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A Sultry Summer’s Eve

June 29, 2008

When the relationship with the mother of my son was ending and I was sad and lonely and my only contact with the outside world was on-line, one of the women I met was Miranda. Miranda was wonderful. I know you can never really be sure if the person you’re chatting with (or the blogger you’re reading) is really who they say the are, but honestly it really didn’t matter. We had cybersex of course, but we also chatted for hours about life, the universe and everything. If she wasn’t who she said she was, there was never anything malicious or hurtful about her.  She was a friend and she made a difference.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I was trying to find something to write about and I found this story Miranda had sent me way back when.  It’s warm here now and it seemed like a good night to post it. If Miranda happens to read it or you know who and where she is, ask her to contact me. I’d love to thank her.



A Sultry Summer’s Eve by Miranda

Shopping late one night at the 24 hour grocery store was not exactly how her evening was supposed to be going.  In fact, right now she should have been in the throes of passion with her lover, but he had gotten called in to work and had to cancel their date.  Feeling a little frustrated and far too edgy to sleep, she thought she might as well get her shopping done.  Miranda’s mind wandered as she squeezed the tomatoes for ripeness, not really paying attention to the task at hand.  She stopped abruptly as she sensed a pair of eyes boring into her.  Slowly looking up, she saw him across the produce display…staring at her…so self-assuredly and with such intensity her mouth formed a surprised “O”….so startled was she.
  His eyes had been roving her body mercilessly, noting the creaminess of her thighs, the curve of her hips, her tiny waist, and then lingered on her breasts…loving how her hard nipples protruded against the thin fabric of her slip of a summers dress….smiling as he gave silent thanks to whoever the genius was that invented air conditioning.  As she looked up at him he caught her eyes and held her captive in his gaze…..a cocky half grin on his face….purveying to her his raw animal lust.
  After an interminably long couple of seconds she managed to gather her senses about her and forced herself to break his gaze.  Averting her eyes she pushed her cart past.  She felt a whole range of emotions…from the initial shock and indignation at his brazenness, to flattery…and incredibly even desire for this total stranger, so….magnetic….she found him.  She shook her head in disbelief, amazed at the effect he had upon her….amazed at herself for feeling this way.
  Continuing on with her shopping, she found herself thinking about this intriguing man, and began to fantasize about meeting him again….maybe engaging him in conversation….perhaps he might even ask her out.  A sweet smile crossed her lips as she entertained these possibilities in her mind.  Absentmindedly she turned down the cereal aisle where she encountered him again….their carts almost colliding as they rounded the corner simultaneously.  He locked eyes with her again, this time giving her a nod of the head and a sexy smile as he politely said “Ma’am”, backing his cart up, allowing her room to pass….all the while keeping his eyes locked firmly on hers.  Instantly flustered and losing all composure, her neck and face went flush, she could feel the fire rising in her cheeks.  She had to bite down on her lower lip to keep her mouth from gaping, and stood transfixed again by the power of his gaze.  She barely managed to squeak some semblance of a “thank you” as she nervously squeezed by, gripping her cart handle tightly for support, for her legs felt about as firm as pudding.
  Once past, she rolled her eyes heavenward, inwardly scolding herself.  “Well, so much for dazzling him with your wit and charm, you fool.”  There went all her fantasies about engaging him in that clever conversation she had rehearsed in her head.  She couldn’t believe what an idiot she was.  “And what was that horrid sound that came out of your mouth??  How articulate.” she chided herself.  Well, at least she hadn’t babbled on like a fool.  He merely stood there and watched her walk the entire length of the aisle….mesmerised by the sway of her hips…..getting lost in the slight jiggle of her ass.
  Leaving his cart at the end of the freezer aisle, he very quietly approached her from behind as she was reaching into the floor freezer for some orange juice concentrate.  As she stood up she backed right into him….his arms reached out and grasped her waist, drawing her into him.  Startled, her heart pounding, she knew who it was instantly, but turned her head and looked anyways….chest heaving….eyes wide.  He bent his head down and slid his hungry tongue between her parted lips…..and their tongues began passions war.  She melted into him instantly….his hands began to caress her stomach and midriff.  Breaking their kiss he pulled her tighter into him….she leaned her head back into his strong chest.  His hands cupped her firm breasts, unencumbered by a bra, and he began to squeeze and rub and fondle them….making her moan softly as he pinched and tweaked her sensitive nipples.  His touch filled her with electricity, coursing through her body to the the very core of her womanhood.
  Now he took her earlobe between his soft lips and nudged his legs in between hers, forcing her legs to spread open.  Her heart pounded wildly now, she glanced down both ends of the aisle in case somebody came, but the store was void of all but these two lone shoppers.  Grabbing her skirt he lifted it up so he could feel her….he rubbed his hand over her round ass, his fingers gliding over the satin of her panties.  He moved his hand further down to caress her pussy….and was thrilled to discover her panties were crotchless.  “Oh…fuck” he thought.  “She just keeps getting better and better.”  His fingers traced the velvet of her smoothly shorn pussy lips, and he marvelled at how slick and wet she was.  He pushed two fingers deep inside of her….making her moan….wiggling his fingers round and around, in and out….marinating them in her sexy sauce.
  Unable to contain himself any longer, he takes her by the shoulders and pushed her all the way forward and down so she is bent over the freezer, holding onto the other side for support.  He loves the look of her, her inviting ass high in the air, her swollen wet pussy lips peeking out of her crotchless panties.  He quickly unzips his Levi’s, freeing his swollen member, and thrusts it deep and hard within her.  She throws her head back, having to bite her lip to muffle her scream.  Inflamed, he begins to fuck her….slowly and erotically for the first few thrusts to savor the sensation, then gradually building up speed and momentum until he is pounding in and out of her….burying his throbbing cock deeper and harder with each thrust….throwing her into ecstasy with the strength of his blows.  Grabbing her hips he continues his assault on her, loving so much how she pushes hard against the freezer to fuck him as hard as he is fucking her…..God he loves how gushing wet she has become.  Finally he feels his time is coming….she feels soooo good…..he feels the cum building in his balls and then raging through his shaft till it finally explodes in a wild orgasm that feels like it will never stop….spurting stream after stream of hot sticky cum deep into her love center.  He is utterly amazed at how receptive this woman is to him, disbelief clouds his head as he wonders for a moment…did she really just let this happen between us, or am I in a dream?
  After his orgasm subsides he pulls her back upright and they quickly straighten their clothing….both panting and breathless.  He draws her into him again, this time for a sweet lingering kiss, then looking deeply into her eyes he says…..”Hello, b’ful……my name’s SSS”

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A Bruised HNT

June 26, 2008

 The boys took me paint-balling on Father’s Day.

Partly because of the 7 year age difference and partly because of the crappy access arrangement the judge gave me, there hasn’t been many opportunities for the 3 of us to do things together.  Normally  Junior would have spent Father’s Day with his bio-dad, but he was out of town this year and last year I didn’t get to see Mini at all on Dad’s Day so to be able to spend a few hours with both of them was a real treat.

They’d both been paint-balling before, but I was a virgin. We all had a hell-of-a-good time.



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RIP George Carlin

June 23, 2008

YouTube Preview Image
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One entire wall of our stateroom was a mirror. How could we not take pictures?













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Goofy Father’s Day

June 15, 2008

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Burlesque Virgins

June 14, 2008

Hey, if you’re going to be in Vancouver on June 19th you might want to check this out. I’ll be a busy baker that night so I can’t attend, but ♀ might be there in <her new corset>.

TYPE Fashion - Vancouver
DRESS CODE lingerie - pin up style - vintage attire
WHEN Thursday, June 19, 2008  9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
LOCATION Gorg-O-Mish Afterhours Club Vancouver BC, 695 Smithe Street, Vancouver BC
MIN. AGE 19+
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BUY TICKETS Prices are per person unless otherwise noted. Prices subject to change.
General Admission $20  BUY NOW 


Burlesque Virgins
Thursday, June 19thGORG-O-MISH
695 SMITHE       

Show at 10pm
Come early and indulge in our sinful dessert bar
DJ Rhiannon & DJ Betti Forde

Raffle with fabulous prizesHost Malaika Millions
Performances by All New Performers!
Fashion Show by Lace Embrace Atelier   Hair and Make-up by Volatelle     











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 We went shopping last week at <Lace Embrace>. I wanted to get ♀ a custom made corset, but we decided to wait until she’s a little closer to her goal weight. We did buy her one off the rack though and holy doodle, does she look hot or what. She has a few other products that are called corsets, but they are nothing like the real thing. I’m amazed at how dramatically it changes her shape. The one we bought goes under her breasts and is small enough that it should fit her even after she’s lost the weight. The custom made corset will cup her breasts and so we need to know exactly how big her gurlz actually are going to be before we order it and we’re both kinda..you know…excited about that.

This picture was taken when she was getting ready for her graduation ceremony and was my first unsupervised attempt at the lacing.


Originally we weren’t going to buy one at all until she lost some more weight, but we learned a lot while we were there. Even if she didn’t lose anymore weight, wearing this corset on a regular basis will actually change her shape. They call it ‘waist training’ and once she’s gone through that process, it’ll make fitting her with a custom made corset way easier. I tell her she’s sexy all the time, but there are days when she looks in the mirror and sees a big blob. Wearing the corset definitely gives her more shape and hopefully that makes her feel good about herself and helps her stick with the diet and exercise. Also, being corsetted will restrict how much she can eat and in theory she’ll feel full longer. But for all those things to happen, it needs to be tight….


Btw…eventually we’re going to get one for me as well. It’s not like I’ll sprout hips, but apparently if I wear it often enough I’ll be able to develop some curves that I didn’t have before. Mmmmmmm…curves…



ps: if you decide to order a corset for yourself, tell <Melanie> I sent you.

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Half-Nekkid in Alaska

June 5, 2008

We were cruise virgins, but not anymore. What an amazing week we had. It truly was a fun/delicious/sumptuous/decadent/exciting/lovely time, though it’s been difficult re-adjusting to real life.

What do you mean I have to plan my meals, cook my meals, pay for my meals, clean up after my meals? I like having fresh sushi at 5pm and a 5 course dinner at 8pm. I like having Guinness at 1pm, martini’s at 4 pm and Cognac at 11pm. I like seeing a new live show every night. I like having a different type of live music available at 6 different bars/lounges/nightclubs from 5pm until 1am every night. I love being waited on hand and foot, getting laid twice a day and having the most amazing shopping right outside our door…I am so spoiled. It’s probably just as well I have another week off work.

Oh yeah, topless sunbathing was permitted on Deck 14. Who could have guessed such a thing was even possible in late May in Alaska?














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