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I was still awake when Uncle got up and we had about an hour just to ourselves. We didn’t really talk about anything important, just chatted. It was nice. I guess it’s like talking to a sibling who you were close to a long time ago. Someone you still really like and maybe wish you could see more of. It was comfortable and easy and there were so many things I could have said and there were so many things I didn’t need to say. He really is a great guy. He’s only ten years older then me and we spent a lot of time together when I was growing up. He’s more like a big brother then an uncle. He was the Best Man at our wedding.

 I had a restless sleep. We’ve been on the road almost 2 weeks and I miss sleeping in my own bed, surrounded by my own stuff. We’ve had a good holiday, but I’ve had enough driving and I want to get home. I think another reason for my troubled sleep is I’m concerned about Junior. The ‘celebration of life’ for his dad is Saturday and I think this is going to be a difficult weekend. Realistically he’s in for a tough year, the first…of everything…birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries…everything. I know in the short term at least he’s going to use alcohol to deal with things. Our job as parents will be to try to prevent him from doing serious damage to himself and that won’t be an easy task. How do I explain to a 19 year old that getting drunk isn’t really grieving? That it’s a process he has to go through, that there’s no going around it, that booze is only going to postpone it? I know it’s been less then a week. I know this weekend will be like a wake for his dad. I suppose he’s expected to drink right now…I just worry.

 ‘Don’t let them fool you with dope (or drink) and cocaine. No one can harm you, feel your own pain.’ John Lennon

 We went window shopping after I got up. had already checked out most of the shops while I was asleep, so she knew where to take me. We had a nice lunch in a heritage house…simple, tasty food with a nice atmosphere and good service. We went through a couple of kitchen type stores. I don’t think she was really planning on buying anything (our car is getting full), we were just looking for ideas and colours and…well, just looking. We did buy a really cool plant for Uncle & L. I don’t remember what’ it’s called, but it grows in water. The container it’s in looks like a brandy snifter with rocks in the bottom. You can see the roots dangling down…it’s cool. We also stopped at a toy store and we did end up buying a little something there; ankle and wrist restraints. It was just a cheap nylon set (all 4 four $30), but we decide why spend a lot until we know if we’ll use them regularly or not.

 After we left that store said she was horny, but Uncle would be home from work at 3:30 and that old house is NOT sound proof at all. We hurried back and it was 2:50 when we got up to our room. By 3:05 we’d both had orgasms and I was ready for a nap. Who here doesn’t like the occasional fast furious fuck?

 nap time

Uncle & L were getting dinner ready when I got up. Her daughter was there too. She’s 18 and cute, but I think her mom spoils her. She and Uncle jab at each other some. If he wasn’t so good natured I think there’d be problems. My very pregnant cousin came over for dinner. She was young the last time I saw her…maybe 8. I could sure see mom in her, but I wouldn’t hold that against her. She was nice. I liked her dry sense of humour. We all had a really nice dinner together. Uncle bbq some chicken, there were green beans and spuds and L baked a cake. Tomorrow Uncle and daughter are driving to Kamloops to be with one of his other very pregnant daughters. She’s scheduled for a C section tomorrow. So in less then a month he should have his first two grand-babies. I told him the third daughter will be jealous now and L has two daughters and it won’t be long until there’s a whole gaggle of grand kids.

During dinner, Cousins’ boobs sprung a leak and she soaked through her shirt. That led to a lively discussion about lactation and breast feeding and feeding in public. I hope was proud of me for not blurting out that if we’d ever had a baby together I might never have let her milk dry up. Nursing is a reoccurring fantasy and like most fantasies, I can’t imagine ever getting bored of it. Even though I’d never planned on having kids, I’m sure ♀ & I would have had a lot of fun being pregnant.

After dinner we headed for Kelowna. That WAS part of original plan, but after last weekend we’d decided to go straight home after Revelstoke. But she talked to her dad and he was really hoping to see us and really it was only going to add another hour to our driving and Junior is back to work and so we don’t really have much to worry about until the weekend and so 2.5 hours later I was having a beer with my father-in-law. It’s not really a big deal (except I miss my bed) I like her dad. He’s a guy who has made some big mistakes in his life. He’s paid for them, owned up to them, apologized for them and if you can’t forgive him…oh well. He’s building a life for he and his wife and as far as fathers-in-law go, I could have done WAY worse.

We had a couple of drinks with the in-laws then I took out to their new motor home (it’s huge) and tucked her into our last strange bed for awhile…I hope. Tomorrow it’s homeward bound and Junior and work and starts new job and getting all of our shit sorted and packed and moved and unpacked and then the Christmas silliness starts and yeah I think it’ll be a challenging few months.

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Road Trip Day 10

September 12, 2008

An uneventful drive from Ainsworth to Revelstoke. Neither of us had been on that drive before and hadn’t realized there was another ferry. This one across the Upper Arrow Lake. We waited about 30 minutes and the crossing took less then 20. It was a cool & wet day and for awhile it rained hard, but the sun came out during the ferry ride.

 One of the conversations we had was about if and when we would seriously look into finding other people to play with. It’s always been a part of our role playing and trash talk, but that’s been about all. It was interesting to me that we both have a very similar idea about what it would look like IF we ever went down that road. Neither of us wants to be ’swingers’ with a variety of people going through our bedroom and neither of us are interested in ’swapping’ (going off with someone else) and we’re not looking for new best friends. We both think it might be nice to know another couple (as happy together as we are) who we could hang out with occasionally on a social basis, and also play with …as a group. We both recognize that IF we do that it shouldn’t be because we’re bored with what we have (or they are either). She suggested we revisit the question early next year. It’s nice to be at a place where we can talk about things like that without getting all freaked out about it. I know, I know, talking about it and actually doing something about it are two different things, but as long as we’re able to be honest with each other and our focus remains on us. I think it could be a good thing.

 Went for sushi with my uncle and L and her daughter. It was the first time we’d had a chance to really talk with L and it had been a long time since I’d visited with my uncle without my mom (his sister) around. Not that she’s an issue anymore, it’s just that both Uncle and I are different when she’s around. I tried to pay for dinner (it would have been less then a hotel), but he insisted. Right after dinner he left for a meeting and L, & I walked home, had a couple of drinks and chatted. I like her. One of the things she told us (Uncle wasn’t home yet) was that Uncle spoke very highly about my dad. It was nice to hear that from someone I don’t really know.

 When we got back from dinner, there was a voice mail message from dad asking where we were. They decided not to go camping and even though had talked to his wife the day before and told her the news and explained she was anxious to get home, her dad still thought we were coming. It’s less then 3 hours to Kelowna and Junior is back to work Thursday and Friday. So we decided…rationalized….justified that as long as we were back by Friday night things would probably be OK. The plan now is to spend Thursday in Revelstoke then drive to Kelowna after dinner. Have a short visit with her dad and his wife then leave for home Friday afternoon.

 Uncle’s house is really nice. I’m guessing it was built in the 1940’s and they’ve kept lots of the original features in it; glass doorknobs, fancy metal heating vents, crown moldings, hard wood floors and LOTS of the furniture have a very classy antique feel to them. They’re really doing a good job blending the modern with the vintage. Here’s an example. They’ve re-done the upstairs bathroom with a pedestal sink and a claw-foot tub and kept the original hardwood floors, lightswitch and outlet covers. New stuff, but an old time feel. Lots of the furniture really is antiques. The downside….it’s not very sound-proof. My uncles’ room is right next to where & I are sleeping so we didn’t have lovin’. See, with help I am learning a bit of tact.

 We did have some quality naked time though, before went to sleep. I braided her hair and we were just talking and touching and enjoying each other. She is my everything.

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Road Trip Day 7

September 8, 2008

I decided I wouldn’t be able to sleep with the plug in so removed it without her permission before going to bed. It was just after 6 am and she was still snoring, but I was really horny. Well, the day before I’d played with myself for quite awhile in the car and hadn’t come. And that night we’d had sex, but only had a Big O. So I was overdue. As mentioned before, I’m the luckiest sissy in the whole world because she woke up enough to give me lovin’s without even complaining…much. Well she said I was a very bad boy, but that just made it hotter.

Maybe it was the hard bed, but I had a very restless sleep with lots of bad dreams. I couldn’t remember any of them, I just woke up feeling decidedly unsettled. It didn’t help that the phone rang while was at the gym. I have a feeling it was the front desk asking why we hadn’t checked out yet. We always ask for a late check out, but we seem to get an early call or the key doesn’t work or something. I think the rest of the trip will be even harder as the places we’ve called so far have an 11 am check out and late is noon. In the states it was noon and 1 pm.

Anyway, before we left Spokane wanted to make one more stop and wouldn’t you know it she found an ataman. She’s got this thing about ataman’s lately. I think we had one that we kept toys in when I was a kid. This one holds two little ataman’s inside and the top is a tray if you turn it upside down.   If you’d seen how full our car was before we stopped you might have thought there was no way in hell that big box was going to fit, but you don’t know . She’s an expert at packing and making things fit. It really is an amazing thing.  Actually, I tell a lie. That stop was in some town in Idaho. I know that because I noticed none of the motorcycle riders we saw were wearing helmets.

The only really notable thing about the drive to the border was we stopped at a bistro in Sandpoint, Idaho for lunch. We shared a really tasty sandwich and some pasta salad. Our waitress was short (I had to get wine glass because the waitress couldn’t reach it) and curvy and very cute, except her pants were to big so she had droopy drawers.

I told that when I was in my teens, girls that looked like that made me weak in the knees. I’ve always been attracted to short and curvy…Just like .  She wondered out loud the same thing I’ve asked myself a thousand times; why did I spend 10 years with tall, angular and passionless? Lack of confidence, low self-esteem, not being honest with myself or maybe it was more a question of just not knowing me. That led to an interesting discussion on not discovering my sissy self until later in life and how that could have been a factor in some terrible life decisions. If we assume that I’ve always been a sissy (I’m talking about needing to be submissive) it stands to reason I would look for relationships with a dominate personality. And if I wasn’t aware that I was doing that and if the person I was involved with had no conscience it’s easy to see how I could be taken advantage of. I’m not suggesting that it wasn’t my fault. I’m responsible for those decisions. It just helps to understand the ‘how and why’.

We called her dad to see if he wanted anything from the duty-free store and he somehow had managed to get the weeks mixed up so he’s not even going to be in Kelowna next weekend. thought she remembered my aunt saying she wouldn’t be there either. So we spent some time trying to decide what plan ‘B’ should be. We called my mom to see if we should meet them, but that wasn’t going to work. We were amused to hear it was pissing rain at the coast. It was nice and sunny here.

We stopped at a little shit-hole just before the border to fill the car up and buy a couple of bottles. The border crossing was tiny and seemed…ummm…not very secure. Note to self: if I take up smuggling, that crossing might be worth the drive. We had considered spending a night in Creston, but it turned out to be not much so we decided to push on. At first we were going to go to the Ainsworth Hot Springs, but decided to take a detour to <Nelson> instead. To get there we needed to drive an hour to take a 35 minute ferry ride across Kootenay Lake. Along the way we passed the <Glass House>. It’s a round house on the shore of the lake made entirely out of empty formaldehyde bottles. We didn’t go in, but stopped and took some pictures.













Shortly after that we came upon a motorcycle accident. A guy had hit a patch of gravel on a corner (it was a very twisty highway) and down he went. His bike was totaled, but other then some road rash on his face didn’t seem to be hurt. It could have been sooooo much worse. I couldn’t help thinking about the riders we saw in Idaho.

The ferry ride across the lake at sunset was nice. We stood up on the top deck and made out like high school kids. It was another 30 minutes to the hotel and by the time we arrived, we’d had enough. It’s a funny thing about road trips, they involve a lot of driving. We stayed at another Best Western in the old part of town. Cool looking building and the room is nice. Had an Ok dinner at the hotel restaurant, and then had a soak in a not-very-hot hot tub. We met a couple from Kamloops and talked for a bit. I think we must sound like newly-weds just moving out of our parents house. Like we’re buying our first apartment together and new furniture and making all these plans for when we won’t be living with grumpies anymore.

Life begins when the kids move out and the pets all die!

We talked to Junior. He was hung-over, but it didn’t sound like anything earth shattering had been going on. We talked to D and he sounds confident that the rest of our subjects will be removed before the Tuesday deadline. We called ahead and booked 2 nights at the <Ainsworth Hot Springs.> The plan now is: after Ainsworth we’ll just spend an afternoon at the Nakkusp Hotsprings, then 2 nights in Revelstoke with my uncle, and the last 2 nights….we’re not sure…maybe Shuswap Lake.

We watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics before we made love. Unfortunately, her tummy was bothering her and she wasn’t able to have an orgasm.

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Road Trip Day 6

September 7, 2008

After we checked out of our over-priced and not very good hotel, we went to <Powell’s Book Store>. Holy doodle, that place is huge. We could have spent days and days there. It just goes on and on. We got an instructional book on cartooning for Mini, a book on special needs students for and a whole whack of erotica for me. Big surprise, huh?

Once again we gave a prayer to the GPS gods. There’s no way we could have found our way out of Portland’s downtown core without it. It was over 30c when we hit the road and we were kinda dreading the 5.5 hour drive to Spokane, but it ended up not being too bad. There was little traffic and the road was very straight. We were able to drive 120kmh pretty much the whole way. It was a lot like I imagine driving across the prairies would be like. I guess it wasn’t quite as flat, but wow…not a tree or a town for sooo long. It was just sage brush and low brown hills for miles. It would be a good drive to do at night. You really wouldn’t miss much.

I drove the first 3.5 hours and we talked lots and read erotica out loud from one of our new books.  We stopped and had a little picnic and filled the car up and drove the rest of the way. I read her some more dirty stories from a different book and I tried to masturbate. I wasn’t able to come, but it was fun being naked in the car and touching myself like that. I think she enjoyed it as well. We talked a lot about marrying a gay man (her first husband) then marrying a sissy and why it was important to tell Junior about his dad and why it’s not so important to tell the boys about me. We also talked about whether or not we’d disclose that information to perspective playmates or not and why couples might be a better bet then singles. It was really nice just talking like that…about this that and the other. We truly do enjoy each others company.

We got smart this time and pre-booked a room at a hotel just north of Spokane.  Nice and big and clean and the pool is open 24 hours and the WiFi is free and the sports bar across the street was really good. We went there for dinner and I had a couple of <‘Moose Drool’>. They were dark and tasty. Our waitress was also dark and tasty and super friendly. After dinner, shaved my head and I shaved her pussy and then we went for a swim. It was kind of a dinky pool and the jets in the hot tub didn’t work, but we had it to ourselves…it wasn’t so bad.

After our swim we decided to go back to the sports bar for a night cap. The waitress had already done last call and cashed out, but she let us stay for a couple more drinks anyway. I gave her a really good tip.

When we got back to our room we spent some time on-line figuring out how the next week is going to unfold. We’ve decided not to do the entire circle tour of the <Kootenay hot springs>. We’re going to do 3 of them over the next 3 days, then spend 2 nights in Revelstoke and 2 nights in Kelowna before we head home to face the world.

We had lovin’s, but only was able to come. That’s OK, I get way more then my share. After we were done she stuck the butt plug in me and said I had to leave it in until she removes it when she gets up. I guess that means I’ll be sleeping with it in. That’s something I haven’t done before.


Another king size bed but this one is hard and will be hard to sleep on. I am planning on going to the gym in the morning. I really have not stuck to my diet and had very little activity. I am going to get bigger really fast and that is unacceptable.

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Road Trip Day 4

September 5, 2008

We spent a 2nd night at Cannon Beach and headed out pretty much as soon as I got up. brought me eggs benny from Mo’s.

It had stopped raining and the wind had died down, making it a very pleasant day for driving. We passed through a bunch of one horse towns, but the only one we stopped at was Tillamook to buy some wine and cheese. We’d only been driving for a few minutes after that when decided she was horny. I offered to bend her over the front of the car and fuck her guts out on the side of the highway, but she decided she’d rather just switch places. So I drove while she played. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to come, but it was still hot watching (out of the corner of my eye) and listening and smelling her play. She said she wasn’t frustrated and that she was thinking of it as foreplay…just a tease for later.

The views from along the highway were truly awesome. What an amazing stretch of road. Even though it was sunny with only a light breeze, the waves crashing against the rocks were still very impressive. That road must be a bitch to maintain and drive in the winter though.

We stopped for lunch at The Spanish Head Inn just outside of Lincoln City. Wow! It’s a hotel built into a vertical bluff. The restaurant is on the very top of the hotel, 10 floors above the sand. It was spectacular.  We had crab and artichoke dip for lunch and seriously considered spending the night.  In the end we decide to continue on. Mostly because it was still quite early in the day and besides the beach and humping there really wasn’t much else to do. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just that there are other things we’d planned on doing while we’re down here.

Our next stop was the Sea Lion Caves. It’s a funny thing about this trip; I get little flashes of things I’ve done before, but the order is all different and there are huge gaps and none of the details are the same. So it’s like doing it all for the first time, but not quite. If you know what I mean.   says it’s because I wasn’t happy the last time. That makes sense. She’s loving it and to see that makes me happy so it’s all good. Anyway, the caves were massive and the day we went were completely devoid of sea lions. They were all out playing in the sunshine. Apparently on busy summer days there are as many as 150 in there and in the winter more then 500. The guy we were talking to said the noise is so intense you need to wear ear plugs.

Our last stop before we headed NE was Florence and we’d decided we were going to treat ourselves and stay someplace nice overlooking the ocean. Unfortunately, Florence isn’t on the ocean, doh. But we did find a very nice room at the Best Western overlooking the Old Town and the Siuslaw River (still water, right?) WiFi problems again, but the room was very nice. There’s an indoor pool, but we didn’t make it down to that. We had lovin’ as soon as we got unpacked, but wasn’t able to come again. She said I shouldn’t take it personally, but it’s hard not to.

We had an email from D saying the bank is dragging their feet with our mortgage. He told them that he’s acting as our agent and if they can’t get it through on time, we’ll find someone who will. I like D.

& I talked a bit about the sale and her equity before me and if she was OK with everything. (She owned the townhouse before I came along and it’s still just in her name) She said I supported her through school. I said she supported me through the trial. She said we’re probably giving Junior close to 20K and she didn’t have much more equity then that when I came along so she says it’s all good. I just don’t ever want it to be an issue.

We went to The Waterfront Depot Restaurant for dinner. It’s in an old railway station. It was small and crowded and the food was really really good. The crab stuffed mushroom caps were the best I’ve ever had and my seafood pasta…sooo yummy. ♀ had chicken was breaded and fried. It was tasty enough, just not what she was expecting. We even had dessert. That’s something we don’t do very often. It had a Spanish name that meant ‘3 milks’. It was a cake soaked in 3 different kinds of milk. It was surprisingly light and very tasty. So we each had 2 drinks, the appy, entres, dessert, 2 coffee and I had a Bailey’s and the total….$73. We would have paid double for that at home.

She didn’t last long after we got back from dinner. That’s the first day of our holidays that she hasn’t had a Big O. I took some pictures of her sleeping though. She’s so sexy. I must be the luckiest sissy in the whole world!!!


WOW I can lie across the bed and not be hanging off. I think sss should buy me a king size bed. That was way too cool.

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If ♀ had to pick a time of day when she’s the horniest, it would be mid-afternoon. I’m not saying that every afternoon at 3 pm her clitty goes buzz buzz (though that would be sweet). Just generally speaking it’s when she’s most likely thinking about sex. I have a theory about that. I think it’s because most afternoons Mini is with us or she’s at work so sex (with me) at 3 pm is almost never an option.

One day last week Mini wasn’t here, Junior was at work, and ♀ wasn’t so when I got up we realized we could have an entire afternoon all to ourselves. Yippee! It was of course very tempting to stay in and have a naked day, but the sun was shining and we convinced ourselves there would be time for that later.

Exercise is a big factor in her weight loss goals and we try to work out an hour every day. Walking is one of our favourite activities (for some reason sex doesn’t count as exercise) and we’re always on the lookout for new places to go for walks. The day before our unexpected free afternoon, we found a guide book of local walks in a used book store so we decided to pick one to try.

The drive to get to the start of the walk involved a 10 minute ferry ride and while we waited for 40 minutes to get on the ferry, ♀ clitty started going buzz buzz. It didn’t take long for her top to come off and my pants to come down and she was going slurp slurp on my cock. I was enjoying myself and she seemed to like knowing people were walking past the car and could see what she was doing, but then a guy and his kids rode past on their bicycles and she decided we should wait.

We found the park where the walk was supposed to start and about 10 minutes along the trail we came across an old cemetery. “How about in there?” I suggested. She did think about it…for all of a nano second before she said she couldn’t fuck in a graveyard. Btw, I have fucked in a graveyard before…full moon, windy, bats and owls…good times.

The next point of interest, according to our guide book was a little white church built in 1927 atop a grassy knoll with lovely views of the valley below. Not mentioned in the guide book was the small clearing behind the church overlooking an…

elementary school.

And that, dear readers is where we lay down and did the nasty; behind a church, above a school. Don’t worry, I’m quite sure nobody witnessed our debauchery. 

As for the rest of our walk, well we couldn’t find the right path after that and all we found were mosquito’s and poison ivy. Who knows, maybe there was a witness and She was pissed.



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This, That & the Other

January 6, 2008

It’s been a good week for our little spot on the Internet:

We got another very nice review click here.

And a very nice email:   So how’s the new year treating you?  Have you and ♀ even come up for air yet?   heh heh heh   I swear I can practically smell the endorphins from down here in Oregon.  I’m jealous, you know!   I’d say that for an old married couple you do excellently in the marital bed department.  Hmmm, maybe I should amend that to read marital bed, couch, shower…..   ;)    The first/last time my husband and I pulled off a “3 times in a day” fuckfest was before we even got married, and I was living at home with my parents.  I’m 47 now so you can see that it’s been a while.  I still remember it though.  It was 105 F (I cheated and looked at an online conversion table so that’d be 40.5 C for you) degrees outside and that third time was on the living room floor.

We had a very quiet and relaxed holiday season.  Got together with friends and family and I even got to hold a baby.  That’s always a highlight if you ask me.  I love babies, they’re so basic in their needs.  What’s even better, now that I’m older, is other people’s babies.  Hold them, cuddle them, then say goodbye and get a good night’s sleep.

I’m out of poof here so it’s time to change gears.  Keep up the good work (yeah, you know what I mean!).  I really enjoy reading your blog — nice pics too — and it gives me a definite jump start in the arousal department so thanks for that.

PS — I’m still jealous.   lol

Last night, we found a stripper bar 15 minutes from home that we didn’t even know was there. Really, it hardly seems possible. We rarely bother to go anymore because they’re  all so far away. We were coming home from dinner and I noticed a little ‘Show-Lounge’ sign. So we stopped to check it out and low and behold, there was a naked girl on stage when we walked in. ♀ got so excited, she grabbed two seats right on gynecological row. I love going to see peelers with her. She’s the one throwing bills on stage and we always seem to get a little extra attention.

The last show we saw started while I was in the washroom and when she was finished, she came over to where we were sitting. She asked if we were married. We said ‘yes’. She asked how long. We told her coming up to fours years, but we’ve been together for just over six. She said when I walked back from the washroom , ♀ face lit up like a Christmas tree. She said it was so nice to see a couple so in love she just had to come over and tell us. Isn’t that amazing that total strangers can see it (But most of her family can’t)? She said it was her last dance of the night and she was going for take-out so we invited her over for a home-cooked meal and a pedicure, but she declined…I think she thought we were kidding.

You might be surprised why I started writing this blog. I am not by nature a very positive person. I’m moody. I’ve struggled with depression for…well…forever. I’m a difficult person to get to know. I offend people all the time, often by saying the most inappropriate things at the absolute wrong time. I can’t even begin to tell you all the bizarre shit that has spilled out of me that has pushed away really nice and decent people. I also have a knack for saying things that need to be said that no one else will, but that doesn’t win me any popularity contests.

But the thing that screws me up the most is I get stuck in my head. What I mean is shit happens and I can’t let it go…conversations will replay in my head or woulda, coulda, shoulda scenario’s play over and over. I’ve been for cognitive behavioral therapy. I know replaying these things is terribly unhealthy and feeds the depression, but letting them go can be SOOOO hard. ‘Changing how I think to change how I feel’ sounds simple, but there are times when actually doing it is SOOO hard.

Prior to the start of this blog, ♀ & I spent 18 months and a huge bucket of money on the ugliest custody/access battle you can imagine…no, seriously…picture the worst you can imagine and double it. My ex’s lawyer (a former judge) managed to drag things out until we could no longer afford a lawyer and I ended up doing a three-day trial on my own. It went…badly. Our former lawyer gave up her 10 year family law practice mostly because our case upset her that much.

When it was all done and over with (is that even possible?) I knew that I would need something to distract me.  Even now…16 months after the end of the trial, I catch myself replaying….all sorts of shit. I know I can’t change what happened, but it is so incredibly hard to let it go.

This blog was intended to be something positive I could focus on and I really think that I’ve been succeeding, but I haven’t done it alone. ♀ has been so supportive. Not only has she taken lots of pictures of me, but like many women (unfortunately) she has body image issues and she’s let me post numerous pictures of her. She hasn’t flinched when I’ve written about the most intimate details of our life. She is my muse, my hero, my…everything. Even though she’s the main reason why this blog is a success, she’d never really taken ownership of it…until this week.

I got quite misty-eyed when I saw this in the comments section the other day:  Thanks for all the great comments. Great minds think alike. It really was not that hard to pic my fav pics. Happy New Year to all our readers. XXXX

Who knows, maybe she’ll actually start writing some posts.

Anyway, I guess that’s all for tonight.



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A Seven Orgasm Day

December 31, 2007

I got home from work exceptionally early Saturday morning; 3:30 to be exact. Junior came hurtling down the stairs wild-eyed in his tighty-wighties, “Fuck, you scared the hell out of me,” he said in a slightly slurred voice. “I thought you were K.”

K, you see, is one of Juniors girlyfriends, but she’s special because she has a key to our house. The reason Junior was so alarmed is right at that moment B was passed out in his bed. The entertainment value of seeing him get busted might have been enough for me to make an anonymous phone call, but I had other things on my mind.

♀ was getting up at 4:30 to get ready for work and I was hoping for some lovin’. Before I left work my boss had warned me of the dangers of getting home several hours early. He thought she might whack me over the head with one of her toys  or she might be in bed with her young lover. I was really hoping her young lover was female, cuz that would be hot.

♀ was in bed alone, but already still awake. The children, despite being told several times to shut-the-fuck-up, had been noisy. In fact the reason Junior was still awake was he`d been cleaning up the bathroom. B, being much to delicate to puke in the toilet had hurled in the sink and there had been considerable splatter. He`d done quite a good cleaning job, but when he asked me how to clean his mom`s hair brush *gag* I told him to buy her a new one.

Once that bit of nastiness was done, ♀ went tinkle and crawled back into bed with me and since we only had about 30 minutes before she had to get up…we got busy. It’s a funny thing; she doesn’t like me kissing her when she has morning breath. Some of you might be saying *well duh*, but considering all the other places she does like (or at least let) me put my mouth, being shy about morning breath seems…well…odd because a short time later I was licking her needs to be shaved soon pussy and was thrilled to discover that she hadn’t wiped after going pee. Urine, hers that is, is something we disagree about. I think that if I’m available, toilet paper should never touch her pussy. She does not agree so golden showers are one thing, but her pee coming into contact with my mouth is a rare treat.

It wasn’t long before her pubes were tickling my balls, her fingers were twisting my nipples and she was whispering filthy words into my ear. This might surprise you, but she is way better at trash talk then I am…she really has a gift and it didn’t take long for me to have the first big O of the day. I offered to give her one, but she didn’t want one right then. Having a partner who is happy just giving me an orgasm was a difficult concept for me to grasp. I had always believed that if I had one, so should my partner and if she didn’t I was doing something wrong. Getting pleasure just from giving me pleasure was a completely foreign concept to me. I am so freakin’ lucky.

I brushed and braided her hair while she checked her E-mail, I made her breakfast and packed her lunch while she drank her coffee, I warmed her car up and scraped her windows while she read the paper then I sent her off to work. She thinks she’s the lucky one.

After she’d left, I took two beers and left over pizza (cold, of course) upstairs to the office to check my Email and read blogs. Well, actually I was surfing porn, but I wasn’t masturbating. In fact I was finishing the second beer and trying to decide if I should have a third or call her at work to ask for permission to jerk-off when I heard the front door open. I thought for sure it was K and with Junior and B both sound asleep…yeah I know I’m a jerk, but admit it, you can see the entertainment value too.

Even better,  it was ♀ returning home to me. The schedule at work had been changed and they forgot to call her. She was a little miffed, but on the way home decided that she wanted the big O she’d missed out on earlier. Straight to bed we went and the first thing she told me to do was to lick *his* cum out of her cunt.

“That’s it Baby, lick me clean. Do you like the taste of his seed? If you can make me come in your mouth, I might let you have sloppy seconds, you dirty little cunt-licker.”

I did and she did,  but if was past my bedtime and I’d had two beers and even though I was really horny I didn’t think I was going to be able to come again. So she turned on the TV and VCR. There was a Michael Ninn tape in the player. It was half way through the tape so I don’t know the name. Not that it matters, they’re all pretty sexy. ♀ got on all fours so we could both watch and the porn along with some verbal encouragement from ♀ I was able to come. Of course by then, she was ready to go again so she rolled over and I fingered her and played with her nipples while she watched the tape and she was able to have a second big O. She let me lick her clean, not to get either of us going again, but just because I love the taste of our orgasms mixed together.

I fell asleep spooning her. My cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass, one hand holding her breast, as much of my skin touching her skin as possible. We didn’t have Mini this weekend and Junior had taken B home so the house was quiet and I slept very soundly and quite late. It was almost 3pm when I woke up, went pee and wandered downstairs. Holmes on Homes was on the big screen, ♀ was on the couch and her nightie was bunched up around her waist.

“Oh gawd,” she groaned. “I need your fucking fingers in me, right now!”

Talk about good timing, in less then a minute she came all over my hand. I licked my fingers. Tasty.

She looked at me with a big happy grin, “Good morning, lover. Want to go for a walk?”

It was cool, but not raining when we left so we walked to the mall (about 45 minutes). We bought a new belt for me and a new hair brush for her. She teased me about what else she could use them for. We got our passport photos taken. She graduates and turns 40 next July. I’m thinking we should do something special. Maybe a cruise…any suggestions? We picked up some groceries and walked home in the dark and the drizzle.

She made Asian Chicken Salad for dinner, I cleaned up, then we had a shower and I shaved our pits and legs. I’ve always shaved her pussy, but doing her other parts is something I’ve only just started to do. Getting the angles right in the shower is kinda difficult. I don’t know if that’ll stay as one of my jobs.

I was going to shave her pussy, but I’d forgotten to buy the special cream we use…regular shaving cream  gives her a nasty rash so she had some other things for me to do. First I trimmed her hair. I’d never done that before and took off more then I’d wanted to, trying to get it straight. I brushed and braided her hair,  I filed and massaged her piggies, painted her finger and toe nails…a very nice purple. Then she rolled over on her tummy and told me she wanted a back massage. I could have used this, but since I had the lotion out anyway I used my hands.

It didn’t start out as a sexual massage, but…remember how I told you she can get pleasure from giving me pleasure? I get pleasure from pampering her. I don’t massage her nearly as often as I should and we both really enjoy it when I do. I was kneeling in between her outstretched legs and as I slid my hands up her back to massage her shoulders, my cock would brush her ass. After about twenty minutes of that my cock was very hard and I could smell her sex. Is there any smell better then the scent of an aroused woman?  She lifted her hips up, but I wanted to tease her. I continued to massage her lower back, hips and ass. I slid my cock between her ass cheeks, the underside of my shaft rubbing her rose bud. Then I’d change the angle so the top of my shaft was brushing her clit. Back and forth I went until she was moaning low.

“What hole do you want me in Lover?” I whispered in her ear.

She was pushing herself back hard at me trying to get me inside. “Oh fuck, I don’t care. Just fuck me now.”

I obliged and slid slowly into her waiting pussy. I love that view. Watching my cock slick with her juices sliding in and out of her cunt. My fingers were still covered in lotion so of course one then two of them just had to slip into her ass. I was powerless to stop them. That’s such a great position; not only can I see myself fuck her, but I can also feel my cock inside her with my fingers.

Not surprisingly, I came first. She rolled over and kept playing with her clitty. I still had lotion and stuff on my fingers so I pulled a big purple dildo out of the toy drawer and fucked her with that. The downside of using a toy is I couldn’t feel the contractions as her orgasm got close, but her nipples were rock hard between my fingers and the flush had moved way down her chest and her toes curled. Really, is there anything cooler then making your lovers toes curl?

After she was done, we shared the toy like a big purple lollipop and marvelled how an old married couple like us can still have seven orgasms in one day.



ps: Happy New Year!!!     I think ‘08 is going to be a very good year.

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Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall

August 19, 2007

When Junior graduated from high school in June, we told him that since his mom would be a full-time student starting in September and only working part-time we were going to need to make some changes to the household finances.


Starting in September we’ll need to increase the amount of money coming into the house or decrease our expenses.


Starting in September you are going to start paying $300/month room & board or make other living arrangements.  It’s a funny thing, but the only person who has a real issue with this is Juniors dead-beat dad. His opinion doesn’t count for much, but he does know how to pull Juniors strings so I asked him awhile ago if he thought we were being unfair. He didn’t think so. I told him when I was his age I rented a party house with a few other guys and maybe he’d rather do that. I was surprised by his answer. He said that the guys who would be fun to live with might not go to work every day and he’d worry about getting stuck with the rent and the reliable guys would be annoying as hell.

I lived in that house for about a year..I think. And it was just one big party.  Gawd, I’d hate to have neighbours like that now. I’ve been thinking about a girl I met when I lived there. I was the only guy working night shift and most of the other guys had jobs that frowned on day time drinking. There was a fitness centre just down the street and the entire front of this place was glass. We’d get take out and park right in front and eat our lunch watching the aerobics classes. It was almost like going to watch the strippers.

Yeah I know, It was probably a shitty thing to do and we probably made lots of women uncomfortable, but we were young and if they didn`t want guys to watch they shouldn`t have made it so easy. Anyway, there were some girls that clearly enjoyed the attention. They`d position themselves close to the window, they`d flick their hair, they`d make eye contact and they seemed to put a little extra effort into their workouts. One such girl was Paula. She came out one day and introduced herself; mostly to the guy I was with. I was just a fortunate spectator.

So Paula started hanging out at our house. She was rail thin and flirty and dressed kind of skanky. From what I can remember she was probably a lot like the girls Junior goes out with. I wouldn`t think so now, but at the time I thought she was pretty damn hot. I don`t remember what her real job was, but she supplemented her income by selling pot and she had a real talent. Paula would be coming over, rent was due, there was only beer in the fridge and we`d all agree that we couldn`t afford to buy any weed. A couple of hours later Paula would have come and gone, we`d be all fucked up and there`d be a bag of pot on the coffee table.

Another thing I remember about Paula was she loved to dance. There was a night club we sometimes went to that had mirrors on three sides of the dance floor. Guys always tried to manoeuvre her towards a corner so she could watch herself. She`d get totally into watching herself dance. It seemed like she was just dancing for herself and that`s what made it sexy as hell.

Why am I telling you this? ♀ & I recently bought three long squiggly mirrors from Ikea and hung them beside our bed. We love these mirrors; watching her beautiful boobies bounce and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her is hot hot hot. A few days ago, she got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed facing the mirrors. I put our husband pillow behind her, she leaned back and started really examining herself. She`d never seen her pussy like that before and she seemed to get lost in the experience of watching herself exploring it. She ended up giving herself an orgasm while I watched from the other side of the bedroom. It was a spontaneous kind of thing. She was doing it just for herself and like Paula on the dance floor, that`s what made it sexy as hell.



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Handjob at 35,000 Feet

June 30, 2007

I’ll probably only do this once in a blue moon, but I have a guest blogger today. Many moons ago I had something published under a different name at Cleansheets. C. emailed me (my first fan) and we started corresponding. She’s also the first online friend I told about this blog. I love getting emails from her. They’re so descriptive. I keep telling her she should try her hand at fiction and she finally did.

Handjob at 35,000 Feet by C

The airplane cabin was quiet and dark. The stewards had already
passed out the pillows and blankets and turned down the lights, and
all around us people were getting settled in to try and catch a few
hours of sleep.

It had been a great flight so far. The plane wasn’t anywhere near
full capacity and nobody was sitting behind us. No kid feet kicking
the back of our seats, and we could push our seats back as far as
they’d go without fear of pinning someone down in their chair. It
was the perfect start to our second honeymoon.

R was already under his blanket, and when I leaned my seat back
he scooted his pillow closer to mine so we could whisper to each
other. He leaned in, and I felt his lips brush the side of my neck,
then the warm wetness of his tongue as he licked my earlobe. Oooh,
that made me shiver! He was smiling, I could feel his moustache
tickling me and his teeth were pressed against my skin, and he then
took a little nibble. My breath caught, GOD he knows I love it when
he does that, and my nipples were instantly hard. He moaned just a
little, very quietly right into my ear, and then he smiled again,
slipping his hand under my blanket and sliding it across my shirt to
cup the weight of my left breast. “Mmmm, I love that you don’t wear
a bra when we’re flying”, he said into my ear. I got that tickly
feeling all the way down into my butt when he murmured in my ear
like that. It made me squirm, and his hand tightened over my
breast, working the nipple between his fingers. “Sshhhhh, don’t
move around like that or you’re going to wake up the people across
the aisle”, he whispered. “Just stay still”. I made myself relax,
but it wasn’t easy. He was working my nipples like a pro, moving
from one to the other, flicking and kneading, squeezing and tugging,
all the while moving very slowly and stealthily.

I could feel my labia swelling, could feel how wet I was getting and
I moved a little to rub the seam of my jeans back and forth against
my clit. He pinched my nipple, hard, and said “I told you not to
move, what are you doing that for?” Then he slid his hand down over
my pants and pushed his fingers between my thighs. “What’s this?
Your pants are all wet, bad girl. Why are your pants wet? Only a
slut would enjoy it if she was being felt up in an airplane, you’re
not a slut, are you?” He rubbed hard against my mound through my
jeans and my legs opened involuntarily. “Oooh, maybe you are a slut
after all. Are you my slut, C?” he purred into my ear. His
fingers were busy rubbing and pushing against my pussy, using the
fabric seam to tease my clit while he kissed my neck and breathed
heavily into my ear. He probed and tickled, all the while telling
me how he was going to make me masturbate for him when we got to the
hotel, that since I was his slut I’d do what he said and I’d enjoy
it too.

Abruptly he stopped. I almost made a sound of protest but
remembered where we were, and I bit my lip. R was very quiet
and serious as he said to me, “I had to stop, you move around and
make a lot of noise when you cum. I don’t think you could be quiet
enough to climax in public without everyone else knowing about it.”
Yes, dammit, he was right! He knew it, and so did I. He could be
as quiet as a mouse during orgasm, but I’d never been able to hold
still or keep from making some sort of pleasure sound when I came.
I felt a ridiculous urge to pout because I wasn’t going to get to
cum and that made me mad at myself, and a little mad at him too for
getting me so turned on in the first place.

Then R whispered to me, “I’ve got a rock hard, throbbing
erection that I’d love to show you right now, but since I can’t do
that I guess you’ll just have to feel it for yourself.” His hand
reached for mine under the blanket and guided me to his lap. I couldn’t
help smiling then because I knew what I’d find. His cock would be
straining against his jeans, and I’d caress it through the denim and
drive him crazy for a while just like he had done to me, and by the
time we landed and got to our hotel we’d hardly be able to make it
in the door of the room before we were fucking.

Oh dear god — Instead of tightly stretched denim, my hand met with
hot, bare skin. R was unbuttoned, unzipped, and the elastic of
his briefs was pushed down under his scrotum. The man was
completely exposed under that blanket!! And he was very, very hard.
If I’d been able to see, I know just what he would have looked
like. His cock would be a dark dusky pink, skin taut and shiny,
cockhead swollen, and the cumhole open so wide that I’d almost have
been able to push the tip of my little finger into it. I looked
over my shoulder around the cabin, and when I was satisfied that
nobody could see what was going on, I put my hand around him and
squeezed, and was rewarded with a throb. R leaned back in his
chair with his eyes closed, and I began to massage and manipulate
his penis, squeezing and releasing, reaching down occasionally to
cup his balls and hold them tightly against the base of his cock. I
could feel his heart pounding, every beat of it was making his
erection pulsate in my hand.

He let me work him for several minutes, then he started to sit up
and reached under the blanket to tuck himself away. He knew I
wouldn’t give him a handjob at 35,000 feet, but he did love to be
teased, so this was more like a very hot and heavy extended foreplay
session than anything. But I remembered how he’d stopped fondling
me so suddenly, and I reached down and got a death grip on his nuts.
He stopped moving, held very still, and I leaned in close to him
and said, “Not so fast, sweetheart. I want
to see just how quiet you can be.” I let go of his sac just long
enough to guide his own hand down to his balls, and I whispered into
his ear, “I want you to take care of those for me, ok?” and then
then I started working the head of his cock. There was just the
tiniest bead of precum starting to seep from the opening, and I
cupped my hand over him and rubbed it around and around his cap. He
squirmed, and I leaned in again to whisper, “What’s the matter, baby? Wasn’t
this what you wanted? You shouldn’t have got me started if this
wasn’t what you wanted. You know how sluts get when they’re all hot
and bothered.” I made firm, fast little strokes right under the
ridge, my fingers bumping up against the head. R swallowed
hard, looked at me and started to open his mouth to protest. But
before he could speak I kissed him, a warm, wet, deep kiss, and when
I felt his tongue moving as eagerly as mine was, I knew I had him.
I broke the kiss and leaned against my pillow as I milked him,
watching his face. I love this man and there is nothing sweeter to
me than seeing his face as he knows that moment of exquisite
pleasure. It wouldn’t take very long now, in fact I could feel his
thighs tensing, could feel how hard it was for him to sit still when
he wanted to fuck my hand. I watched, and smiled, and said very
quietly, “Catch it with your other hand, I want to lick it out of
your palm”, and I knew by the way he held his breath that he had
just given his balls a good squeeze, wanting to push the cum up his
tube and into his hand. I felt his penis start to jump, and buck,
and I knew that in a matter of seconds R would have a palm full
of warm, thick cum, milky and white like liquid pearls. I worked
that sensitive spot unmercifully, all the while watching his face.
Oh he was good all right — the only outward sign that he was
pumping a load into his hand was a slight frown, more a look of
intense concentration than anything than anything else. Suddenly he
relaxed, and very slowly and shakily he exhaled. I could feel the
last few echoes of his orgasm pumping themselves out, and as he lay
back in his chair I carefully ran my fingers up the underside of his
tube, working that last little bit of cum out so he wouldn’t make a
mess in his underwear later.

One more look over my shoulder at the rest of the cabin. All clear,
so I pulled the blanket back to expose his hand, cupped to hold its
precious liquid. I put my hand beneath his and raised it to my
mouth, and I drank him. I lapped up sweet slippery sticky cum, and
licked his palm clean. Then I helped him tuck his penis away and
between the two of us we got his jeans zipped up. I rearranged his
blanket for him, and then I laid there and watched him as his
breathing slowed and deepened, and he was asleep.

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