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Dirty Boy

November 7, 2008

The move was a challenge, but ♀ is amazingly well organized and things unfolded pretty much as they were supposed to. Saturday was moving day and by Wednesday morning there wasn’t a cardboard box left in our nice new condo. Our storage locker down the hall is stuffed full of boxes and we haven’t hung anything up on the walls yet, but it’s starting to feel like home.

There were a couple of glitches on moving day. The guys delivering the new living room furniture decided there was no way in hell our new couch was going to fit in the elevator and they needed to be persuaded. It might be hard to imagine a sissy getting tough with a couple of burly movers, but I can turn it on if I really need to.

The other bit of excitement happened at the very end of the day. I’d only had about three hours sleep from when I got home from work Saturday morning and when the movers arrived and ♀ hadn’t had much more then that so by 10 pm we’d had enough. We decided we’d sleep better if we had a quick shower first (obviously our first in our new home). I was all soaped up and her hair was full of shampoo when the top half of the shower head popped off and landed on the bridge of her nose. She was between me and the tap and was bent over swearing a blue streak and there was water spraying everywhere…and yeah…exciting stuff.

The second night went way much better. We got lots of unpacking done and she even cooked a lovely roast dinner. It was the first time in almost a month that we’d had a home cooked meal that was actually cooked in our own home. It was so nice. After dinner she decided she wanted to have a bubble bath (there’s a very nice deep soaker tub in the ensuite. So I got it all ready for her; candles, soft music, a glass of red wine….the works.

I washed her back and filed her feet and marvelled at how it’ll be 7 years this month and I am still so madly in love with her. I wasn’t going to get in the tub with her, but she persuaded me and of course I was glad I did. Her skin was soft and silky from the bubble bath and she looked amazing in the candle light. We took turns using the wash cloth to drizzle warm water on each other. We kissed and touched and worked each other into a fine lather.

Once we were out of the tub though she wanted to slow things down a bit. I brushed and braided her hair then shaved her pussy. I must admit it was hard to concentrate because I could smell how horny she was, but a mistake down there with a razor would have been unforgivable and there was no blood shed.

Once I was done I had to give it the tongue test because that’s the best way to find any missed hairs and of course that led to things heating up again quite quickly. But after only a few short minutes she pushed my head away and said she was thirsty. She keeps a bottle of water on her night-stand and rolled over to get it. After a good long drink she backed up towards me (she was on all fours). I started licking her pussy again, but she had other ideas.

“Kiss my ass, Baby.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I spread her cheeks apart and started kissing and licking and it didn’t take long for my tongue to be as deep into her rosebud as I could get it. She started rocking back and forth against me. “That’s it, Baby, tongue-fuck my horny little ass!”

Don’tchya just love it when spontaneous stuff like that happens? We were both so tuned on. It was amazing. She rolled over on her back and put a pillow underneath her hips. “Do you want to fuck me now?”

“Oh gawd, yes!” The head of my cock was shiny with precum.

“What hole do you want, Baby?” Her legs were pulled up against her chest and she wiggled at me.

“Your ass. I need to fuck your ass.”

She reached up and twisted one of my nipples so hard I thought I might come right there. “Beg me for it, Bitch.”

I moved up close to her so my cock rubbed against her clit and I whisped in her ear, “Please Mommy. Please let me fuck your tight little ass-hole.”

“Do you really think you deserve it? I only let good little boys fuck that hole.”

“Probably not Mommy, but I’ll try to be better and it’s been so long since you let me go there. Please oh please let me have your ass.”

“Well…OK. It’s not like that little pencil dick of yours is going to stretch me out to bad. Pass me my glass dildo, I want to at least feel like I have something inside me. She slowly started to fuck her cunt with the glass toy while I lubed her ass. Once I had two fingers inside of her she said, “OK now Bitch, now you can come and fuck Mommy’s tight little ass.”

Oh fuck I love that feeling when I pop inside of her. It’s so different then her mouth or cunt. Of course I love being there as well. It’s just that this doesn’t happen very often and we were so connected and turned on and fuck yeah it was hott. She twisted the toy around so I could feel it rubbing against my cock and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. “You like that don’t you Bitch? You like feeling another guys cock rubbing against yours, don’t you? One day I’m going to let you have that for real. You’d love to see me stuffed full of cock wouldn’t you? Maybe I’d invite another guy so I could have a cock in my mouth as well.”

That visual pushed me to the brink. “Oh Mommy I’m there. Please my I come in your ass!!”

“MMMM yes Baby. Fill my ass with all that sweet hot cum. That’s it Baby.”

It felt like I came buckets. I pumped stream after stream deep inside of her and when I slipped out I watched as a little trail of white oozed out of her ass. She twisted the toy around so it was hitting her G-spot and she kept playing with her clit. “Eat me Baby.”

Her inner thighs were covered with pussy juice and I eagerly started licking. She let go of the toy and slapped me hard across the face, “Not there, Bitch. Eat my ass out!”

“Oh no Mommy. Please not that.”

She slapped me again. “You do as you’re told, Bitch. Eat that cum out of my ass!”

I did as I was told. I kissed and licked and pushed my tongue as deep as it would go inside her freshly fucked ass as she kept fucking her cunt with the big glass toy and working her clitty. “Keep eating your cum out of my ass you dirty little boy. You’re a filthy little ass licking cum sucking bitch, aren’t you? AREN’T YOU???!!!”

She was screaming at me as wave upon wave rolled through her body and I kept eating as her juices poured out of her cunt and ran down to her ass and mixed with my juices and fuck yeah it was hot.

I wonder if any of our new neighbours could hear us?




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Sissy Video Review

October 27, 2008

Have you ever been to boys be girls”

They have links to quite a few other sissy sites, loads of sissy comics and a few sissy video’s. They asked if I’d like to review a couple of the video’s and of course I said, “Hell yeah.”

The two I watched were ‘For a Good Time Call Dita’s Dolls’ and ‘Rent-a-Maid’. They both starred hard-assed Miss Dita and her cowed sissy-bitch Jade. These aren’t the sort of video’s available at our local video store and they were different then the stuff you find at places like YouPorn.

In ‘For a Good Time Call Ditta’s Dolls’, after Jade finishes dusting her Mistress’ sexy shoes with a duster attached to a ball gag, Miss Ditta takes off Jade’s cock cage and collar and helps her get dressed up in her hooker clothes. Then she sends Jade to a chep motel to service a beer drinking frat-boy kinda guy. She’s a good little sissy-whore and serves him a beer before she gets on her knees for him. She’s a very good cock sucker and is able to take all of him. When he’s good and excited she hops up on the bed, lifts her pretty little skirt and lets him have her little sissy ass. Miss Ditta has another date scheduled for her by the time she gets back.

In ‘Rent-a Maid’ the clients come to Miss Ditta’s house. A studly alpha male and his hot girlfriend want to sample the product before they take Jade for the weekend. She serves drinks and prances around for them. Then she gives alpha male a blow job while hot girlfriend fucks her with a strap-on.

OK, I’ve never reviewed video’s before so I’m not sure how to rate them. ♀ has been so busy lately she wasn’t able to watch them with me, but she did give me permission to masturbate if I wanted to while watching these. I watched them on two different days and both of them got me excited, but neither of them gave me a Big O.

What I really liked about both of these video’s is they really nail what I think is a very common sissy fantasy. ♀ likes to whisper filthy stories in my ear when we’re having sex and scenario’s where she whores me out to men and or women always gets me off. That leads to what I didn’t like…actually, maybe it would be more accurate to say it’s what distracted me. In both of these video’s Jade was sad. In the first she asked if she had to go out to turn a trick and in the other one she looked almost in tears when the couple had finished with her.

I understand the humiliation dynamic of being a sissy. ♀ insists my facial hair stays on so there’s no mistaking I’m a male wearing women’s clothes, doing girly things and being submissive to a powerful woman. I get that. I just couldn’t identify with her discomfort. In my mind I was watching a fantasy and in my fantasy I would love to be whored out. The reality would probably be completely different (maybe I’d be in tears).

There are probaly lots of sissies and sissy lovers who would really get off on Jade’s discomfort, but for me it was a distraction. Not a really turn-off though, because the next video is what happens when Damian and Ashley Edmonds take Jade to their hotel for the weekend and I really want to see that as well.

Both video’s run just over 20 minutes and cost $15.95 each. They have several payment options.



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October 5, 2008

This past week marked the 2nd bloggerversary of SSS, we had our 500,000 visitor and this is our 300 post.

Fuck it. I quit!

Just kidding.

I have been thinking about changing some stuff though. None of the following are resolutions so don’t hold me to it. I need to put that great big blog roll into some kind of order. I might try a new template or I might take the plunge and try self-publishing. See if we could find a few advertisers to help pay for lingerie and toys. What’s your opinion about ads on blogs? Is it cashing in or selling out? Are bloggers actually making any money at this? Or is it just not worth the hassle? Seriously…let me know what you think.

I’d like to write more fiction. That novel is still mocking me and I have bits and pieces of a whole slew of short stories I’d like to write. Maybe after we move next month I can figure out a way to find more writing time. I really enjoyed the challenge of writing something every day during our road trip. If I am able to write more, I think we’ll do the HNT thing less. I’m not sure what that would translate to, it’s just sometimes it feels like a bit of a chore. Or maybe a ‘crutch’ would be a better description. Instead of sitting down and actually writing something, I’ll just put up a pic. I don’t know…I guess I’m just feeling like I need to challenge myself more.

Oh, so I found out who drew that Tom & Jerry cartoon. I thought maybe Bacchus from Erosblog might know so I emailed him. It turns out I probably first saw it on his site. He’s not quite as miserable as everyone says he is. He’ll never link to me, of course, but he was nice enough to email me back to tell me where he saw the cartoon. So I emailed the guy at Edinburgh Erotica and he sent me here. As soon as the page opened I knew Bathgate was the right guy. His style is very recognizable. I left a message on his page and he emailed me back:


I’m glad you like my work and thanks for asking if you could use it before just taking it like most people. I just need to know which piece and if the site it’s going to be used for is a paysite? The characters I use in my art are not mine, so if it’s a paysite, you and I both run the risk of being sued by the copyright holders.

My only request, if you do use any of my work, is that you don’t alter it any. That doesn’t mean you can’t crop it, for a banner or somesuch, but I told one girl she could use my work and she screwed with the color and added a horrible background to it. So, now I only say yes to people who respect the original versions.

That was a long-winded way of telling you I have a shiny new banner. If you’ld like to have it on your sidebar, you can find it on my side bar.

Do you have a favourite Bathgate cartoon? I have lots of fave’s, but I especially like this set…

 ‘That’s all folks’   Mel Blanc

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I was still awake when Uncle got up and we had about an hour just to ourselves. We didn’t really talk about anything important, just chatted. It was nice. I guess it’s like talking to a sibling who you were close to a long time ago. Someone you still really like and maybe wish you could see more of. It was comfortable and easy and there were so many things I could have said and there were so many things I didn’t need to say. He really is a great guy. He’s only ten years older then me and we spent a lot of time together when I was growing up. He’s more like a big brother then an uncle. He was the Best Man at our wedding.

 I had a restless sleep. We’ve been on the road almost 2 weeks and I miss sleeping in my own bed, surrounded by my own stuff. We’ve had a good holiday, but I’ve had enough driving and I want to get home. I think another reason for my troubled sleep is I’m concerned about Junior. The ‘celebration of life’ for his dad is Saturday and I think this is going to be a difficult weekend. Realistically he’s in for a tough year, the first…of everything…birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries…everything. I know in the short term at least he’s going to use alcohol to deal with things. Our job as parents will be to try to prevent him from doing serious damage to himself and that won’t be an easy task. How do I explain to a 19 year old that getting drunk isn’t really grieving? That it’s a process he has to go through, that there’s no going around it, that booze is only going to postpone it? I know it’s been less then a week. I know this weekend will be like a wake for his dad. I suppose he’s expected to drink right now…I just worry.

 ‘Don’t let them fool you with dope (or drink) and cocaine. No one can harm you, feel your own pain.’ John Lennon

 We went window shopping after I got up. had already checked out most of the shops while I was asleep, so she knew where to take me. We had a nice lunch in a heritage house…simple, tasty food with a nice atmosphere and good service. We went through a couple of kitchen type stores. I don’t think she was really planning on buying anything (our car is getting full), we were just looking for ideas and colours and…well, just looking. We did buy a really cool plant for Uncle & L. I don’t remember what’ it’s called, but it grows in water. The container it’s in looks like a brandy snifter with rocks in the bottom. You can see the roots dangling down…it’s cool. We also stopped at a toy store and we did end up buying a little something there; ankle and wrist restraints. It was just a cheap nylon set (all 4 four $30), but we decide why spend a lot until we know if we’ll use them regularly or not.

 After we left that store said she was horny, but Uncle would be home from work at 3:30 and that old house is NOT sound proof at all. We hurried back and it was 2:50 when we got up to our room. By 3:05 we’d both had orgasms and I was ready for a nap. Who here doesn’t like the occasional fast furious fuck?

 nap time

Uncle & L were getting dinner ready when I got up. Her daughter was there too. She’s 18 and cute, but I think her mom spoils her. She and Uncle jab at each other some. If he wasn’t so good natured I think there’d be problems. My very pregnant cousin came over for dinner. She was young the last time I saw her…maybe 8. I could sure see mom in her, but I wouldn’t hold that against her. She was nice. I liked her dry sense of humour. We all had a really nice dinner together. Uncle bbq some chicken, there were green beans and spuds and L baked a cake. Tomorrow Uncle and daughter are driving to Kamloops to be with one of his other very pregnant daughters. She’s scheduled for a C section tomorrow. So in less then a month he should have his first two grand-babies. I told him the third daughter will be jealous now and L has two daughters and it won’t be long until there’s a whole gaggle of grand kids.

During dinner, Cousins’ boobs sprung a leak and she soaked through her shirt. That led to a lively discussion about lactation and breast feeding and feeding in public. I hope was proud of me for not blurting out that if we’d ever had a baby together I might never have let her milk dry up. Nursing is a reoccurring fantasy and like most fantasies, I can’t imagine ever getting bored of it. Even though I’d never planned on having kids, I’m sure ♀ & I would have had a lot of fun being pregnant.

After dinner we headed for Kelowna. That WAS part of original plan, but after last weekend we’d decided to go straight home after Revelstoke. But she talked to her dad and he was really hoping to see us and really it was only going to add another hour to our driving and Junior is back to work and so we don’t really have much to worry about until the weekend and so 2.5 hours later I was having a beer with my father-in-law. It’s not really a big deal (except I miss my bed) I like her dad. He’s a guy who has made some big mistakes in his life. He’s paid for them, owned up to them, apologized for them and if you can’t forgive him…oh well. He’s building a life for he and his wife and as far as fathers-in-law go, I could have done WAY worse.

We had a couple of drinks with the in-laws then I took out to their new motor home (it’s huge) and tucked her into our last strange bed for awhile…I hope. Tomorrow it’s homeward bound and Junior and work and starts new job and getting all of our shit sorted and packed and moved and unpacked and then the Christmas silliness starts and yeah I think it’ll be a challenging few months.

<Click here for map>

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Road Trip Day 10

September 12, 2008

An uneventful drive from Ainsworth to Revelstoke. Neither of us had been on that drive before and hadn’t realized there was another ferry. This one across the Upper Arrow Lake. We waited about 30 minutes and the crossing took less then 20. It was a cool & wet day and for awhile it rained hard, but the sun came out during the ferry ride.

 One of the conversations we had was about if and when we would seriously look into finding other people to play with. It’s always been a part of our role playing and trash talk, but that’s been about all. It was interesting to me that we both have a very similar idea about what it would look like IF we ever went down that road. Neither of us wants to be ’swingers’ with a variety of people going through our bedroom and neither of us are interested in ’swapping’ (going off with someone else) and we’re not looking for new best friends. We both think it might be nice to know another couple (as happy together as we are) who we could hang out with occasionally on a social basis, and also play with …as a group. We both recognize that IF we do that it shouldn’t be because we’re bored with what we have (or they are either). She suggested we revisit the question early next year. It’s nice to be at a place where we can talk about things like that without getting all freaked out about it. I know, I know, talking about it and actually doing something about it are two different things, but as long as we’re able to be honest with each other and our focus remains on us. I think it could be a good thing.

 Went for sushi with my uncle and L and her daughter. It was the first time we’d had a chance to really talk with L and it had been a long time since I’d visited with my uncle without my mom (his sister) around. Not that she’s an issue anymore, it’s just that both Uncle and I are different when she’s around. I tried to pay for dinner (it would have been less then a hotel), but he insisted. Right after dinner he left for a meeting and L, & I walked home, had a couple of drinks and chatted. I like her. One of the things she told us (Uncle wasn’t home yet) was that Uncle spoke very highly about my dad. It was nice to hear that from someone I don’t really know.

 When we got back from dinner, there was a voice mail message from dad asking where we were. They decided not to go camping and even though had talked to his wife the day before and told her the news and explained she was anxious to get home, her dad still thought we were coming. It’s less then 3 hours to Kelowna and Junior is back to work Thursday and Friday. So we decided…rationalized….justified that as long as we were back by Friday night things would probably be OK. The plan now is to spend Thursday in Revelstoke then drive to Kelowna after dinner. Have a short visit with her dad and his wife then leave for home Friday afternoon.

 Uncle’s house is really nice. I’m guessing it was built in the 1940’s and they’ve kept lots of the original features in it; glass doorknobs, fancy metal heating vents, crown moldings, hard wood floors and LOTS of the furniture have a very classy antique feel to them. They’re really doing a good job blending the modern with the vintage. Here’s an example. They’ve re-done the upstairs bathroom with a pedestal sink and a claw-foot tub and kept the original hardwood floors, lightswitch and outlet covers. New stuff, but an old time feel. Lots of the furniture really is antiques. The downside….it’s not very sound-proof. My uncles’ room is right next to where & I are sleeping so we didn’t have lovin’. See, with help I am learning a bit of tact.

 We did have some quality naked time though, before went to sleep. I braided her hair and we were just talking and touching and enjoying each other. She is my everything.

<Click here for map>

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You’ll never guess what I did at 4 am today…I hopped a fence and went skinny dipping in the hot springs. It was so nice having the whole place to myself. I was sorry wasn’t there with me, but we’d had a difficult night and besides I’m not sure how we would have explained both of us wandering around outside to the woman at the front desk. I explained what 30 years of night shift does to a person and told her I was walking down to the beach. We decided to spend a second night here so I was able to sleep in a bit. It was nice.

called her dad…and cried…former sister-in-law….and cried…Junior …and cried. It’s understandable, of course.  Besides having a child together, he’d been a part of her life since high school. A big part of why she’s upset right now is how this had hurt Junior, but eventually she’ll need to come to terms with her own issues.

We tried making love a couple of times, but she couldn’t find her mojo (hardly surprising) she offered to give me lovin’ (she’s so great), but I told her no. We did get naked and lay on the bed just touching each other for a while. I don’t know if being a sissy has anything to do with it, but I really liked just doing that.

put the butt plug in me and we went for a stroll down to the lake in the late afternoon sunshine. There was no beach to speak of, but we found an old boat launch that was nice and private and took some pictures. When we got back we went for another dip in the hot springs.  First we went into the caves, which are quite hot. Right beside them is a very cold ‘stream-fed’ pool. wanted me to go in…at first I refused, but then she said she’d fuck me with the ‘Feeldoe’ so in I jumped. After that we went into the big pool. It’s a little cooler then the caves, but still very nice. We spent most of our time fondling each other and making comments about the women in the pool: cuteness, nice boobs, fat asses, odd tattoos, interesting bathing suits, the dynamics of the couples we saw…the list is endless.

When we got back D called to say we have a done deal on the apartment. Yippee!

I braided her hair and laced her into her corset. She hasn’t worn it for several weeks. The dress she wore to dinner wasn’t fancy, but wow the corset made her look uberhot even in a plain dress.  The waiters seemed to be making lots of trips past our table. Unfortunately, we had a waitress and the service was terrible. I think she was jealous.

After dinner we went back into the hot springs. We found a relatively quiet corner in the caves and made out until got over heated. We went into the big pool and sat on my lap and teased me. It was all light and playful until I felt a big warm gush. She was peeing on me!  I love it when she pisses on me, but for her to do it there…well fuck! It made me really really excited. She could feel how hard my cock was getting so she turned around and asked me if I wanted to fuck her right there in the pool with all the people around. I told her I did, but I thought there would be a lack of lubrication in the water. The pool was still quite crowded and lots of people were sitting on other peoples laps so that didn’t attract attention.  The mineral water is murky so nobody could really see what was going on. She kept necking with me and playing with my nipples and fiddling with positions and then holy doodle, I was inside of her. There were people all around us and she just bounced lightly up and down on my cock. It was so freakin’ exciting. After about 10 minutes they announced it was closing time and people needed to get out of the pool. It was pretty clear I wasn’t going to be able to come with that kind of pressure and I was going to need a few minutes to settle down so she got off me and we composed ourselves. Even though neither of us had an orgasm, it was an intensely exciting experience.

When we got back to our room, we had a shower and shaved the various body parts that needed shaving. When we got out she told me to kneel on the bed and she brought out our new flogger. She beat me for about ten minutes; lightly at first, then harder and harder. By the time she stopped, my ass was on fire and my cock was rock hard again. She lay on her back and I entered her easily. Then spread my legs like a good sissy. I bit her lip while we were kissing and she slapped my face. She reminded me that only she is allowed to inflict pain and unless she says otherwise she expects me to kiss like a girl…gently. She told me what a bad boy I was for fucking her in the pool and how I would have been punished and publicly humiliated if I’d been caught. It didn’t take long for me to come.

By this time, had found her mojo and really needed an orgasm. So we continued with the pool fantasy while I fingered her come filled cunt. A strapping young boy had been watching us and knew what was going on. He edged closer to us and when he was sitting right next to us he slipped his hand down into his own bathing suit. I was unaware of his presence, but locked eyes with him and licked her lips in the most seductive way, encouraging him as she bounced up and down on my cock. When all three of us were very close, the strapping young boy grabbed me by the hips and lowered me onto his lap with ♀ still impaled on my cock. He didn’t enter me, but he grabbed ♀ breasts with his big strong hands, pulled her to him and kissed her like a real man with me sandwiched between them. That one image is what did it for her and she had a long intense orgasm.

Yeah, it was smokin’ hot! But I haven’t forgotten she owes me a <Feeldoe> fuck.

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Road Trip Day 7

September 8, 2008

I decided I wouldn’t be able to sleep with the plug in so removed it without her permission before going to bed. It was just after 6 am and she was still snoring, but I was really horny. Well, the day before I’d played with myself for quite awhile in the car and hadn’t come. And that night we’d had sex, but only had a Big O. So I was overdue. As mentioned before, I’m the luckiest sissy in the whole world because she woke up enough to give me lovin’s without even complaining…much. Well she said I was a very bad boy, but that just made it hotter.

Maybe it was the hard bed, but I had a very restless sleep with lots of bad dreams. I couldn’t remember any of them, I just woke up feeling decidedly unsettled. It didn’t help that the phone rang while was at the gym. I have a feeling it was the front desk asking why we hadn’t checked out yet. We always ask for a late check out, but we seem to get an early call or the key doesn’t work or something. I think the rest of the trip will be even harder as the places we’ve called so far have an 11 am check out and late is noon. In the states it was noon and 1 pm.

Anyway, before we left Spokane wanted to make one more stop and wouldn’t you know it she found an ataman. She’s got this thing about ataman’s lately. I think we had one that we kept toys in when I was a kid. This one holds two little ataman’s inside and the top is a tray if you turn it upside down.   If you’d seen how full our car was before we stopped you might have thought there was no way in hell that big box was going to fit, but you don’t know . She’s an expert at packing and making things fit. It really is an amazing thing.  Actually, I tell a lie. That stop was in some town in Idaho. I know that because I noticed none of the motorcycle riders we saw were wearing helmets.

The only really notable thing about the drive to the border was we stopped at a bistro in Sandpoint, Idaho for lunch. We shared a really tasty sandwich and some pasta salad. Our waitress was short (I had to get wine glass because the waitress couldn’t reach it) and curvy and very cute, except her pants were to big so she had droopy drawers.

I told that when I was in my teens, girls that looked like that made me weak in the knees. I’ve always been attracted to short and curvy…Just like .  She wondered out loud the same thing I’ve asked myself a thousand times; why did I spend 10 years with tall, angular and passionless? Lack of confidence, low self-esteem, not being honest with myself or maybe it was more a question of just not knowing me. That led to an interesting discussion on not discovering my sissy self until later in life and how that could have been a factor in some terrible life decisions. If we assume that I’ve always been a sissy (I’m talking about needing to be submissive) it stands to reason I would look for relationships with a dominate personality. And if I wasn’t aware that I was doing that and if the person I was involved with had no conscience it’s easy to see how I could be taken advantage of. I’m not suggesting that it wasn’t my fault. I’m responsible for those decisions. It just helps to understand the ‘how and why’.

We called her dad to see if he wanted anything from the duty-free store and he somehow had managed to get the weeks mixed up so he’s not even going to be in Kelowna next weekend. thought she remembered my aunt saying she wouldn’t be there either. So we spent some time trying to decide what plan ‘B’ should be. We called my mom to see if we should meet them, but that wasn’t going to work. We were amused to hear it was pissing rain at the coast. It was nice and sunny here.

We stopped at a little shit-hole just before the border to fill the car up and buy a couple of bottles. The border crossing was tiny and seemed…ummm…not very secure. Note to self: if I take up smuggling, that crossing might be worth the drive. We had considered spending a night in Creston, but it turned out to be not much so we decided to push on. At first we were going to go to the Ainsworth Hot Springs, but decided to take a detour to <Nelson> instead. To get there we needed to drive an hour to take a 35 minute ferry ride across Kootenay Lake. Along the way we passed the <Glass House>. It’s a round house on the shore of the lake made entirely out of empty formaldehyde bottles. We didn’t go in, but stopped and took some pictures.













Shortly after that we came upon a motorcycle accident. A guy had hit a patch of gravel on a corner (it was a very twisty highway) and down he went. His bike was totaled, but other then some road rash on his face didn’t seem to be hurt. It could have been sooooo much worse. I couldn’t help thinking about the riders we saw in Idaho.

The ferry ride across the lake at sunset was nice. We stood up on the top deck and made out like high school kids. It was another 30 minutes to the hotel and by the time we arrived, we’d had enough. It’s a funny thing about road trips, they involve a lot of driving. We stayed at another Best Western in the old part of town. Cool looking building and the room is nice. Had an Ok dinner at the hotel restaurant, and then had a soak in a not-very-hot hot tub. We met a couple from Kamloops and talked for a bit. I think we must sound like newly-weds just moving out of our parents house. Like we’re buying our first apartment together and new furniture and making all these plans for when we won’t be living with grumpies anymore.

Life begins when the kids move out and the pets all die!

We talked to Junior. He was hung-over, but it didn’t sound like anything earth shattering had been going on. We talked to D and he sounds confident that the rest of our subjects will be removed before the Tuesday deadline. We called ahead and booked 2 nights at the <Ainsworth Hot Springs.> The plan now is: after Ainsworth we’ll just spend an afternoon at the Nakkusp Hotsprings, then 2 nights in Revelstoke with my uncle, and the last 2 nights….we’re not sure…maybe Shuswap Lake.

We watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics before we made love. Unfortunately, her tummy was bothering her and she wasn’t able to have an orgasm.

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Road Trip Day 5

September 6, 2008

I woke up to the phone ringing at 7:30 am. I was disoriented and didn’t pick up on time. wasn’t in the room and I couldn’t fall back asleep. She showed up a few minutes later with breaky and guess what? She was horny. It was kind of an unusual time for me to be up and…up, but we had smokin’ hot sex. She sucked my cock for awhile then climbed on board. She spread my legs and I wrapped them around her. I love that position…it feels so submissive and girly. She even kissed me like I was the girl and played with my little titties. I didn’t come that way though. We switched position and she bitch-slapped me and played rough with my nipples. That’s what pushed me over. For hers I talked to her like I was still a girl and she was my girl friend and she was giving her chocolate-cherry to my daddy.  She was able to buy into the fantasy even though all I had in her ass was my finger. Ahhh…the power of imagination.

I slept for a few more hours before we checked out of our room. Our last planned activity before we left the coast was dune buggy rides. We went to <Sandland Adventures> and our driver was Crazy Dave. The dune buggy we were in had 7 passengers. Wow! What a fun hour. Dave said when he opened it up we were doing over 60 mph. The sand dunes are actually covering up an entire forest. It was such a blast flying up and down the dunes.  It was a beautiful sunny day and there were lots of other people out as well. Saw one guy getting pulled around on an easy chair. We left the dunes and went along the beach for awhile. It was amazing with the waves crashing in. We went back out onto the dunes before the hour was up. It was hard to keep my mouth shut cuz of the laughing and screaming and I ate a lot of sand. It got everywhere. Even bra was full of sand. It was definitely a high-light of our trip.

We stopped in the Old Town for lunch before heading off to Portland. The 3 hour trip was uneventful (thanks GPS) along twisty-turny but scenic highways until we got on the I-5 then it was just straight north. Things got kind of off track when we got to Portland. We drove right into the city instead of staying out a ways and we didn’t pre-book a room. That led to some frustration and an expensive not very nice hotel (Mark Spencer). We also ended up paying more for dinner then we were used to. After we got back to the hotel, we had a shower to try to get the sand out and spent the rest of the evening having a few drinks and having some quality naked time. We spent a lot of time trying to decide if we still wanted to go to the Kootenay’s or if we should head straight home. There were several good arguments for both choices. In the end we decided to pre-book a room just outside of Spokane. We’ll go to the Kootenays, but if we find someplace we really like we’ll spend a few days there rather then doing the <entire hot springs loop>. The trip to Spokane should take about 6 hours and we agreed to change drivers every 2 hours so it should be Ok.

When we went to bed, we were both a little horny, but drinks and fatigue put those ideas on hold until later.


The dune buggies was the ride of a life time. It was like four by fouring in the sand. What a thrill. I would recommend it to any body that likes a good (fast)time.  Funny thing….I am not one to like roller coasters,  but loved the dune buggies. Go figure.

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Road Trip Day 4

September 5, 2008

We spent a 2nd night at Cannon Beach and headed out pretty much as soon as I got up. brought me eggs benny from Mo’s.

It had stopped raining and the wind had died down, making it a very pleasant day for driving. We passed through a bunch of one horse towns, but the only one we stopped at was Tillamook to buy some wine and cheese. We’d only been driving for a few minutes after that when decided she was horny. I offered to bend her over the front of the car and fuck her guts out on the side of the highway, but she decided she’d rather just switch places. So I drove while she played. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to come, but it was still hot watching (out of the corner of my eye) and listening and smelling her play. She said she wasn’t frustrated and that she was thinking of it as foreplay…just a tease for later.

The views from along the highway were truly awesome. What an amazing stretch of road. Even though it was sunny with only a light breeze, the waves crashing against the rocks were still very impressive. That road must be a bitch to maintain and drive in the winter though.

We stopped for lunch at The Spanish Head Inn just outside of Lincoln City. Wow! It’s a hotel built into a vertical bluff. The restaurant is on the very top of the hotel, 10 floors above the sand. It was spectacular.  We had crab and artichoke dip for lunch and seriously considered spending the night.  In the end we decide to continue on. Mostly because it was still quite early in the day and besides the beach and humping there really wasn’t much else to do. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just that there are other things we’d planned on doing while we’re down here.

Our next stop was the Sea Lion Caves. It’s a funny thing about this trip; I get little flashes of things I’ve done before, but the order is all different and there are huge gaps and none of the details are the same. So it’s like doing it all for the first time, but not quite. If you know what I mean.   says it’s because I wasn’t happy the last time. That makes sense. She’s loving it and to see that makes me happy so it’s all good. Anyway, the caves were massive and the day we went were completely devoid of sea lions. They were all out playing in the sunshine. Apparently on busy summer days there are as many as 150 in there and in the winter more then 500. The guy we were talking to said the noise is so intense you need to wear ear plugs.

Our last stop before we headed NE was Florence and we’d decided we were going to treat ourselves and stay someplace nice overlooking the ocean. Unfortunately, Florence isn’t on the ocean, doh. But we did find a very nice room at the Best Western overlooking the Old Town and the Siuslaw River (still water, right?) WiFi problems again, but the room was very nice. There’s an indoor pool, but we didn’t make it down to that. We had lovin’ as soon as we got unpacked, but wasn’t able to come again. She said I shouldn’t take it personally, but it’s hard not to.

We had an email from D saying the bank is dragging their feet with our mortgage. He told them that he’s acting as our agent and if they can’t get it through on time, we’ll find someone who will. I like D.

& I talked a bit about the sale and her equity before me and if she was OK with everything. (She owned the townhouse before I came along and it’s still just in her name) She said I supported her through school. I said she supported me through the trial. She said we’re probably giving Junior close to 20K and she didn’t have much more equity then that when I came along so she says it’s all good. I just don’t ever want it to be an issue.

We went to The Waterfront Depot Restaurant for dinner. It’s in an old railway station. It was small and crowded and the food was really really good. The crab stuffed mushroom caps were the best I’ve ever had and my seafood pasta…sooo yummy. ♀ had chicken was breaded and fried. It was tasty enough, just not what she was expecting. We even had dessert. That’s something we don’t do very often. It had a Spanish name that meant ‘3 milks’. It was a cake soaked in 3 different kinds of milk. It was surprisingly light and very tasty. So we each had 2 drinks, the appy, entres, dessert, 2 coffee and I had a Bailey’s and the total….$73. We would have paid double for that at home.

She didn’t last long after we got back from dinner. That’s the first day of our holidays that she hasn’t had a Big O. I took some pictures of her sleeping though. She’s so sexy. I must be the luckiest sissy in the whole world!!!


WOW I can lie across the bed and not be hanging off. I think sss should buy me a king size bed. That was way too cool.

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Road Trip Day 1

September 2, 2008

It’s been quite the week. We found out has happy boobs last Friday. Also on Friday, they did the inspection on the townhouse. Junior’s cat shit on the floor and we had to lower the price $750 towards having the carpet removed. We’re pretty sure they intended on removing them all along and this was their way of getting us to pay half. God love old Europeans…he managed to get the price down to $250 above what they originally offered. Oh well, considering this is the 4th attempt at selling it, we shouldn’t complain.

I was sure we’d found the apartment we were going to put an offer on, but our real estate agent ‘D’ wanted us to look at one more before we decided for certain. So Saturday the plan was we’d look at this last one, then go to the other one and make the offer. As soon as we walked into the one D thought we should see, we knew this was the one for us. I guess that’s why good real estate agents get paid the big bucks. We put the offer in Saturday and Sunday we heard they’d accepted it as is. Sunday was last shift so we packed up the car and Monday after I got up we met D, signed some more papers and were almost ready to get out of Dodge. Actually before we left we stopped and put a deposit down on a couch and love seat…to go with our new bedroom suite, pots and pans and and and.

Really, I don’t mind. It’s kinda cool buying our very first place together and buying new stuff for it. I’ve been acting like it’s all about her, but I’m excited as well. I guess part of that attitude is wanting to be submissive; making her the supreme authority, but she needs to feel my excitement…she wants it to be our decision…that’s fair.

After all that was done, we headed out. The local border crossings had a 2 hour wait, so we drove out to the Huntingdon/Sumas crossing. I have to say GPS is freakin’ awesome! Punched in Seattle after we crossed the line and off we went.  I was surprised at all the boarded up businesses. Times is tough in northern Washington. We stopped at a mall in Burlington and looked at some lingerie. We didn’t find anything different then we’d find at home and the prices weren’t any better either. wanted me to get a pretty girdle…preferably an open-bottomed, but no such luck. I think we’ll end up having to get them on-line.

She was worried about me being ‘off’. I don’t know why I bother trying to deny it. I haven’t been sleeping very well lately and there’s been a lot going on and a mall probably wasn’t our best choice. I wasn’t miserable, but I guess I wasn’t a cheerful as I could have been. We left the mall and went to ‘Lovers’. That’s the love shop we bought my maids outfit and ‘Feeldoe’ at a few months ago.  We looked at some restraints, but nothing really jumped out at us. We’ll be able to attach…things to our new bed so we’ve been talking about that lately. Most of the things we looked at were going to cost over $100 to secure both hands and both feet and we wanted to be sure that what we buy is going to get used. There was a ‘Strap-on’ DVD that looked like fun, but didn’t seem in the mood so I didn’t push it. However, we found a leather flogger on sale. She made me hold my hands out so she could try it on me. Ouch! Yippee for me!

We stopped at Applebee’s for an early dinner. It was OK, just not very inspiring.  After Burlington, we headed to Seattle. I know there are tons of cool things to do there, but we hadn’t researched it at all before we left so we just drove around for a while. We went past the Space Needle then drove down to the pier. It really reminded us of the Westminster Quay. It’s too bad neither of us were hungry because it looked like we could have had some excellent sea food. We stopped for a coffee then decided to push on to Aberdeen. A friend had given us some travel books for Washington and Oregon so we called a couple of places, found a room, entered it into the GPS (have I mentioned how much I like that?) and off we went. I’m glad we drove that part in the dark as the traffic wasn’t bad and I don’t think there was much to see. We arrived about 9:30 at the Olympic Motel. It was very plain, but clean and it comes with a continental breaky. It’s supposed to have wireless internet as well, but that doesn’t seem to work very well.  We walked over to the Mazatlan for a late dinner and a cold Mexican beer. The food was tasty and they had women’s Olympic beach volley ball on TV…Brazil vs. USA (I love watching that) so it was all good.

After dinner, we found some soft  porn on HBO and had lovin’ for the first time on our holidays. No, I guess that’s not true. We fucked the night before, but didn’t have a big O. The rule is if one of us orgasms it counts as sex. OK, it was the first time we’d had sex in America. Hmmm, no that’s wrong too. We fucked in Alaska. Well, it was definitely the first time we’d ever had sex in Aberdeen, Washington. It never ceases to amaze me how much we still turn each other on. Seriously, I can’t get enough of her.  She licked and sucked my cock, balls and ass. Then she rubbed my cock  between her tits. I could have come just from that, but she told me to wait. She mounted me and told me I needed to keep my hands behind my head. I wasn’t allowed to touch her. She spread my legs apart and told me I had to keep them down and apart, but there was just no way. With a huge effort I managed to keep my hands back, but I couldn’t stop from wrapping my legs around her as she fucked me. I could feel her pussy juices and the last of her period running down my balls and onto my ass. Fuck she turns me on. (I hope she’ll use the Feeldoe in the same position sometime this week) Once I was done, we switched position and I fingered her and whispered nasty things into her ear until she had a HUGE big O. She said it was the best she’s had so far… this trip. LOL.

Let’s see…what else needs to be in a travelogue? I had a headache the night before we left, but other then being a little cranky for awhile, I was fine for our first day. almost done her period, but she’s still been a bit crampy. I hope she has a big shit before we leave. I don’t think a healthy woman should be able to make smells like that.  She said she started feeling horny when we crossed the line at about 2pm and we didn’t have sex until almost 11pm. We need to make sure she doesn’t have to wait that long tomorrow.

The weather today was cool and damp; perfect for driving. We’re only about an hour away from the Astoria bridge leading into Oregon and the start of our trip down the coast so I’m hoping it’s warmer tomorrow cuz you know sex on the beach would be kinda sweet.

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