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For a long time now I’ve had the idea for a novel rattling around in my head. The main character is as familiar to me as the back of my hand. He natters at me. It’s annoying. I know the only way to get him out of my head is to write his story. I’ve tried. Several times. The voice is wrong, the story is flat. I decide that’s it’s just not a very interesting story, but it doesn’t take long until he starts nattering at me again. It’s annoying.

Even before I started writing Sweat Shop Sissy, I thought of telling this story in a blog. My theory was that having an audience might help motivate me to finish the damn thing and if I wrote it as if it were a real person telling the story, people might comment and those comments would become part of the dialogue and could take the story in new and unexpected directions. The problem with that is to get an audience one needs to promote ones self and the main character is badly damaged and if he was busy promoting his blog nobody would believe his story. Besides that, I write very slowly (the keys on my keyboard move around) and maintaining a second blog seemed like a lot of work.

I did consider assuming the title role myself here on this blog and telling the story of my life coming unravelled, but if the story faltered I would lose all credibility and the audience I have here. Besides that I really don’t like this person and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to kill him off in the end.

Many far more experienced bloggers then I have advised against having content that has nothing to do with a blogs overall theme, but since I don’t need to please any advertisers and I’m going to continue to write about being a sweaty sissy this seems like the best place to tell this story.

This might end up being nothing more then a few random chapters, but it might actually evolve into the first draft of my killer first novel. Any comments as I go along will be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that the first draft of anything is usually crap. I’ll warn you right now that this is not a nice story. That’s why I’m keeping it on a separate page. So hopefully, those of you who do not want to read about ugly people doing nasty things will still drop in to visit ♀ & I.



<chapter 1 >

<chapter 2>

<chapter 3>

<chapter 4>

<chapter 5>

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