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I was still awake when Uncle got up and we had about an hour just to ourselves. We didn’t really talk about anything important, just chatted. It was nice. I guess it’s like talking to a sibling who you were close to a long time ago. Someone you still really like and maybe wish you could see more of. It was comfortable and easy and there were so many things I could have said and there were so many things I didn’t need to say. He really is a great guy. He’s only ten years older then me and we spent a lot of time together when I was growing up. He’s more like a big brother then an uncle. He was the Best Man at our wedding.

 I had a restless sleep. We’ve been on the road almost 2 weeks and I miss sleeping in my own bed, surrounded by my own stuff. We’ve had a good holiday, but I’ve had enough driving and I want to get home. I think another reason for my troubled sleep is I’m concerned about Junior. The ‘celebration of life’ for his dad is Saturday and I think this is going to be a difficult weekend. Realistically he’s in for a tough year, the first…of everything…birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries…everything. I know in the short term at least he’s going to use alcohol to deal with things. Our job as parents will be to try to prevent him from doing serious damage to himself and that won’t be an easy task. How do I explain to a 19 year old that getting drunk isn’t really grieving? That it’s a process he has to go through, that there’s no going around it, that booze is only going to postpone it? I know it’s been less then a week. I know this weekend will be like a wake for his dad. I suppose he’s expected to drink right now…I just worry.

 ‘Don’t let them fool you with dope (or drink) and cocaine. No one can harm you, feel your own pain.’ John Lennon

 We went window shopping after I got up. had already checked out most of the shops while I was asleep, so she knew where to take me. We had a nice lunch in a heritage house…simple, tasty food with a nice atmosphere and good service. We went through a couple of kitchen type stores. I don’t think she was really planning on buying anything (our car is getting full), we were just looking for ideas and colours and…well, just looking. We did buy a really cool plant for Uncle & L. I don’t remember what’ it’s called, but it grows in water. The container it’s in looks like a brandy snifter with rocks in the bottom. You can see the roots dangling down…it’s cool. We also stopped at a toy store and we did end up buying a little something there; ankle and wrist restraints. It was just a cheap nylon set (all 4 four $30), but we decide why spend a lot until we know if we’ll use them regularly or not.

 After we left that store said she was horny, but Uncle would be home from work at 3:30 and that old house is NOT sound proof at all. We hurried back and it was 2:50 when we got up to our room. By 3:05 we’d both had orgasms and I was ready for a nap. Who here doesn’t like the occasional fast furious fuck?

 nap time

Uncle & L were getting dinner ready when I got up. Her daughter was there too. She’s 18 and cute, but I think her mom spoils her. She and Uncle jab at each other some. If he wasn’t so good natured I think there’d be problems. My very pregnant cousin came over for dinner. She was young the last time I saw her…maybe 8. I could sure see mom in her, but I wouldn’t hold that against her. She was nice. I liked her dry sense of humour. We all had a really nice dinner together. Uncle bbq some chicken, there were green beans and spuds and L baked a cake. Tomorrow Uncle and daughter are driving to Kamloops to be with one of his other very pregnant daughters. She’s scheduled for a C section tomorrow. So in less then a month he should have his first two grand-babies. I told him the third daughter will be jealous now and L has two daughters and it won’t be long until there’s a whole gaggle of grand kids.

During dinner, Cousins’ boobs sprung a leak and she soaked through her shirt. That led to a lively discussion about lactation and breast feeding and feeding in public. I hope was proud of me for not blurting out that if we’d ever had a baby together I might never have let her milk dry up. Nursing is a reoccurring fantasy and like most fantasies, I can’t imagine ever getting bored of it. Even though I’d never planned on having kids, I’m sure ♀ & I would have had a lot of fun being pregnant.

After dinner we headed for Kelowna. That WAS part of original plan, but after last weekend we’d decided to go straight home after Revelstoke. But she talked to her dad and he was really hoping to see us and really it was only going to add another hour to our driving and Junior is back to work and so we don’t really have much to worry about until the weekend and so 2.5 hours later I was having a beer with my father-in-law. It’s not really a big deal (except I miss my bed) I like her dad. He’s a guy who has made some big mistakes in his life. He’s paid for them, owned up to them, apologized for them and if you can’t forgive him…oh well. He’s building a life for he and his wife and as far as fathers-in-law go, I could have done WAY worse.

We had a couple of drinks with the in-laws then I took out to their new motor home (it’s huge) and tucked her into our last strange bed for awhile…I hope. Tomorrow it’s homeward bound and Junior and work and starts new job and getting all of our shit sorted and packed and moved and unpacked and then the Christmas silliness starts and yeah I think it’ll be a challenging few months.

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Road Trip Day 5

September 6, 2008

I woke up to the phone ringing at 7:30 am. I was disoriented and didn’t pick up on time. wasn’t in the room and I couldn’t fall back asleep. She showed up a few minutes later with breaky and guess what? She was horny. It was kind of an unusual time for me to be up and…up, but we had smokin’ hot sex. She sucked my cock for awhile then climbed on board. She spread my legs and I wrapped them around her. I love that position…it feels so submissive and girly. She even kissed me like I was the girl and played with my little titties. I didn’t come that way though. We switched position and she bitch-slapped me and played rough with my nipples. That’s what pushed me over. For hers I talked to her like I was still a girl and she was my girl friend and she was giving her chocolate-cherry to my daddy.  She was able to buy into the fantasy even though all I had in her ass was my finger. Ahhh…the power of imagination.

I slept for a few more hours before we checked out of our room. Our last planned activity before we left the coast was dune buggy rides. We went to <Sandland Adventures> and our driver was Crazy Dave. The dune buggy we were in had 7 passengers. Wow! What a fun hour. Dave said when he opened it up we were doing over 60 mph. The sand dunes are actually covering up an entire forest. It was such a blast flying up and down the dunes.  It was a beautiful sunny day and there were lots of other people out as well. Saw one guy getting pulled around on an easy chair. We left the dunes and went along the beach for awhile. It was amazing with the waves crashing in. We went back out onto the dunes before the hour was up. It was hard to keep my mouth shut cuz of the laughing and screaming and I ate a lot of sand. It got everywhere. Even bra was full of sand. It was definitely a high-light of our trip.

We stopped in the Old Town for lunch before heading off to Portland. The 3 hour trip was uneventful (thanks GPS) along twisty-turny but scenic highways until we got on the I-5 then it was just straight north. Things got kind of off track when we got to Portland. We drove right into the city instead of staying out a ways and we didn’t pre-book a room. That led to some frustration and an expensive not very nice hotel (Mark Spencer). We also ended up paying more for dinner then we were used to. After we got back to the hotel, we had a shower to try to get the sand out and spent the rest of the evening having a few drinks and having some quality naked time. We spent a lot of time trying to decide if we still wanted to go to the Kootenay’s or if we should head straight home. There were several good arguments for both choices. In the end we decided to pre-book a room just outside of Spokane. We’ll go to the Kootenays, but if we find someplace we really like we’ll spend a few days there rather then doing the <entire hot springs loop>. The trip to Spokane should take about 6 hours and we agreed to change drivers every 2 hours so it should be Ok.

When we went to bed, we were both a little horny, but drinks and fatigue put those ideas on hold until later.


The dune buggies was the ride of a life time. It was like four by fouring in the sand. What a thrill. I would recommend it to any body that likes a good (fast)time.  Funny thing….I am not one to like roller coasters,  but loved the dune buggies. Go figure.

<Click here for the map>

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Half-Nekkid on Road Trip Day 3

September 4, 2008

I had a rude awakening today. 1 pm and I was still asleep, was reviewing the docs D had sent her when the front desk called wanting to know why we hadn’t checked out yet. I had told them the night before that we were staying one more night, but there was no record of it. Fortunately the room was still available. The wind was still very strong (power flickering) and raining, but we decided to explore Cannon Beach anyway. I’m sure glad we did. We had an excellent day. There were tons of really cool little shops with all sorts of unique stuff. Yeah, it was a tourist trap, but they weren’t full of ‘made in China’ crap. We found a very nice sculpture of a woman and the clerk gave us a great deal on it.

I have to admit my taste in art is very narrow. I’m really only interested in things that depict the female form. Be it photos, paintings, sculptures… I can see the quality, but if it’s not a tribute to the Goddess, I usually can’t see the point of it. This led to an ‘if I could’ conversation. If I had buckets of money, I’d open an art gallery that is dedicated to the Goddess. Absolutely everything in it would celebrate the feminine form. Wouldn’t that be cool? I wonder if I could do something like that online…

We had one mediocre meal (crab melt) and one really good meal (oyster linguini). I had 2 really good beers. A red ale and a stout; both from Bills Tavern. I may need to qualify my opinion of American beer.

After lunch the sun came out. It was still quite windy, but it was nice enough to go for a walk along the beach. It really was beautiful. We got some amazing photos of the Haystack Rock and some very nice shots of each other. I had to laugh at lunch. asked why the ‘haystack’ didn’t get soggy and float away with all this stormy weather. Yeah, I know she hadn’t seen it yet, but it was funny…at least as funny as me arguing with the GPS. Maybe if she won’t tell, either will I?

We only had sex once today and for some reason it was difficult for both of us to have orgasms. We both ended up having very nice big O’s, but it was a struggle. I did something a little different to help push her over. I’d already come and I started using the glass dildo on her. As I did,  I talked to the guy who was fucking her. Telling him how she likes to be fucked, what a slut my wife is, how I love watching his cock slide in and out of her, how hot it looks seeing my come on his cock, how his balls feel in my hand. I didn’t talk to at all. It was different and she seemed to like it…lots.

We went for dinner after (that’s where I had the linguini), at a pub just up from the hotel. We sat at the bar with the locals; I drank beer and told lies.

We went to the pool after dinner. It was adults only after 9:30 and after the adults took their kids away, there weren’t many people left. In fact we had the pool to ourselves for the last 20 minutes. There was lots of flashing and teasing and flirting and holy doodle she still rocks my world!


sss forgot to mention that I had some killer ribs at the pub. Talk about melt in your mouth. I flashed him my boobs at the pool when people where still in the pool and he jumped up pulling his penis out so I could see that he had not lost it along the way during our lovely day.



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♀ was asleep when I got home Saturday morning. She’d already left for work when I got up at 1pm, but she left me a note. Hey Bitch; I expect the house to be clean and you to be pretty when I get home @ 6. Love ♀

No kids here this weekend so no fear of getting busted. I pulled on a pair a peach-coloured leggings, the new white bra she bought me last week (It looks like a sports bra, but it’s soft and satiny), my Mary Jane flats and I got busy. I vacuumed and dusted, did the dishes, washed the floors, watered the inside plants and got most of the laundry done (the last load is in the dryer as I’m writing this). I made sure there was a bottle of wine in the fridge and I prepped not one, but two dinners. Chicken souvlaki with pan fried potato’s and cole slaw for Saturday night. Pork tenderloin done in the slow cooker with mashed potato’s for Sunday night. I haven’t decided on the veggies yet.

Once the housework was all done, I had a shower (I used her body wash so I’d smell nice) and shaved my legs and pits. Then I had to decide what to wear. I really don’t know how women do it. Just in case you’re new here…I’m a full-time panty boy. That is to say with the exception of a couple of pairs of silk boxers, all of my under garments are girly. But outer clothes are a different matter. We still have kids at home…I doubt they’d be surprised, but they don’t need to see dad in drag. Also, when I get dressed up, I`m not trying to pass as female. I have facial hair and a shaved head. I know lots of cross-dressers have an entirely separate female persona and when they get dressed `passing`is a big deal, but that`s not me. I`m just a sissy. Don`t get me wrong, I lust after clothes just as much as most women do and I love to go shopping for clothes…and shoes…and lingerie…and bathing suits…and….you get the idea. We just don`t buy many outer clothes for me.

That was a long winded way of saying even though I don`t have a very large wardrobe, I still find it very difficult to decide what to wear when I have the opportunity to get dressed up and I have no idea how women do it.

Eventually I settled on a pretty polka dot dress with built in crinoline, garter and stockings and lacy black panties. I borrowed one of ♀ strapless bras so I could put in both sets of inserts and have really big boobs. I even wore my wig and tried to put on a bit of make-up. (I suck at make-up so I don`t attempt it very often) I finished the look with a pair of black strappy heels.

Was I pretty? Well…I doubt it, but I felt pretty and that`s all that really mattered. Actually, when I was all dolled up and the house was sparkling clean and I was putting the finishing touches on dinner I felt kinda June Cleaverish…if you know what I mean.

I could tell you dinner was fabulous…it is my blog after all, but the truth is dinner wasn`t great. For one thing I used wax paper instead of parchment paper for the pan fries (the boxes look the same) so they were gross. While she was having a glass of wine and I was having a beer we were making out on the couch for awhile. Then she talked to a couple of people on the phone and I started watching the football game and the souvlaki got kinda dried out. So I poured some salsa on them and took out some leftovers and it was all good.

After dinner ♀ had a shower and we tried to decide how the evening should unfold. On the one hand with no kids at home she thought it would be nice if I could be girly all weekend, but on the other hand going to see the strippers might be fun as well (am I the luckiest sissy in the whole world or what!). She was laying naked on the bed while we were discussing these options when she told me she wanted me to dance for her.

I did my best bump and grind routine. (Have you ever tried that? It`s not easy) She did have a few suggestions while I was dancing, but she seemed to enjoy the show. When I only had my panties left on I stood on the bed and straddled her. I swung my hips and slowly lowered myself down to her face, trying hard to keep the rhythm. When I got down close enough she pinched my inner thighs (hard) and grabbed my crotch…actually, she straightened my penis. It was still tucked and was getting uncomfortable. Then I stood back up and turned around and started lowering myself down again. When my ass was close enough, she bit it (hard) then pulled off my panties.

You need to picture the position we were in. My hands were on her ankles and my legs astride her hips. My cock was laying on her pussy and when I rubbed myself against her she could feel it on her clit. My ass was direcly in front of her face. She loves my ass. She`s almost as fond of my ass as I am of her breasts. So she was pretty happy with how we were situated. After a few minutes of her spanking my bum and playing with my balls, she started concentrating on my very horny asshole. She teased me for a while; kissing all around it before she started licking me. She spread me apart and pushed her tongue inside. I started grinding really hard against her. She pulled her tongue out and bit me again. She said she didn`t want me to come yet. She told me to use my fingers on her for awhile until I settled down and then she slipped a finger in me and we were both finger fucking.

I heard the toy drawer open and she said I could rub my cock against her cunt lips again. I knew what was coming, but I couldn`t have imagined what *her new glass toy* would feel like. She`s fucked me with toys before, but they`re silicone and somewhat flexible and I love my *NJOY* butt plug, but it`s short. This was thick and long and hard and holy fuck she had me so turned on. Every couple of minutes she`d pull it out to add more lube and she talked about how my asshole stayed open for her just like a porn star or a whore. Then she`d slam the toy back inside and fuck me even harder. My brain turned to mush. My entire world became the glass in my ass. When I finally shot my load all over the outside of her pussy, it was a huge and powerful orgasm, but it came from inside, not from me rubbing against her. I`m certain I would have come even without any direct stimulation on my cock. It was fucking amazing.

After she removed the toy and I`d come back down to earth, I realized that The Goddess really needed to have a Big O of her own. I took the toy, rinsed it off and hurried back to bed. I started fucking her with it and talking to her like I was another man. An Alpha male. The Alpha male who had just fucked her husband. I told her how tight his ass was and how he`d moaned while I was fucking him. I told her how good it felt being squeezed by him when he came on my cock. I told her I wanted her to come on my cock as well. I told her I wanted to fuck her into submission just like I`d fucked her sissy husband into submission.

She can be vocal when she comes, but holy doodle. She screamed….like from the depths of hell screaming snarling wailing orgasm. Again…fucking amazing.



Here`s a note about last night from ♀:     Finally after all this time taking him to see the strippers, he no longer dances like a tight-assed white boy. It really made me hot!!!



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Hot Mommy

May 11, 2008

I know some people really get creeped out by ‘mommy’ and  ‘daddy’ in role playing. Does it help knowing that most people who do like it are so not thinking about their own parental units?

No? Well, you might want to skip this post.  ♀ isn’t ‘mommy’ all the time, but it is a very common scenario for us. It’s an easy way to express the D/s dynamic and ‘mommy’s little baby’ feels like a natural extension of cross-dressing/panty-boy/sissy.

♀ & I were in bed basking in the glow of our love (lame cliches & no sex…even the mommy lovers are heading for the exits). We were cuddling, our limbs intertwined, bodily fluids still dripped, adding to the warm wet spot. The TV was the only light in our room. King Kong 2005 was on. (Very cool special effects, but nobody does damsel in distress like Fay Wray) I felt satisfied and relaxed and I wasn’t fighting the urge to have a 20 minute snooze when ♀ pinched my nipple. Hard.

I jerked awake and she pinched me again. This time on my ass and I realized we were entangled in such a way that she had me pinned. She still out-weighs me, though not for much longer and she’s very strong and I could not break free. She pinched my ass. She scratched my back. She tickled me. Dear gawd she tickled me; my inner thighs and arm pits. She dug her thumb under my hip bone. She bit me; my ear lobe, neck and shoulders. She was merciless, it was torture, it was brilliant.

I struggled, but to no avail. I shrieked and screamed and as her assault continued my voice got higher and higher. At some point in my wild thrashing about, my elbow connected with her breast. It’s not like I did it on purpose, but she was pissed. She told me to roll over and she sat on the back of my legs. She gave me the hardest, longest hand-to-ass spanking I have ever had in my life. Then the pinching and tickling and scratching and biting started again. Everywhere was fair game…including leaning back to get my feet. If I tried to twist around she slapped my face. I started going hoarse from screaming, my muscles ached from struggling, my ribs hurt from laughing, my skin felt like it was on fire.

I have no idea how long it lasted. It felt like forever, but I’m guessing 20-30 minutes. Eventually I managed to slither out from underneath her and crash landed on the floor. I lay there panting and exhausted.

“Have you had enough, baby?”

She told me to get back in bed and that she wouldn’t hurt me anymore, but still I jumped every time she moved. She was laying on her side and motioned for me to cuddle into her. Once I was settled, she lifted a breast towards my mouth.

“You can nurse baby as long as you promise not to get excited. Do you think you can do that?”

She’s let me masturbate while nursing before, but I agreed to control myself and I took the nipple she offered into my mouth. She gently stroked my head and back while I suckled and she started talking…more to herself I think, then to me. She talked about how much she enjoyed completely dominating me, but perhaps she should look into a more effective way to restrain me. She really didn’t like the elbow to her tit. She talked about how much her hand hurt after the spanking and maybe she should find something else to do that with. She said that now there’s no doubt about my status as a sissy; only a sissy could get beat up by a girl. She said I even sounded like a sissy when I was screaming, but children and neighbours might find it a little disturbing so next time she might need to gag me with something.

While I was laying in her arms like that I felt so incredibly…I’m really struggling to find the words…I felt so submissive to ♀…like I’m fulfilling my destiny by being dominated by her. I felt so right…so complete. Like my purpose in life is to give myself to her completely…unconditionally. I felt more like a sissy then I have ever felt before and for that brief moment all was how it should be.


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