed at herself for feeling this way.
  Continuing on with her shopping, she found herself thinking about this intriguing man, and began to fantasize about meeting him again….maybe engaging him in conversation….perhaps he might even ask her out.  A sweet smile crossed her lips as she entertained these possibilities in her mind.  Absentmindedly she turned down the cereal aisle where she encountered him again….their carts almost colliding as they rounded the corner simultaneously.  He locked eyes with her again, this time giving her a nod of the head and a sexy smile as he politely said “Ma’am”, backing his cart up, allowing her room to pass….all the while keeping his eyes locked firmly on hers.  Instantly flustered and losing all composure, her neck and face went flush, she could feel the fire rising in her cheeks.  She had to bite down on her lower lip to keep her mouth from gaping, and stood transfixed again by the power of his gaze.  She barely managed to squeak some semblance of a “thank you” as she nervously squeezed by, gripping her cart handle tightly for support, for her legs felt about as firm as pudding.
  Once past, she rolled her eyes heavenward, inwardly scolding herself.  “Well, so much for dazzling him with your wit and charm, you fool.”  There went all her fantasies about engaging him in that clever conversation she had rehearsed in her head.  She couldn’t believe what an idiot she was.  “And what was that horrid sound that came out of your mouth??  How articulate.” she chided herself.  Well, at least she hadn’t babbled on like a fool.  He merely stood there and watched her walk the entire length of the aisle….mesmerised by the sway of her hips…..getting lost in the slight jiggle of her ass.
  Leaving his cart at the end of the freezer aisle, he very quietly approached her from behind as she was reaching into the floor freezer for some orange juice concentrate.  As she stood up she backed right into him….his arms reached out and grasped her waist, drawing her into him.  Startled, her heart pounding, she knew who it was instantly, but turned her head and looked anyways….chest heaving….eyes wide.  He bent his head down and slid his hungry tongue between her parted lips…..and their tongues began passions war.  She melted into him instantly….his hands began to caress her stomach and midriff.  Breaking their kiss he pulled her tighter into him….she leaned her head back into his strong chest.  His hands cupped her firm breasts, unencumbered by a bra, and he began to squeeze and rub and fondle them….making her moan softly as he pinched and tweaked her sensitive nipples.  His touch filled her with electricity, coursing through her body to the the very core of her womanhood.
  Now he took her earlobe between his soft lips and nudged his legs in between hers, forcing her legs to spread open.  Her heart pounded wildly now, she glanced down both ends of the aisle in case somebody came, but the store was void of all but these two lone shoppers.  Grabbing her skirt he lifted it up so he could feel her….he rubbed his hand over her round ass, his fingers gliding over the satin of her panties.  He moved his hand further down to caress her pussy….and was thrilled to discover her panties were crotchless.  “Oh…fuck” he thought.  “She just keeps getting better and better.”  His fingers traced the velvet of her smoothly shorn pussy lips, and he marvelled at how slick and wet she was.  He pushed two fingers deep inside of her….making her moan….wiggling his fingers round and around, in and out….marinating them in her sexy sauce.
  Unable to contain himself any longer, he takes her by the shoulders and pushed her all the way forward and down so she is bent over the freezer, holding onto the other side for support.  He loves the look of her, her inviting ass high in the air, her swollen wet pussy lips peeking out of her crotchless panties.  He quickly unzips his Levi’s, freeing his swollen member, and thrusts it deep and hard within her.  She throws her head back, having to bite her lip to muffle her scream.  Inflamed, he begins to fuck her….slowly and erotically for the first few thrusts to savor the sensation, then gradually building up speed and momentum until he is pounding in and out of her….burying his throbbing cock deeper and harder with each thrust….throwing her into ecstasy with the strength of his blows.  Grabbing her hips he continues his assault on her, loving so much how she pushes hard against the freezer to fuck him as hard as he is fucking her…..God he loves how gushing wet she has become.  Finally he feels his time is coming….she feels soooo good…..he feels the cum building in his balls and then raging through his shaft till it finally explodes in a wild orgasm that feels like it will never stop….spurting stream after stream of hot sticky cum deep into her love center.  He is utterly amazed at how receptive this woman is to him, disbelief clouds his head as he wonders for a moment…did she really just let this happen between us, or am I in a dream?
  After his orgasm subsides he pulls her back upright and they quickly straighten their clothing….both panting and breathless.  He draws her into him again, this time for a sweet lingering kiss, then looking deeply into her eyes he says…..”Hello, b’ful……my name’s SSS”

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First Encounter

October 28, 2007

 A guest blogger today…

 From the moment he got off the plane in Vegas he was filled with an intense hunger for this woman he was finally about to meet in the flesh.  They had been sharing a steamy on-line affair for five months now, and he couldn’t believe that this day was actually here.  She was waiting for him at the blackjack table at the Mirage.  He could tell who she was at first glance, there was no wondering at all, their eyes locked with an intensity and passion they could not deny.
  She was clothed in a little black dress, a backless halter style, with a string closure tied at the nape of her neck.  He noticed immediately the gauzy fabric was taut against her breasts, her erect nipples straining for release.  She rose to greet him, they locked in embrace.  A passionate kiss was shared, they became oblivious to all in the world but their own heavenly bliss.  The heat of their passion was palpable as their desires flowed through their embrace.  He could feel her melting into him…. he whispered in her ear “Make love to me now…” as he nibbled gently on it.  Taking him by the hand she lead him out of the casino, out of the publics eye, toward the lobby.  Still in a daze from that incredible kiss he staggered along behind her.  Glancing down he notices the enticing sway of her flirty skirt, from which her shapely legs cascade, and is filled with longing, further excited to know her desire is solely for him.  As he gathers his senses about him he pulls her to him, walking in stride, and puts his strong arm around her slim, firm waist, giving her a longing glance.  They wait in the lobby for what seems like an eternity for the elevator to her room.
  At last it arrives, they enter and are delighted to find the chamber empty.  His heart begins to race as he begins to fantasize about the possibilities with this seductive creature….as the elevator door closes he pulls her in for another one of those heavenly kisses.  She melts into his body, a perfect fit.  Feeling more than a little eager, he begins to fondle the edges of the bottom of her skirt, signalling to her that he wants to play in the elevator.  Her hands instinctively travel down his back, across his buttocks, then around to the very core of his masculinity.  She gasps as her hand first traces the outline of his bulging manhood.  Taking from her lead, he begins to slide his hands under her skirt and massages her firm, round ass as he pulls her tighter into him….grinding against her.  He is further aroused to discover she is wearing nothing underneath but a garter and silk stockings, and he starts to explore heaven under a skirt.  He lifts her leg and rests her heel over the waist-high railing of the elevator and drops to his knees.  He lifts the skirt up over his head and begins to slowly, gently explore her womanhood….loving that she is already wet and swollen for him…loving how her legs begin to tremble in excitement.  He firmly pulls his face into her hot, wet pussy with his hands clasping her ass. He laps up her pussy juices and begins to massage her clit with his tongue….she responds by getting wetter and harder.  She begins to gyrate now on his skilled tongue, lost in ecstasy, a slow lover’s dance.  He unbuckles his belt and pants as he rises to meet her with a wet kiss.  He grabs his shaft and begins to slowly tease her moistened clit with the tip of his engorged penis.  She wants him inside of her now and tries to slide onto him….he stops her and continues teasing her clit with the tip of his cock.  Eager for his shaft of steel she moans in agony….no, ecstasy.  She is floating, in supreme ecstasy to finally be experiencing her lovers skills.  He want her on the verge of orgasm before sliding deep into her hot, wet love center.  Faster and faster he rubs the tip of his cock against her clit…… Just on the verge of sliding into her…..he begins nibbling on her neck, untying her halter to let loose her breasts…mmmm….drifting down to sample those erect nipples.  “Give It To Me….” she moans, “PLEEEASE” she begs.  Then, as he feels her beginning to come to the edge of no return he grasps her ass with both hands and plunges deep within her….”OHHHH!!!”  burying his cock all the way to the base of the shaft….”MMMMMMMM!!!” she moans.  “Fuck me, Baby, fuck me hard like I know you can” she demands.  He stops and lifts her leg off the rail, wraps it around his waist and begins pounding in and out of her, as fast as he can….biting down hard on her neck and slamming deep inside her gushing wet pussy.  With each forceful blow she eagerly thrusts to meet his glistening cock.  He pulls himself deeper and deeper inside her with his hands now on the railing….using it for leverage so he can drive her hard like he knows she likes it.  “Fuck Me Hard!!!” she cries….. Faster, harder he drives deep into her…..their thighs slapping together, driving his throbbing cock into her, pounding faster and harder….pulling on the railing to drive into her.  Suddenly he pulls out….swiftly turns her around and forces her to bend over.  “Ooohhhhhh” she whimpers, knowing full well what to expect, their eyes locking in the reflection of the mirrored walls.  He lifts her short little skirt and slides back into her from behind and grabs her thighs as he begins to drive even harder and deeper into her.  He reaches around to pinch her nipples and massage her clit as he uses his other hand to pull himself into her…..she begins to shudder and quake, moaning for her lover.  He feels his time is coming….he wants to cum inside her so badly….he rides faster and faster in anticipation.  Grabbing her by the shoulders now as she bends over even further still…..he pulls himself even harder and faster into her.  She is out of control now, almost screaming for her lover.  She holds the elevator railings and pushes with all her might against them to drive onto him…..squeezing her pussy muscles tight on his cock every downward thrust…releasing on the way up, fucking his hot cock with her pussy.  Unable to control himself any longer he screams out in ecstasy…..”Yesss Oh YESSSSS!! Fuck Me Miranda, FUCK MEEE!!!”  as he finally reaches climax…..shooting gallons of hot sweet cum into her throbbing wet pussy.
  Sated, he pulls her around to him and holds her in a loving embrace, both panting heavily from the exertion.  Cupping her face in his hands he kisses her sweetly on the tip of her nose and says “Ohh, Baby….it’s so good to finally meet you…”

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Half-Nekkid and Jilling Off

September 13, 2007

I don’t, as a general rule, delete emails. Last night I was trying to find something that I was certain someone had sent me years ago. I never did find it, but I found this little gem that ♀ had emailed me on March 22, 2002….

 I was laying on the couch reading my book and I started to fantasize about you. My fantasy went like this:

I was laying at the end of the bed facing the door with my legs spread, knees up and masturbating. I had the toy cock in my pussy moving it soooo slowly in and out all the while imagining it was you. I was feeling very horny as I arched my back and pushd my chest into the air. Just then you came through the door with your cock so big and hard with a seductive look on your face. You moved slowly towards me and pushed the head of your cock into my ass. You started to push slowly and when you were half way in your thrust your cock so fast and deep inside of me, driving me absolutely crazy.  As you fucked my ass fast and deep you also grabbed a hold of the toy cock and fucked my cunt the same way. My ass and pussy were being fucked at the same time in exactly the same way. YOU FELT SO GOOD. I wanted you so bad that I could hardly control myself. You had turned me on so much that I was ready to explode all over your cock. After a few minutes I lost control and started cumming. I was so loud as the excitement was totally unbearable. This was the loudest you had ever heard me and it got you very excited and you started cumming. You pulled out of my ass and grabbed hold of your cock and stroked it spitting your juicy delicious cum all over my naked body. As you did this I played in it with my fingers. When you were all done I seductively put my cum covered fingers in my mouth and you tasted wonderful. MMMMmmmmm. What a great lover you are…….




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Recent Correspondence

September 9, 2007

 Dear C;

so for the past while I’ve been humming and ho-ing about whether or not to
tell anybody about what I’ve been writing lately.  hopefully you’ll be more
honoured than disgusted that you’re the first person I’ve sent this to…

WOW!!!!!  At the risk of sounding a total idiot, I think I love you.     LOL

Well that is about the coolest surprise I’ve ever had.  I’m extremely
honoured to be the first you’ve sent the link to.  I am always tickled to
find out that my friends have secret kinks that I never suspected, because I
have plenty of kinks myself that nobody but a select few know about.  No
wonder you think your wife is a goddess — my god, how lucky the two of you
are!!  You had to wait a long, long time to find each other but it was well
worth the wait.

I’m going to pore over your blog in detail when I have some home alone time.
  There is plenty of good information there about how I can introduce
elements of dominance into my relationship(s).  Girl panties I had thought
of, painted toenails I had not.  I like that idea.

Thank you so much for taking a chance and sharing your blog with me.  I’m
going to be happy for days!  Better than Prozac any time.

PS — talk about a liberating experience, being able to share all those
parts of your inner self with another person…in a way I’m soooo jealous of
you and ♀.

C. wrote this


Dear K;

Don’t you hate letters that start like that?  For many months now, I’ve been struggling, with…well I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time that I’ve been writing. I’ve been writing a blog for almost a year and it’s really quite popular (120,000 hits in the past 10 months). I’ve wanted to tell you about it, but I hesitated. I hesitated because even though we don’t chat very much anymore, I still feel a connection with you, I still think of you as a good friend and that bond is still very important to me. It’s not a question of being embarrassed about what I write. It’s more along the lines of I think you have very definite ideas about masculine and feminine and I was worried about how you would react. I still have those concerns, but learning that we have the same prints in our bedrooms seems to have reminded me how much we shared and I really feel the need to be honest with you now. Many of the posts have pics so you probably don’t want to read it at work or with kids around. (does that ever happen?) There’s posts about the Marilyn print and the Steve hanks print. The link I’m sending you is from a post that is mostly about you and from there you can (if you so desire) navigate through the rest of the blog. I usually write two posts a week.

Haven’t read your blog yet as I am at work, but I sense your nervousness. Its like your stammering lol. I am worried now about what you have written, especially about me! If you have written anything about us as in a personal nature, I will disown/kill/dismember/make your life a living hell as that was private and not to be exposed to anyone else, let alone the world.
What do you mean I have definite ideas about masculine and feminine? Doesn’t everyone? Don’t you?
I think we will always have a connection. You broke up with W the same week T and I broke up. We spoke to each other when we were both at the bottom of the barrel. I used to imagine you in a dingy rat infested basement, tapping away getting some sort of warmth from the computer. I felt ill to the stomach as my life wasn’t any better. I don’t think we chat much as we don’t need each other anymore. Sort of like 2 people clinging together because they were drowning, now were both on shore and doing fine. I dont hear from you because I don’t need to… we were sort of like ships in the night.
We met when we were both at rock bottom. I hope neither of us get to that point in our lives ever ever again. But we have both learnt and become stronger people. I know I have.I hope to have the knowledge/empathy/courage to help someone else one day. Nothing like first hand experience when helping someone else!
You have become a whole person again thanks to ♀, and R has been my knight in shining armour. You seemed to recover your life a little quicker than I. I was “sidetracked” with that gruesome affair (still gives me shivers to think how badly I treated myself in that one). …. anyways, not sure if I will read the blog… I will always remember what we had as special, and you seem to be warning me before I go in…. I mean how bad can it be? not like your a cross dresser or a transvestite !
Life continues to move and we grow with it. I like to keep my memories of us as they were.

I wont read the blog unless you really want me to. I don’t think you do, not because your ashamed, but just a feeling I got with your email.
Still friends?

I sent her a slightly edited copy of this post

Well I’m glad your writing again. Writing is an essential outlet for you. I found nothing offensive in the story/comments you sent me, so I wonder why your so concerned about me seeing your blog.
Yes, we have moved on and yes were both happy, but you always found it necessary to vocalise about things that made me cringe. You put voice to things your not supposed to talk about, that’s what made you so interesting. I am a bit like that, very honest and open about what I like. Sometimes R will tell me I am a deviate, I just tell him that I am no different to anyone else, I’m just honest about what I am thinking.
Glad we’re still friends, even though you think I have “definite ideas about male and female”… still reeling from that one.

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Handjob at 35,000 Feet

June 30, 2007

I’ll probably only do this once in a blue moon, but I have a guest blogger today. Many moons ago I had something published under a different name at Cleansheets. C. emailed me (my first fan) and we started corresponding. She’s also the first online friend I told about this blog. I love getting emails from her. They’re so descriptive. I keep telling her she should try her hand at fiction and she finally did.

Handjob at 35,000 Feet by C

The airplane cabin was quiet and dark. The stewards had already
passed out the pillows and blankets and turned down the lights, and
all around us people were getting settled in to try and catch a few
hours of sleep.

It had been a great flight so far. The plane wasn’t anywhere near
full capacity and nobody was sitting behind us. No kid feet kicking
the back of our seats, and we could push our seats back as far as
they’d go without fear of pinning someone down in their chair. It
was the perfect start to our second honeymoon.

R was already under his blanket, and when I leaned my seat back
he scooted his pillow closer to mine so we could whisper to each
other. He leaned in, and I felt his lips brush the side of my neck,
then the warm wetness of his tongue as he licked my earlobe. Oooh,
that made me shiver! He was smiling, I could feel his moustache
tickling me and his teeth were pressed against my skin, and he then
took a little nibble. My breath caught, GOD he knows I love it when
he does that, and my nipples were instantly hard. He moaned just a
little, very quietly right into my ear, and then he smiled again,
slipping his hand under my blanket and sliding it across my shirt to
cup the weight of my left breast. “Mmmm, I love that you don’t wear
a bra when we’re flying”, he said into my ear. I got that tickly
feeling all the way down into my butt when he murmured in my ear
like that. It made me squirm, and his hand tightened over my
breast, working the nipple between his fingers. “Sshhhhh, don’t
move around like that or you’re going to wake up the people across
the aisle”, he whispered. “Just stay still”. I made myself relax,
but it wasn’t easy. He was working my nipples like a pro, moving
from one to the other, flicking and kneading, squeezing and tugging,
all the while moving very slowly and stealthily.

I could feel my labia swelling, could feel how wet I was getting and
I moved a little to rub the seam of my jeans back and forth against
my clit. He pinched my nipple, hard, and said “I told you not to
move, what are you doing that for?” Then he slid his hand down over
my pants and pushed his fingers between my thighs. “What’s this?
Your pants are all wet, bad girl. Why are your pants wet? Only a
slut would enjoy it if she was being felt up in an airplane, you’re
not a slut, are you?” He rubbed hard against my mound through my
jeans and my legs opened involuntarily. “Oooh, maybe you are a slut
after all. Are you my slut, C?” he purred into my ear. His
fingers were busy rubbing and pushing against my pussy, using the
fabric seam to tease my clit while he kissed my neck and breathed
heavily into my ear. He probed and tickled, all the while telling
me how he was going to make me masturbate for him when we got to the
hotel, that since I was his slut I’d do what he said and I’d enjoy
it too.

Abruptly he stopped. I almost made a sound of protest but
remembered where we were, and I bit my lip. R was very quiet
and serious as he said to me, “I had to stop, you move around and
make a lot of noise when you cum. I don’t think you could be quiet
enough to climax in public without everyone else knowing about it.”
Yes, dammit, he was right! He knew it, and so did I. He could be
as quiet as a mouse during orgasm, but I’d never been able to hold
still or keep from making some sort of pleasure sound when I came.
I felt a ridiculous urge to pout because I wasn’t going to get to
cum and that made me mad at myself, and a little mad at him too for
getting me so turned on in the first place.

Then R whispered to me, “I’ve got a rock hard, throbbing
erection that I’d love to show you right now, but since I can’t do
that I guess you’ll just have to feel it for yourself.” His hand
reached for mine under the blanket and guided me to his lap. I couldn’t
help smiling then because I knew what I’d find. His cock would be
straining against his jeans, and I’d caress it through the denim and
drive him crazy for a while just like he had done to me, and by the
time we landed and got to our hotel we’d hardly be able to make it
in the door of the room before we were fucking.

Oh dear god — Instead of tightly stretched denim, my hand met with
hot, bare skin. R was unbuttoned, unzipped, and the elastic of
his briefs was pushed down under his scrotum. The man was
completely exposed under that blanket!! And he was very, very hard.
If I’d been able to see, I know just what he would have looked
like. His cock would be a dark dusky pink, skin taut and shiny,
cockhead swollen, and the cumhole open so wide that I’d almost have
been able to push the tip of my little finger into it. I looked
over my shoulder around the cabin, and when I was satisfied that
nobody could see what was going on, I put my hand around him and
squeezed, and was rewarded with a throb. R leaned back in his
chair with his eyes closed, and I began to massage and manipulate
his penis, squeezing and releasing, reaching down occasionally to
cup his balls and hold them tightly against the base of his cock. I
could feel his heart pounding, every beat of it was making his
erection pulsate in my hand.

He let me work him for several minutes, then he started to sit up
and reached under the blanket to tuck himself away. He knew I
wouldn’t give him a handjob at 35,000 feet, but he did love to be
teased, so this was more like a very hot and heavy extended foreplay
session than anything. But I remembered how he’d stopped fondling
me so suddenly, and I reached down and got a death grip on his nuts.
He stopped moving, held very still, and I leaned in close to him
and said, “Not so fast, sweetheart. I want
to see just how quiet you can be.” I let go of his sac just long
enough to guide his own hand down to his balls, and I whispered into
his ear, “I want you to take care of those for me, ok?” and then
then I started working the head of his cock. There was just the
tiniest bead of precum starting to seep from the opening, and I
cupped my hand over him and rubbed it around and around his cap. He
squirmed, and I leaned in again to whisper, “What’s the matter, baby? Wasn’t
this what you wanted? You shouldn’t have got me started if this
wasn’t what you wanted. You know how sluts get when they’re all hot
and bothered.” I made firm, fast little strokes right under the
ridge, my fingers bumping up against the head. R swallowed
hard, looked at me and started to open his mouth to protest. But
before he could speak I kissed him, a warm, wet, deep kiss, and when
I felt his tongue moving as eagerly as mine was, I knew I had him.
I broke the kiss and leaned against my pillow as I milked him,
watching his face. I love this man and there is nothing sweeter to
me than seeing his face as he knows that moment of exquisite
pleasure. It wouldn’t take very long now, in fact I could feel his
thighs tensing, could feel how hard it was for him to sit still when
he wanted to fuck my hand. I watched, and smiled, and said very
quietly, “Catch it with your other hand, I want to lick it out of
your palm”, and I knew by the way he held his breath that he had
just given his balls a good squeeze, wanting to push the cum up his
tube and into his hand. I felt his penis start to jump, and buck,
and I knew that in a matter of seconds R would have a palm full
of warm, thick cum, milky and white like liquid pearls. I worked
that sensitive spot unmercifully, all the while watching his face.
Oh he was good all right — the only outward sign that he was
pumping a load into his hand was a slight frown, more a look of
intense concentration than anything than anything else. Suddenly he
relaxed, and very slowly and shakily he exhaled. I could feel the
last few echoes of his orgasm pumping themselves out, and as he lay
back in his chair I carefully ran my fingers up the underside of his
tube, working that last little bit of cum out so he wouldn’t make a
mess in his underwear later.

One more look over my shoulder at the rest of the cabin. All clear,
so I pulled the blanket back to expose his hand, cupped to hold its
precious liquid. I put my hand beneath his and raised it to my
mouth, and I drank him. I lapped up sweet slippery sticky cum, and
licked his palm clean. Then I helped him tuck his penis away and
between the two of us we got his jeans zipped up. I rearranged his
blanket for him, and then I laid there and watched him as his
breathing slowed and deepened, and he was asleep.

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