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 ♀ is very particular about the strippers she’ll give tips to. Outfit, dancing ability, rapport with the audience, how quickly she gets naked, real or fake boobs and overall looks are all factors in her decision to tip or not. Going to see the peelers with ♀ is a much different experience then going with guys. I learn more, drink less and dancers often give women who are up front a little more attention. <Kyla> gave ♀ a lot more attention. She told ♀ to stand up, she undid her top, pulled her breasts out of her bra, gave them a good lick, then she held ♀ face in her boobs, then they rubbed their boobs together. Yeah, it was hot. During her last song, she sat on the edge of the stage with her feet on either side of ♀ and spread her lips apart. It was almost as good as a private lap dance without the cost. Well actually there was a cost. After her set Kyla sat down with us. She gave ♀ a very nice kiss, copped a feel and told her she has very nice breasts. I tell her that all the time, but to hear it from a stripper…well, she just beamed. Anyway, Kyla had a DVD that she starred in and also produced and of course we just had to buy it. She signed the cover for us: ‘♀- I’m an oral addict, help me lick my problem. I want to be licked and fucked at the same time. Wet pussy kisses. Kyla xoxoxo.’  We’ve watched it a couple of times and it certainly adds to the thrill knowing ♀ & <Kyla> have touched titties and tongues.

The day after we saw Kyla we went to <Little Sisters>. It wasn’t a planned trip. We just happened to be walking past and I’d always wanted to go in so we did. I thought it was just books, but they had quite a large selection of toys and even some fetish gear. ♀ made me hold my hands out, palms up and she tried a couple of different floggers.  I’ve been trying to talk her into buying leather for years, but had been thinking of apparel. Not that I have much say in these matters.

We didn’t get the flogger (yet), but we did get some lube and






Notice all the bumps, the wet inner thighs and the pretty flower at the end? ♀ absolutely loves this toy. My only complaint -yeah, I know, a good sissy is supposed to be obedient and not complain-OK, I’m a little disappointed. We’ve had this toy for 2 weeks and she still hasn’t used it on me!



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Happy Birthday ♀

July 25, 2008

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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♀ turns 40 on Friday and she’s a little surprised by that. She says she doesn’t feel 40. She says a 40 year old man is starting to turn grey, he looks distinguished…sexy. A 40 year old woman sounds so much older, she’s starting to sag…not so sexy. I reminder her that just last week she got felt up and exposed by a stripper. All the guys cheered and after her set the dancer kissed her and told her she has very nice breasts. They rubbed bare naked boobies together in front of a bar full of guys…it was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I’ll tell you more about it later.

I tell her she’s strong and smart and confident and beautiful and she’s sexier now then when I met her. She says I have to say that. I call downstairs to Junior and ask if he’s ever known me to say things just to be nice. He laughs and says nope your an asshole, you say shit just to be a jerk.

I remind her that she’s now a college graduate (the first in her family) and she starts a brand new job in September.

She says most of the time she knows what I’m saying is true…it’s just she remembers her mother turning 40 and she seemed so old. I tell her her mother has always been old. I tell her she’s a Goddess. I tell her…

She tells me I talk to much and pushes my face down to her pussy.

You’ve heard the expression ‘it’s never to late to have a happy childhood’, right? I thought this picture of her mini golfing might cheer her up.



OMG…my hot young trophy wife is turning 40!!!!

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Half-Nekkid Inukshuk

July 17, 2008

Mini Challenged me to an <Inukshuk> building contest and I must admit, I’d seen these things around, but had no idea what they were called or really what they were all about. Mini, of course, did.

“You really don’t have a clue, do you Dad? Any monkey can stack rocks. It has to look like something.  It’s supposed to represent a person or an animal.” And then he rolled his eyes in that way that 12 year old’s roll their eyes.

Rather then smacking him, I added seaweed and shells and carefully placed a dead crab on the top. Now I’m not sure what it represented, but even Mini admitted that it looked pretty cool.

These aren’t the sexiest pictures ever (I couldn’t ask Mini to do that), but seriously, I bet I’m the first person ever to write a post titled ‘Half-Nekkid Inukshuk’.



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♀ thinks this looks like an elephant came on my head. Having never made a study of pachyderm ejaculate, I’ll just have to take her word for it.



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If ♀ had to pick a time of day when she’s the horniest, it would be mid-afternoon. I’m not saying that every afternoon at 3 pm her clitty goes buzz buzz (though that would be sweet). Just generally speaking it’s when she’s most likely thinking about sex. I have a theory about that. I think it’s because most afternoons Mini is with us or she’s at work so sex (with me) at 3 pm is almost never an option.

One day last week Mini wasn’t here, Junior was at work, and ♀ wasn’t so when I got up we realized we could have an entire afternoon all to ourselves. Yippee! It was of course very tempting to stay in and have a naked day, but the sun was shining and we convinced ourselves there would be time for that later.

Exercise is a big factor in her weight loss goals and we try to work out an hour every day. Walking is one of our favourite activities (for some reason sex doesn’t count as exercise) and we’re always on the lookout for new places to go for walks. The day before our unexpected free afternoon, we found a guide book of local walks in a used book store so we decided to pick one to try.

The drive to get to the start of the walk involved a 10 minute ferry ride and while we waited for 40 minutes to get on the ferry, ♀ clitty started going buzz buzz. It didn’t take long for her top to come off and my pants to come down and she was going slurp slurp on my cock. I was enjoying myself and she seemed to like knowing people were walking past the car and could see what she was doing, but then a guy and his kids rode past on their bicycles and she decided we should wait.

We found the park where the walk was supposed to start and about 10 minutes along the trail we came across an old cemetery. “How about in there?” I suggested. She did think about it…for all of a nano second before she said she couldn’t fuck in a graveyard. Btw, I have fucked in a graveyard before…full moon, windy, bats and owls…good times.

The next point of interest, according to our guide book was a little white church built in 1927 atop a grassy knoll with lovely views of the valley below. Not mentioned in the guide book was the small clearing behind the church overlooking an…

elementary school.

And that, dear readers is where we lay down and did the nasty; behind a church, above a school. Don’t worry, I’m quite sure nobody witnessed our debauchery. 

As for the rest of our walk, well we couldn’t find the right path after that and all we found were mosquito’s and poison ivy. Who knows, maybe there was a witness and She was pissed.



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