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Road Trip Day 6

September 7, 2008

After we checked out of our over-priced and not very good hotel, we went to <Powell’s Book Store>. Holy doodle, that place is huge. We could have spent days and days there. It just goes on and on. We got an instructional book on cartooning for Mini, a book on special needs students for and a whole whack of erotica for me. Big surprise, huh?

Once again we gave a prayer to the GPS gods. There’s no way we could have found our way out of Portland’s downtown core without it. It was over 30c when we hit the road and we were kinda dreading the 5.5 hour drive to Spokane, but it ended up not being too bad. There was little traffic and the road was very straight. We were able to drive 120kmh pretty much the whole way. It was a lot like I imagine driving across the prairies would be like. I guess it wasn’t quite as flat, but wow…not a tree or a town for sooo long. It was just sage brush and low brown hills for miles. It would be a good drive to do at night. You really wouldn’t miss much.

I drove the first 3.5 hours and we talked lots and read erotica out loud from one of our new books.  We stopped and had a little picnic and filled the car up and drove the rest of the way. I read her some more dirty stories from a different book and I tried to masturbate. I wasn’t able to come, but it was fun being naked in the car and touching myself like that. I think she enjoyed it as well. We talked a lot about marrying a gay man (her first husband) then marrying a sissy and why it was important to tell Junior about his dad and why it’s not so important to tell the boys about me. We also talked about whether or not we’d disclose that information to perspective playmates or not and why couples might be a better bet then singles. It was really nice just talking like that…about this that and the other. We truly do enjoy each others company.

We got smart this time and pre-booked a room at a hotel just north of Spokane.  Nice and big and clean and the pool is open 24 hours and the WiFi is free and the sports bar across the street was really good. We went there for dinner and I had a couple of <‘Moose Drool’>. They were dark and tasty. Our waitress was also dark and tasty and super friendly. After dinner, shaved my head and I shaved her pussy and then we went for a swim. It was kind of a dinky pool and the jets in the hot tub didn’t work, but we had it to ourselves…it wasn’t so bad.

After our swim we decided to go back to the sports bar for a night cap. The waitress had already done last call and cashed out, but she let us stay for a couple more drinks anyway. I gave her a really good tip.

When we got back to our room we spent some time on-line figuring out how the next week is going to unfold. We’ve decided not to do the entire circle tour of the <Kootenay hot springs>. We’re going to do 3 of them over the next 3 days, then spend 2 nights in Revelstoke and 2 nights in Kelowna before we head home to face the world.

We had lovin’s, but only was able to come. That’s OK, I get way more then my share. After we were done she stuck the butt plug in me and said I had to leave it in until she removes it when she gets up. I guess that means I’ll be sleeping with it in. That’s something I haven’t done before.


Another king size bed but this one is hard and will be hard to sleep on. I am planning on going to the gym in the morning. I really have not stuck to my diet and had very little activity. I am going to get bigger really fast and that is unacceptable.

<Click here for map>

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Cross-Dressing: Erotic Stories

November 18, 2007

 We interrupt this post to bring you a special news bulletin:
Mandy from Sexy Blog Reviews gave my blog 4/5 orgasms. Is that exciting or what?

We now return you to your regular scheduled post.

So when Rachel Kramer Bussel emailed me a couple of months ago, I thought it must be a cupcake thing (I’m a baker, remember); maybe she was sending me a secret recipe or asking me for one or maybe she’d started her own cupcake business and wanted to sell me a franchise OR maybe she’d read something on my blog that she just had to have in her next collection of erotica…stop laughing, it could happen.

Actually, she emailed to ask if I’d write a review of her latest collection of erotica Crossdressing: Erotic Stories (Many thanks to AAG for pointing her in my direction). Of course I was thrilled to bits,  and more then once while waiting for the book to arrive thought about the stories I’d submit if a second collection was to be published. And that’s the thing; I was only thinking of hot stories written by straight males with this strange and wonderful compulsion/obsession/addiction.

For me, the desire to cross-dress is almost impossible to resist (I’m a full-time panty boy) and the sexual charge isn’t the only reason why I do it, but it’s a big part. For some reason I’d never even considered the hotness of cross-dressing from anybody elses point of view and  I’m really embarrassed to admit that I was really surprised by most of the stories in this collection.

I’ve always known that clothes (outer and under) can change how I feel about myself, can even change my persona and clothes certainly change how others see and react to me so it shouldn’t have been that surprising that lots of other people get off on it as well. From male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender and any combination thereof, these stories were hot hot hot. There were stories of how clothing can blur the gender lines and shake up sexual orientation, if only for a night. There were stories of sexy secrets hidden beneath the outer shell and stories of how donning a different costume can reveal an inner passion, and not just in the cross-dresser.

I think Ms. Bussel says it best in her introduction, “In short, you’ll find people across the sexual-orientation spectrum fucking with gender and gender roles- and simply fucking…Here you get hot fantasy, fiction and the kind of truth that really matters, the kind that gets under our skin, under our clothes, under our disguises to a place that speaks to us deep in our erotic souls.”

You don’t need to be a cross-dresser or even an admirer of one. These stories are simply HOT.



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