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War of the Worlds

October 31, 2008

The thing I like best about Halloween is being able to get dressed up girly and going out in public…fearlessly. Well, I’m working tonight and tommorow is moving day so no trick-or-treating for us.

I’d like to tell you about my second favourite thing about halloween; <Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre Broadcast of H.G. Wells’>  It was first broadcast 25 years before I was born, but for as long as I can remember I’ve listened to it at least once a year around Halloween. We listen to the old radio shows at work and it’s been on once already this week and I’m sure it’ll be on again tonight. Like the Grinch and Charlie Brown at Christmas, it’s just not Halloween without Orson annihilating the world before my very ears.

Mini’s teacher played it for them this afternoon in class. Last month he played the Abbott and Costello routine ‘Who’s on first.’ I like Mini’s teacher.

Anyway, the pc gets taken apart tommorow and we won’t have an internet connection until early next week so ♀ & I would like to wish all of you a fun and safe (they’re not mutually exclusive are they?) Halloween.

And seriously, if you haven’t heard it yet this year, treat yourself to <The War of the Worlds>



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Sissy Video Review

October 27, 2008

Have you ever been to boys be girls”

They have links to quite a few other sissy sites, loads of sissy comics and a few sissy video’s. They asked if I’d like to review a couple of the video’s and of course I said, “Hell yeah.”

The two I watched were ‘For a Good Time Call Dita’s Dolls’ and ‘Rent-a-Maid’. They both starred hard-assed Miss Dita and her cowed sissy-bitch Jade. These aren’t the sort of video’s available at our local video store and they were different then the stuff you find at places like YouPorn.

In ‘For a Good Time Call Ditta’s Dolls’, after Jade finishes dusting her Mistress’ sexy shoes with a duster attached to a ball gag, Miss Ditta takes off Jade’s cock cage and collar and helps her get dressed up in her hooker clothes. Then she sends Jade to a chep motel to service a beer drinking frat-boy kinda guy. She’s a good little sissy-whore and serves him a beer before she gets on her knees for him. She’s a very good cock sucker and is able to take all of him. When he’s good and excited she hops up on the bed, lifts her pretty little skirt and lets him have her little sissy ass. Miss Ditta has another date scheduled for her by the time she gets back.

In ‘Rent-a Maid’ the clients come to Miss Ditta’s house. A studly alpha male and his hot girlfriend want to sample the product before they take Jade for the weekend. She serves drinks and prances around for them. Then she gives alpha male a blow job while hot girlfriend fucks her with a strap-on.

OK, I’ve never reviewed video’s before so I’m not sure how to rate them. ♀ has been so busy lately she wasn’t able to watch them with me, but she did give me permission to masturbate if I wanted to while watching these. I watched them on two different days and both of them got me excited, but neither of them gave me a Big O.

What I really liked about both of these video’s is they really nail what I think is a very common sissy fantasy. ♀ likes to whisper filthy stories in my ear when we’re having sex and scenario’s where she whores me out to men and or women always gets me off. That leads to what I didn’t like…actually, maybe it would be more accurate to say it’s what distracted me. In both of these video’s Jade was sad. In the first she asked if she had to go out to turn a trick and in the other one she looked almost in tears when the couple had finished with her.

I understand the humiliation dynamic of being a sissy. ♀ insists my facial hair stays on so there’s no mistaking I’m a male wearing women’s clothes, doing girly things and being submissive to a powerful woman. I get that. I just couldn’t identify with her discomfort. In my mind I was watching a fantasy and in my fantasy I would love to be whored out. The reality would probably be completely different (maybe I’d be in tears).

There are probaly lots of sissies and sissy lovers who would really get off on Jade’s discomfort, but for me it was a distraction. Not a really turn-off though, because the next video is what happens when Damian and Ashley Edmonds take Jade to their hotel for the weekend and I really want to see that as well.

Both video’s run just over 20 minutes and cost $15.95 each. They have several payment options.



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October 5, 2008

This past week marked the 2nd bloggerversary of SSS, we had our 500,000 visitor and this is our 300 post.

Fuck it. I quit!

Just kidding.

I have been thinking about changing some stuff though. None of the following are resolutions so don’t hold me to it. I need to put that great big blog roll into some kind of order. I might try a new template or I might take the plunge and try self-publishing. See if we could find a few advertisers to help pay for lingerie and toys. What’s your opinion about ads on blogs? Is it cashing in or selling out? Are bloggers actually making any money at this? Or is it just not worth the hassle? Seriously…let me know what you think.

I’d like to write more fiction. That novel is still mocking me and I have bits and pieces of a whole slew of short stories I’d like to write. Maybe after we move next month I can figure out a way to find more writing time. I really enjoyed the challenge of writing something every day during our road trip. If I am able to write more, I think we’ll do the HNT thing less. I’m not sure what that would translate to, it’s just sometimes it feels like a bit of a chore. Or maybe a ‘crutch’ would be a better description. Instead of sitting down and actually writing something, I’ll just put up a pic. I don’t know…I guess I’m just feeling like I need to challenge myself more.

Oh, so I found out who drew that Tom & Jerry cartoon. I thought maybe Bacchus from Erosblog might know so I emailed him. It turns out I probably first saw it on his site. He’s not quite as miserable as everyone says he is. He’ll never link to me, of course, but he was nice enough to email me back to tell me where he saw the cartoon. So I emailed the guy at Edinburgh Erotica and he sent me here. As soon as the page opened I knew Bathgate was the right guy. His style is very recognizable. I left a message on his page and he emailed me back:


I’m glad you like my work and thanks for asking if you could use it before just taking it like most people. I just need to know which piece and if the site it’s going to be used for is a paysite? The characters I use in my art are not mine, so if it’s a paysite, you and I both run the risk of being sued by the copyright holders.

My only request, if you do use any of my work, is that you don’t alter it any. That doesn’t mean you can’t crop it, for a banner or somesuch, but I told one girl she could use my work and she screwed with the color and added a horrible background to it. So, now I only say yes to people who respect the original versions.

That was a long-winded way of telling you I have a shiny new banner. If you’ld like to have it on your sidebar, you can find it on my side bar.

Do you have a favourite Bathgate cartoon? I have lots of fave’s, but I especially like this set…

 ‘That’s all folks’   Mel Blanc

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Road Trip Day 1

September 2, 2008

It’s been quite the week. We found out has happy boobs last Friday. Also on Friday, they did the inspection on the townhouse. Junior’s cat shit on the floor and we had to lower the price $750 towards having the carpet removed. We’re pretty sure they intended on removing them all along and this was their way of getting us to pay half. God love old Europeans…he managed to get the price down to $250 above what they originally offered. Oh well, considering this is the 4th attempt at selling it, we shouldn’t complain.

I was sure we’d found the apartment we were going to put an offer on, but our real estate agent ‘D’ wanted us to look at one more before we decided for certain. So Saturday the plan was we’d look at this last one, then go to the other one and make the offer. As soon as we walked into the one D thought we should see, we knew this was the one for us. I guess that’s why good real estate agents get paid the big bucks. We put the offer in Saturday and Sunday we heard they’d accepted it as is. Sunday was last shift so we packed up the car and Monday after I got up we met D, signed some more papers and were almost ready to get out of Dodge. Actually before we left we stopped and put a deposit down on a couch and love seat…to go with our new bedroom suite, pots and pans and and and.

Really, I don’t mind. It’s kinda cool buying our very first place together and buying new stuff for it. I’ve been acting like it’s all about her, but I’m excited as well. I guess part of that attitude is wanting to be submissive; making her the supreme authority, but she needs to feel my excitement…she wants it to be our decision…that’s fair.

After all that was done, we headed out. The local border crossings had a 2 hour wait, so we drove out to the Huntingdon/Sumas crossing. I have to say GPS is freakin’ awesome! Punched in Seattle after we crossed the line and off we went.  I was surprised at all the boarded up businesses. Times is tough in northern Washington. We stopped at a mall in Burlington and looked at some lingerie. We didn’t find anything different then we’d find at home and the prices weren’t any better either. wanted me to get a pretty girdle…preferably an open-bottomed, but no such luck. I think we’ll end up having to get them on-line.

She was worried about me being ‘off’. I don’t know why I bother trying to deny it. I haven’t been sleeping very well lately and there’s been a lot going on and a mall probably wasn’t our best choice. I wasn’t miserable, but I guess I wasn’t a cheerful as I could have been. We left the mall and went to ‘Lovers’. That’s the love shop we bought my maids outfit and ‘Feeldoe’ at a few months ago.  We looked at some restraints, but nothing really jumped out at us. We’ll be able to attach…things to our new bed so we’ve been talking about that lately. Most of the things we looked at were going to cost over $100 to secure both hands and both feet and we wanted to be sure that what we buy is going to get used. There was a ‘Strap-on’ DVD that looked like fun, but didn’t seem in the mood so I didn’t push it. However, we found a leather flogger on sale. She made me hold my hands out so she could try it on me. Ouch! Yippee for me!

We stopped at Applebee’s for an early dinner. It was OK, just not very inspiring.  After Burlington, we headed to Seattle. I know there are tons of cool things to do there, but we hadn’t researched it at all before we left so we just drove around for a while. We went past the Space Needle then drove down to the pier. It really reminded us of the Westminster Quay. It’s too bad neither of us were hungry because it looked like we could have had some excellent sea food. We stopped for a coffee then decided to push on to Aberdeen. A friend had given us some travel books for Washington and Oregon so we called a couple of places, found a room, entered it into the GPS (have I mentioned how much I like that?) and off we went. I’m glad we drove that part in the dark as the traffic wasn’t bad and I don’t think there was much to see. We arrived about 9:30 at the Olympic Motel. It was very plain, but clean and it comes with a continental breaky. It’s supposed to have wireless internet as well, but that doesn’t seem to work very well.  We walked over to the Mazatlan for a late dinner and a cold Mexican beer. The food was tasty and they had women’s Olympic beach volley ball on TV…Brazil vs. USA (I love watching that) so it was all good.

After dinner, we found some soft  porn on HBO and had lovin’ for the first time on our holidays. No, I guess that’s not true. We fucked the night before, but didn’t have a big O. The rule is if one of us orgasms it counts as sex. OK, it was the first time we’d had sex in America. Hmmm, no that’s wrong too. We fucked in Alaska. Well, it was definitely the first time we’d ever had sex in Aberdeen, Washington. It never ceases to amaze me how much we still turn each other on. Seriously, I can’t get enough of her.  She licked and sucked my cock, balls and ass. Then she rubbed my cock  between her tits. I could have come just from that, but she told me to wait. She mounted me and told me I needed to keep my hands behind my head. I wasn’t allowed to touch her. She spread my legs apart and told me I had to keep them down and apart, but there was just no way. With a huge effort I managed to keep my hands back, but I couldn’t stop from wrapping my legs around her as she fucked me. I could feel her pussy juices and the last of her period running down my balls and onto my ass. Fuck she turns me on. (I hope she’ll use the Feeldoe in the same position sometime this week) Once I was done, we switched position and I fingered her and whispered nasty things into her ear until she had a HUGE big O. She said it was the best she’s had so far… this trip. LOL.

Let’s see…what else needs to be in a travelogue? I had a headache the night before we left, but other then being a little cranky for awhile, I was fine for our first day. almost done her period, but she’s still been a bit crampy. I hope she has a big shit before we leave. I don’t think a healthy woman should be able to make smells like that.  She said she started feeling horny when we crossed the line at about 2pm and we didn’t have sex until almost 11pm. We need to make sure she doesn’t have to wait that long tomorrow.

The weather today was cool and damp; perfect for driving. We’re only about an hour away from the Astoria bridge leading into Oregon and the start of our trip down the coast so I’m hoping it’s warmer tomorrow cuz you know sex on the beach would be kinda sweet.

<Click here to see the map>

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♀ was asleep when I got home Saturday morning. She’d already left for work when I got up at 1pm, but she left me a note. Hey Bitch; I expect the house to be clean and you to be pretty when I get home @ 6. Love ♀

No kids here this weekend so no fear of getting busted. I pulled on a pair a peach-coloured leggings, the new white bra she bought me last week (It looks like a sports bra, but it’s soft and satiny), my Mary Jane flats and I got busy. I vacuumed and dusted, did the dishes, washed the floors, watered the inside plants and got most of the laundry done (the last load is in the dryer as I’m writing this). I made sure there was a bottle of wine in the fridge and I prepped not one, but two dinners. Chicken souvlaki with pan fried potato’s and cole slaw for Saturday night. Pork tenderloin done in the slow cooker with mashed potato’s for Sunday night. I haven’t decided on the veggies yet.

Once the housework was all done, I had a shower (I used her body wash so I’d smell nice) and shaved my legs and pits. Then I had to decide what to wear. I really don’t know how women do it. Just in case you’re new here…I’m a full-time panty boy. That is to say with the exception of a couple of pairs of silk boxers, all of my under garments are girly. But outer clothes are a different matter. We still have kids at home…I doubt they’d be surprised, but they don’t need to see dad in drag. Also, when I get dressed up, I`m not trying to pass as female. I have facial hair and a shaved head. I know lots of cross-dressers have an entirely separate female persona and when they get dressed `passing`is a big deal, but that`s not me. I`m just a sissy. Don`t get me wrong, I lust after clothes just as much as most women do and I love to go shopping for clothes…and shoes…and lingerie…and bathing suits…and….you get the idea. We just don`t buy many outer clothes for me.

That was a long winded way of saying even though I don`t have a very large wardrobe, I still find it very difficult to decide what to wear when I have the opportunity to get dressed up and I have no idea how women do it.

Eventually I settled on a pretty polka dot dress with built in crinoline, garter and stockings and lacy black panties. I borrowed one of ♀ strapless bras so I could put in both sets of inserts and have really big boobs. I even wore my wig and tried to put on a bit of make-up. (I suck at make-up so I don`t attempt it very often) I finished the look with a pair of black strappy heels.

Was I pretty? Well…I doubt it, but I felt pretty and that`s all that really mattered. Actually, when I was all dolled up and the house was sparkling clean and I was putting the finishing touches on dinner I felt kinda June Cleaverish…if you know what I mean.

I could tell you dinner was fabulous…it is my blog after all, but the truth is dinner wasn`t great. For one thing I used wax paper instead of parchment paper for the pan fries (the boxes look the same) so they were gross. While she was having a glass of wine and I was having a beer we were making out on the couch for awhile. Then she talked to a couple of people on the phone and I started watching the football game and the souvlaki got kinda dried out. So I poured some salsa on them and took out some leftovers and it was all good.

After dinner ♀ had a shower and we tried to decide how the evening should unfold. On the one hand with no kids at home she thought it would be nice if I could be girly all weekend, but on the other hand going to see the strippers might be fun as well (am I the luckiest sissy in the whole world or what!). She was laying naked on the bed while we were discussing these options when she told me she wanted me to dance for her.

I did my best bump and grind routine. (Have you ever tried that? It`s not easy) She did have a few suggestions while I was dancing, but she seemed to enjoy the show. When I only had my panties left on I stood on the bed and straddled her. I swung my hips and slowly lowered myself down to her face, trying hard to keep the rhythm. When I got down close enough she pinched my inner thighs (hard) and grabbed my crotch…actually, she straightened my penis. It was still tucked and was getting uncomfortable. Then I stood back up and turned around and started lowering myself down again. When my ass was close enough, she bit it (hard) then pulled off my panties.

You need to picture the position we were in. My hands were on her ankles and my legs astride her hips. My cock was laying on her pussy and when I rubbed myself against her she could feel it on her clit. My ass was direcly in front of her face. She loves my ass. She`s almost as fond of my ass as I am of her breasts. So she was pretty happy with how we were situated. After a few minutes of her spanking my bum and playing with my balls, she started concentrating on my very horny asshole. She teased me for a while; kissing all around it before she started licking me. She spread me apart and pushed her tongue inside. I started grinding really hard against her. She pulled her tongue out and bit me again. She said she didn`t want me to come yet. She told me to use my fingers on her for awhile until I settled down and then she slipped a finger in me and we were both finger fucking.

I heard the toy drawer open and she said I could rub my cock against her cunt lips again. I knew what was coming, but I couldn`t have imagined what *her new glass toy* would feel like. She`s fucked me with toys before, but they`re silicone and somewhat flexible and I love my *NJOY* butt plug, but it`s short. This was thick and long and hard and holy fuck she had me so turned on. Every couple of minutes she`d pull it out to add more lube and she talked about how my asshole stayed open for her just like a porn star or a whore. Then she`d slam the toy back inside and fuck me even harder. My brain turned to mush. My entire world became the glass in my ass. When I finally shot my load all over the outside of her pussy, it was a huge and powerful orgasm, but it came from inside, not from me rubbing against her. I`m certain I would have come even without any direct stimulation on my cock. It was fucking amazing.

After she removed the toy and I`d come back down to earth, I realized that The Goddess really needed to have a Big O of her own. I took the toy, rinsed it off and hurried back to bed. I started fucking her with it and talking to her like I was another man. An Alpha male. The Alpha male who had just fucked her husband. I told her how tight his ass was and how he`d moaned while I was fucking him. I told her how good it felt being squeezed by him when he came on my cock. I told her I wanted her to come on my cock as well. I told her I wanted to fuck her into submission just like I`d fucked her sissy husband into submission.

She can be vocal when she comes, but holy doodle. She screamed….like from the depths of hell screaming snarling wailing orgasm. Again…fucking amazing.



Here`s a note about last night from ♀:     Finally after all this time taking him to see the strippers, he no longer dances like a tight-assed white boy. It really made me hot!!!



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 We went shopping last week at <Lace Embrace>. I wanted to get ♀ a custom made corset, but we decided to wait until she’s a little closer to her goal weight. We did buy her one off the rack though and holy doodle, does she look hot or what. She has a few other products that are called corsets, but they are nothing like the real thing. I’m amazed at how dramatically it changes her shape. The one we bought goes under her breasts and is small enough that it should fit her even after she’s lost the weight. The custom made corset will cup her breasts and so we need to know exactly how big her gurlz actually are going to be before we order it and we’re both know…excited about that.

This picture was taken when she was getting ready for her graduation ceremony and was my first unsupervised attempt at the lacing. 

Originally we weren’t going to buy one at all until she lost some more weight, but we learned a lot while we were there. Even if she didn’t lose anymore weight, wearing this corset on a regular basis will actually change her shape. They call it ‘waist training’ and once she’s gone through that process, it’ll make fitting her with a custom made corset way easier. I tell her she’s sexy all the time, but there are days when she looks in the mirror and sees a big blob. Wearing the corset definitely gives her more shape and hopefully that makes her feel good about herself and helps her stick with the diet and exercise. Also, being corsetted will restrict how much she can eat and in theory she’ll feel full longer. But for all those things to happen, it needs to be tight….

Btw…eventually we’re going to get one for me as well. It’s not like I’ll sprout hips, but apparently if I wear it often enough I’ll be able to develop some curves that I didn’t have before. Mmmmmmm…curves…



ps: if you decide to order a corset for yourself, tell <Melanie> I sent you.

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May 25, 2008

It’s been a hell of a week….

YouTube Preview Image

….But we’re leaving on an Alaskan cruise later this morning to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary (I love her sooooo much) and also to celebrate her graduation (I am soooo proud of her)

cya in a week.

♀ & sss

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♀ called me at the bakery Friday night. Besides all the lovey dovey stuff she told me to call her when I left work in the morning. She gets so tired by the end of the week, I feel bad about waking her up.

“We haven’t had sex since Wednesday. If you don’t call me in the morning you will be in soooo much trouble.”

I called and when I arrived home at 5:30 with her coffee the first thing she did was take my hand, put it under her nightie and push a finger into her pussy. She was nice and wet and I thought she was showing me how horny she was. Nope. She pulled my hand out and examined my finger closely.

“Taste this,” she demanded as she pushed my wet finger into my mouth. “How long until my period starts?”

“Sometime today…tomorrow at the latest.”

We had breaky then went to bed for some sweaty sex that turned into some rather messy sex. Actually our new silky sheets are in the wash as I’m writing this. I really hope they come clean because we’d pretty much decided that they’re to damn slippery and were planning on returning them.

After we’d had a shower and changed the bedding, ♀ announced that she was going to call in sick. With the exception of Christmas & Easter, she’s had to work and or go to school every day since September and decided she needed a playday.

She did her thing while I slept, then we went to the beach for a walk…and some picture taking…and then we made out like teenyboppers on a log in the sunshine… then we met my parents for Indian food…then we came home for some more sweaty/messy sex on non-slip cotton sheets with lots of towels.

All-and-all it was a pretty fine day.



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♀ cell phone jumped out of her pocket and into a toilet at the gym awhile ago. At first I thought she threw it in herself (she’s been saying we need new phones for a few months now), but it happened after she’d peed and it was a public toilet so it was probably accidental.

Our contract expired about four months ago so early last week we went to the mall, signed a new contract and got two new camera phones. Mini has been teaching us how to use them. He’s 11 and still tries to be helpful. (yes, I know it won’t last) My phone had a problem though; the back cover didn’t fit quite right and it would fall off and the battery would fall out…regularly.

Anyway, last Thursday afternoon I got up to get ready to pick Mini up from school. I checked my email and there was one from his mother saying…well saying lots of stuff, but the gist of it was he wasn’t in school. So I called ♀. She was just getting out of class and had an hour before she started work and suggested we meet for lunch. When I got there she asked why I’d turned my phone off. She’d wanted me to bring her workout clothes so she could go to the gym after work. I hadn’t turned it off; the battery had fallen out…again.

She said I should go to the mall after lunch and get my phone dealt with and then with a gleam in her eye she told me she wanted me to go lingerie shopping at Sears…by myself. For those that are new here, I’ve been fascinated with girly things since I was younger then Mini, but it wasn’t a very well developed fetish until I admitted my desires to ♀ and we started exploring them together about six years ago. Even though I’ve been a full-time pantyboy for the past three years I’ve never ever gone lingerie shopping by myself.

We didn’t really need anything having scored big time with the Easter Bunny just a few weeks ago, but Sears had a one-day-only-25%-off-day-sale and ♀ decide sending me shopping could be part of my sissification. She was very clear on the rules. I was to buy at least one item for each of us from the lingerie department and no just grabbing a couple of pairs of nylons while hustling down the main isle. I was instructed to actually shop and since we wear different sizes of panties (not for much longer, love) and different styles (she likes thongs and I like a full panty), if anyone was paying attention I wouldn’t be able to say my wife asked me to pick them up.

It was stressful at first, but it was OK once I got started. I bought us two pairs of panties each and some nylons that we`ll probably share. I even asked a sales woman why they didn`t sell any nice open-bottom girdles with the garter straps (I really want one). I didn`t buy anything else, but I spent about another hour looking at clothes and shoes.

I learned something that afternoon; yeah, I can shop for girly things on my own, but it`s way more fun shopping with ♀.

Aren’t these just to cute? I got a black pair as well.



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Sunday Distractions

April 6, 2008

I only have one night off this week and I had planned on getting some writing done after I finished my housework, but I got distracted <listening to poetry>, <looking at post cards>, <reading blogsand blogs…and more blogs>.  I found <some sexy lingerie>, < some funny porn> and this…

YouTube Preview Image



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