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Half-Nekkid on a Road Trip

August 28, 2008

So we’re almost finished a two week road trip. We’ve been having tons’o'fun, but we haven’t been blogging.

However, we have been taking pictures and keeping a travelogue. I’ll be publishing excerpts from it when we get home. I think you’ll be pleased.



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Olympic HNT

August 21, 2008

So it’s a bit of a stretch, but this is the best I could do for this weeks Olympic theme. (Our house just sold, we’re trying to find another one, we’re on holidays…I didn’t even know there was a theme this week until an hour ago)
Mini sent this story to me. Both he and ♀ think we should get one so I can pull them around in it.
By Canadian Auto Press
Pedal-powered Mini Cooper Clubman

Planning on attending the Olympics in Beijing this summer? If so, prepare yourself for a slight alteration to one of China’s more unique methods of transportation.

Mini, looking to spread a little goodwill and attract some press in the process, has created a fleet of half Cooper Clubman, half rickshaw people movers to taxi locals and tourists around the city during the Summer Olympics.

The pedal-powered contraptions are certainly turning heads, or so says China Car Times, although you’ve got to wonder just how low the gearing is in order for one person to pull its overall weight, not to mention all the passengers.

Take special note that these aren’t stripped down Clubmans either, but rather each is well-featured in back at least, with a glass sunroof, leather interior, other luxury amenities and traditional Chinese brass ornamentation.

Why the need for such an odd promotion? Well, not only is this story getting international coverage, which is good for the brand’s fun-loving image in more established markets, but Mini is introducing its new Clubman to China this month, and this publicity stunt will do more to spread the word than a pricy television ad ever could.

I’d soon have Olympic size legs, but I think I’ll stick with the one I have. It comes with a Goddess.


Speaking of the Olympics. I was thinking if they froze that swimming pool, we Canadians would have won a shit-load of medals.



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Happy Boobies

August 17, 2008

As most of you know this past week sss and I have been very stressed for reasons that we could not talk about at the time.  We are now able to share with you what has been going on in our exciting and ever changing life (as most of you know OUR life is NEVER dull…even when we want it to be).

I went for a mammogram at the beginning of August. Two days later I got a phone call that I needed to come back in and have further tests done. They would not tell me why I needed these tests done just that they were necessary. That is when our life got turned upside down, inside out and backwards. I returned early this week (2 different days) for the other tests they needed to do while still waiting patiently. One of the techs at the diagnostic center was nice enough to share with me the previous pictures that had been taken and showed me a circle about the size of a baby finger nail in one of my breasts. This made my whole nightmare a reality. Today was my doctors appointment to talk about results. Guess who did not get any sleep last night? I know lots of women end up with no serious problem, but it is hard to keep yourself together and think positive and not let the “what if’s?” in. That is why we asked you all to send positive thoughts our way.

The doctor had good news to report today. We do to need to worry about anything at this point. They are fairly certain the spot is just dense breast tissue and she has requested that I return for another mammogram in 6 months so they can compare pictures.

Thanks to everyone for their support through all this.

♀ & sss

Her period started the day after the doctors appointment so PMS combined with a good reason to get emotional and her breasts often get tender and achy during that week, but in those circumstances…well you can just imagine.

I really did try to stay positive and upbeat, but it’s hard not to let your mind wander. Also, neither of us are any good at hiding our emotions from each other. It didn’t matter what we were saying, she could see the worry in my eyes and I could see the fear in hers.

We tried several times to make love during those nine days, but she was only able to come once. It was a small orgasm and she was crying (again) when it finished.

“You don’t touch them like you did before.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s so not fair. My boobs are the one part of my body that I really like and now there might be something wrong with them.”

“Everything is going to be fine. I really believe that.” It was dark enough that she couldn’t see my eyes and I managed to keep my voice steady.

“What if it’s not? What if it’s something….bad?” Neither of us have said ‘it’ out loud.

“If you lost a tit, you could borrow one of mine. See, there’s another advantage to being married to a sissy.”

The wait: Interminable. The stress: Palpable.

We took the stairs rather then the elevator after we left the doctors office and she stopped at a landing between floors and threw her arms around me. We kissed long and deep and passionately and I fondled her with great gusto and she was very pleased.

We didn’t have time for sex that day, but I woke her up the following morning when I got home from work. Her period had just started and she was crampy and still tired. I suggested that we wait until later, but she didn’t think that was an option. Actually, I think her exact words were, “I need to have sex with you. Right now!” I’ll never get tired of hearing that.

I got some towels and we got busy. Not surprisingly, I gave her breasts lots of attention to start off with. (They really are beautiful. She thinks so to. Just ask her. And if you want to see them, don’t be shy cuz she isn’t.) After a while I asked if I could go down on her. She said yes and as I suckled her clit like a miniature nipple I watched her play with her boobs. She squeezed them together and pulled them up to her face giving herself cleavage she could barely see past. She took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it just like I was sucking her clit. She held it between her teeth and let go of her boob. She stretched her other nipple the same way then she wrapped her arms around herself like she was giving her breasts a great gig hug.

She squirted a bunch of lube between her breasts and motioned for me to come up to her.

“I want you to fuck them. I need to feel that big thick cock between my tits.”

I straddled her and she squeezed them together, encasing me in lube slick boobage. Every time I thrust forward the head of my cock popped into her mouth. I didn’t last long, but she didn’t seem to mind. She squeezed every last drop I had onto her breasts.

I knelt beside her. With one hand I massaged my cum into her breasts and with two fingers of my other hand I massaged her G-spot. She looked after her clit. It didn’t take her long to come, but when she did she was able to ride the wave for a very long time. I think ‘joyous’ would be an apt description of her orgasm.

When she was done I licked the blood and pussy juices off of our fingers, kissed her deeply and fondled her spectacular breasts.

“I have happy boobies again, Baby!”


♀ & sss

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So it’s been a challenging week here, but we’ve both been trying hard to stay in the moment, keep up our regular routines and think positive. I’m not really sure how successful we’ve been, but that’s been the goal.

Here are a few things that have made me smile this week:
A nice comment on our ‘June Cleaver’ post...Loved the post.  Long time reader, first time commenter! I need to tell you how much your house sounds like our house! Right down to the order for me to get pretty by the time she comes home.  We are as happy as you appear to be.  Similar domestic situation with the kiddies, etc.    Getting lots of hits is nice, but we love hearing from our visitors. Especially happy visitors!

A blogger who I admire very much asked me to join a writers group to help with the evolution of her first novel. Before I started SSS I thought of writing a novel in a blog. My idea was to have the blogger be the protagonist in his own story (and not tell the audience). My hope was the comments would form part of the dialogue and help direct where the story went. In the end I decide I couldn’t pull off the charade. Her idea isn’t quite the same thing, but I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the process.

Another blogger who disappeared quite awhile ago has resurfaced with a new blog. I must admit when she just dropped off the radar I was a little hurt. We’d chatted on-line and had exchanged pleasant emails and I know on-line relationships often go like that, but still…I missed her. She emailed me this week and told me the gory details and gave me the link to her new blog. Her new name is Sapphire Jay. She’s beautiful and sexy and she’s an amazing writer and her new home is <Elegant Smut> and seriously you should visit her and tell her I said ‘hello’.

The other thing that made me smile this week? ♀ & I have been together almost 7 years and she still sneaks into our bedroom to take pictures of me while I’m sleeping!


ps: I’m not quite ready to blog about what has us so stressed, but if you believe in Karma or prayer or the power of positive thinking and you feel like sending any of those things our way…that would be a good thing.

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Half-Nekkid June Cleaver

August 7, 2008











I bet you never knew June Cleaver liked it up the ass, did you?

You`ll need to read *this post* to see the humour.



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 A  love note for ♀:


So a big thanks to the lovely & talanted <AAG> for <Fleshbotting> me this week. It’s number 5! Not that I’m counting.

Have you heard about <Best Sex Bloggers>? It is a collaborative effort between erotic, glamour, and fetish photographers and the best sex bloggers of every flavor.  Represented here are BDSM, D/s, Doms, Dommes, Professional Sex Work, Polyamory, Vanilla, Psychology, Sexuality, Reviews, Advice, HNT, Queer, Gay, Lesbian, Pansexual, and of course hot erotic fiction as well as the even hotter tales of adventure.

And guess what? I got asked to join. Stop by and check it out. There’s always something new!

Here’s today’s Sugasm list…mmmmm sugasm…

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #144? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

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“If I lift my kilt on Bourbon Street I’m much more likely to get arrested than if Elizabeth takes off her top.”

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♀ was asleep when I got home Saturday morning. She’d already left for work when I got up at 1pm, but she left me a note. Hey Bitch; I expect the house to be clean and you to be pretty when I get home @ 6. Love ♀

No kids here this weekend so no fear of getting busted. I pulled on a pair a peach-coloured leggings, the new white bra she bought me last week (It looks like a sports bra, but it’s soft and satiny), my Mary Jane flats and I got busy. I vacuumed and dusted, did the dishes, washed the floors, watered the inside plants and got most of the laundry done (the last load is in the dryer as I’m writing this). I made sure there was a bottle of wine in the fridge and I prepped not one, but two dinners. Chicken souvlaki with pan fried potato’s and cole slaw for Saturday night. Pork tenderloin done in the slow cooker with mashed potato’s for Sunday night. I haven’t decided on the veggies yet.

Once the housework was all done, I had a shower (I used her body wash so I’d smell nice) and shaved my legs and pits. Then I had to decide what to wear. I really don’t know how women do it. Just in case you’re new here…I’m a full-time panty boy. That is to say with the exception of a couple of pairs of silk boxers, all of my under garments are girly. But outer clothes are a different matter. We still have kids at home…I doubt they’d be surprised, but they don’t need to see dad in drag. Also, when I get dressed up, I`m not trying to pass as female. I have facial hair and a shaved head. I know lots of cross-dressers have an entirely separate female persona and when they get dressed `passing`is a big deal, but that`s not me. I`m just a sissy. Don`t get me wrong, I lust after clothes just as much as most women do and I love to go shopping for clothes…and shoes…and lingerie…and bathing suits…and….you get the idea. We just don`t buy many outer clothes for me.

That was a long winded way of saying even though I don`t have a very large wardrobe, I still find it very difficult to decide what to wear when I have the opportunity to get dressed up and I have no idea how women do it.

Eventually I settled on a pretty polka dot dress with built in crinoline, garter and stockings and lacy black panties. I borrowed one of ♀ strapless bras so I could put in both sets of inserts and have really big boobs. I even wore my wig and tried to put on a bit of make-up. (I suck at make-up so I don`t attempt it very often) I finished the look with a pair of black strappy heels.

Was I pretty? Well…I doubt it, but I felt pretty and that`s all that really mattered. Actually, when I was all dolled up and the house was sparkling clean and I was putting the finishing touches on dinner I felt kinda June Cleaverish…if you know what I mean.

I could tell you dinner was fabulous…it is my blog after all, but the truth is dinner wasn`t great. For one thing I used wax paper instead of parchment paper for the pan fries (the boxes look the same) so they were gross. While she was having a glass of wine and I was having a beer we were making out on the couch for awhile. Then she talked to a couple of people on the phone and I started watching the football game and the souvlaki got kinda dried out. So I poured some salsa on them and took out some leftovers and it was all good.

After dinner ♀ had a shower and we tried to decide how the evening should unfold. On the one hand with no kids at home she thought it would be nice if I could be girly all weekend, but on the other hand going to see the strippers might be fun as well (am I the luckiest sissy in the whole world or what!). She was laying naked on the bed while we were discussing these options when she told me she wanted me to dance for her.

I did my best bump and grind routine. (Have you ever tried that? It`s not easy) She did have a few suggestions while I was dancing, but she seemed to enjoy the show. When I only had my panties left on I stood on the bed and straddled her. I swung my hips and slowly lowered myself down to her face, trying hard to keep the rhythm. When I got down close enough she pinched my inner thighs (hard) and grabbed my crotch…actually, she straightened my penis. It was still tucked and was getting uncomfortable. Then I stood back up and turned around and started lowering myself down again. When my ass was close enough, she bit it (hard) then pulled off my panties.

You need to picture the position we were in. My hands were on her ankles and my legs astride her hips. My cock was laying on her pussy and when I rubbed myself against her she could feel it on her clit. My ass was direcly in front of her face. She loves my ass. She`s almost as fond of my ass as I am of her breasts. So she was pretty happy with how we were situated. After a few minutes of her spanking my bum and playing with my balls, she started concentrating on my very horny asshole. She teased me for a while; kissing all around it before she started licking me. She spread me apart and pushed her tongue inside. I started grinding really hard against her. She pulled her tongue out and bit me again. She said she didn`t want me to come yet. She told me to use my fingers on her for awhile until I settled down and then she slipped a finger in me and we were both finger fucking.

I heard the toy drawer open and she said I could rub my cock against her cunt lips again. I knew what was coming, but I couldn`t have imagined what *her new glass toy* would feel like. She`s fucked me with toys before, but they`re silicone and somewhat flexible and I love my *NJOY* butt plug, but it`s short. This was thick and long and hard and holy fuck she had me so turned on. Every couple of minutes she`d pull it out to add more lube and she talked about how my asshole stayed open for her just like a porn star or a whore. Then she`d slam the toy back inside and fuck me even harder. My brain turned to mush. My entire world became the glass in my ass. When I finally shot my load all over the outside of her pussy, it was a huge and powerful orgasm, but it came from inside, not from me rubbing against her. I`m certain I would have come even without any direct stimulation on my cock. It was fucking amazing.

After she removed the toy and I`d come back down to earth, I realized that The Goddess really needed to have a Big O of her own. I took the toy, rinsed it off and hurried back to bed. I started fucking her with it and talking to her like I was another man. An Alpha male. The Alpha male who had just fucked her husband. I told her how tight his ass was and how he`d moaned while I was fucking him. I told her how good it felt being squeezed by him when he came on my cock. I told her I wanted her to come on my cock as well. I told her I wanted to fuck her into submission just like I`d fucked her sissy husband into submission.

She can be vocal when she comes, but holy doodle. She screamed….like from the depths of hell screaming snarling wailing orgasm. Again…fucking amazing.



Here`s a note about last night from ♀:     Finally after all this time taking him to see the strippers, he no longer dances like a tight-assed white boy. It really made me hot!!!



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